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  • Yawar

    Take two extreme right wingers and pit them against an extreme left winger, and this is the result

  • Asim

    Mr. Hoodbhoy is to date among the elite scientist every produced by pakistan
    July 11, 1950 (age 63)
    Karachi, Sindh Province, West Pakistan
    ResidenceIslamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory
    FieldsNuclear Physics
    InstitutionsQuaid-e-Azam University
    National Centre for Physics
    Alma materMassachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
    Known forHis work on the Parton distribution functions, Field Theory, Phenomenology, supersymmetry and Abstract algebra
    InfluencesAbdus Salam, George Bernard Shaw[1]
    Notable awardsUNESCO Kalinga Prize (2003)
    Fulbright Award (1998-99)
    Faiz Ahmed Faiz Award (1990)
    Abdus Salam Award (1984)
    Baker Award for Electronics[2] (1968)

    These jahil have to clue I have read the book n in biggest context pervez is 100% current

    • Tariq

      This is not a measurement. All world is full of brilliant peoples but a simple Muslim is better than these. You peoples make a measurement to measure each person by this world education and status but Allah says who is most MTTAQI he is closer to me. Your hoodboy even dont have any specialty of Islam. His degrees will left in this world and he will be asked for his deeds in day of Judgement and Mr. Administrator to you i will say if you allow peoples to speak against Pathans, Talibaans then why are you deleting the posts of peoples who answers these illustrate peoples. Don't be a bias administrator.

  • free blogg

    Pathan / Taliban culture is based on Londa Bazi, accept it or not but that is 100% true,

    madrassas are the heaven of child molesting, either Ansar Abassi is a molested as a kid or scared of taliban, there is no other rational conclusion of his pro Taliban Thinking.

    If you do not call Taliban Terrorist then something is really wrong with your brains. Pakistan MUST be proud of Malala, at least she has the courage to call them terrorists.

    • Soldat Amir

      Pathan culture? says the Punjabi Pakistani, is it your culture to make your daughters dance for money in Hera Mandi…those maddrassahs are more operating in Punjab than KPK…they are a tool of your Punjab

    • Pakistan Zindabad

      Are you speaking out of Experience when you say Pathans are Londa Baz?

  • tahseen

    Orya Maqbool jan and Ansar Abbasi both are Talaban.

    • Rehan Khan

      we are proud of them. These talibaan were the peoples due to which today Pakistan have Azad Kashmir today. These were 70 thousand Talibaan who free Kashmir which is now part of Pakistan. Learn History. These Talibaan were used by our Pakistan Army against Russia. They were Mujahideen that time and were most respected people that time. Now when they are fighting against USA they became terrorist. If USA attacks them and their children with drones it is ok if they start fighting against them they are terrorist? what a standard you peoples have. A country should protect its peoples first and if they are failed they dont have right of rule. USA drones every day kill thousands of peoples in KPK and our government and Army is silent. why ? Raymond Davis killed 2 ISI soldiers and he is let free and ISI General took him airport in his car. Bull shit? if this is law and democracy i spit on this kind of democracy.

  • khan

    I think every person have its own views about any thing.Quran and Prophet teachings were clear about every things.If you cant tolerate on this simple issue in simple debate and taunting eachother like females of star Plus Dramas,than obviuosly you all are stupids.If Malala has some views about satanic verses thats her personal views.Why couldnt we tolerate some one views about any subject.She writes it down because she thinks that it happened like she mentioned,i agree that both orya and ansar have the right to disagree her but with in limits of keeping other respect.These are personal views of all individuals and we must have respect all people views.I think the answers to questins of ansar abasi were very simple but hoodbhai was not awrae about the subject or he gets afraid ,the way answer imposed question on him.His question what you think satanic verses is a good or bad book,Obviously in my opinion thats only a book which should not be written but you cant stop some individuals by doing these kinds of acts but we can answers all those people who tried to raise questions onn personality of prophet of Muhammad.Either it is done intentionally or in ignorence.

  • Rajpoot

    Hoodby ko right kehnay walay, ahmakon ki jannat mei rehtay hain, in gadhon ko abhi tak nhi pata chala ke malala bohar bara amrican drama tha, shame on such people. Orya Maqbool jan and Ansar abbasi hi sirf woh log hain jo haq ki bat kartay hain , baki media tu bika hua hai

  • Muhammad Ali

    Malala is also a great supporter of MQM and Altaf Bhai (maybe because they are also seculars…). She writes in her book:

    ''Unfortunately, Karachi has also become a very violent city and there is always fighting between the mohajirs and Pashtuns. The mohajir areas we saw all seemed very organised and neat whereas the Pashtun areas were dirty and chaotic. The mohajirs almost all support a party called the MQM led by Altaf Hussain, who lives in exile in London and communicates with his people by Skype. The MQM is a very organised movement, and the mohajir community sticks together. By contrast we Pashtuns are very divided, some following Imran Khan because he is Pashtun, a khan and a great cricketer (she didn't mentioned him as a politician. Khan Sahab is more than just a cricketer now), some Maulana Fazlur Rehman because his party JUI is Islamic, some the secular ANP because it’s a Pashtun nationalist party and some the PPP of Benazir Bhutto or the PML(N) of Nawaz Sharif.'''

  • Ahmed

    یہ ہُدہُد بائی واقعی انتہائی جاہل شخص ہے جسے بحث میں حصہ لینے، اپنی رائے دینے اور دوسرے کو اپنی رائے رکھنے کا حق دینے کی ذرا بھی تمیز نہیں۔ جس یونیورسٹی کا یہ پروفیسر ہے اس کے طالبعلم کیسے ہوں گے، آپ خود اندازە لگا لیں

  • Up_yours

    Baray mazhab kay thekaydar bantay hain, inki maa ko cho dna chaiyah saab ko mil kar. Dono hi aik number kay hara mi hain.

  • Up_yours

    Orya Gan doo and Ansar Gan doo are scared of a little girl called Malala. Both are gays, giving head to each other in private.

  • ali

    is site pr secular zyada hain bc

    • Up_yours

      Kyo teri maa ko cho da hai seculars nay kiya?

  • asif

    dear brothers please do correction in the name should be yahoodbha not hoodbhai

    • Mariam Nawab

      aap ke i baat say bohat farq parh gaya bohat bari baat kerdi yahoodi keh ker bachay

  • Abdullah Hyder

    I think all the participants including the Anchor should be banned on tv. Participants because they don't have manners and Anchor because can't control the talk show.

  • Qamar

    Hoodbhai went out of control, he started bad language like "Jhoot bol rahay hain" "English nahi ati hai" he may have Phd in physics, but he don't have Phd in every thing, that's why it is said that college and university degree alone don't make a person good human being, he lost his cool and he started it, don't know probably he was drunk, Ansar Abbasi was in fact showing sympathy for Malala by saying that she is being used by some people, my comment is she is innocent and being used by her father.