Abdullah Shah Ghazi Urs to begins


Abdullah Shah Ghazi Urs to begins




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  • Arifwaheed

    lanati mushrik sindhi bezamir

  • m. saleem

    most of the people who come to visit this grave, get involved in the "shirk", thinking that they are doing
    a good act. yes to pray for the maghfarah for "olaya karaam" is a good act but because of the jihalat
    from deen, they donot understand and speak such sentences which are destroying the "imaan".
    just watch that most of the grave worshippers who are there at the time of "azaan" from masjid next
    door, donot go for prayers.
    this means that they consider staying at grave or avoiding "farz salaat" is more important for them then going
    to masjid for prayers.
    there is no guidance and teaching for such grave worshippers and if some one would ask them not to
    do "shirk" they will start fighting and abusing.

  • Muhammad Hassan

    Nice planning but speed up that working. <hassani>