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  • OverseasPakistani

    You are so right. Pakistan is like a wounded tiger surrounded enemies from all sides and waiting to hunt it down. But this wounded tiger rely on Allah even when it is on his knees. It is Allah's Tiger and as long as we keep this believe in our hearts, we don't care how many enemies we have. We only need Allah alone on our side.

    In Taliban's there is a group who is getting their funding from Indian Raw (Was is not free, someone is paying the bills) and off course it is not in their interest to compromise. This is the reason why they all want to fail Imran. Something always happen before peace talks.

    My pray that Allah protect this nation – Ameen.

  • Salam Dawood

    There was a time, when our family loved to visit Pakistan. Enjoying our Summer in the northern area of Pakistan, in particular Lake Saif-ul-Maluk , Kalam lake and Naga Parbat Base camp . We come forward and invested heavily in a well re known paper manufacturing company there and still doing pretty well.

    Year 2000 was about to pass and welcoming land of Pakistan , was going to be announced a Terrorist state , where 95 % of population was busy studying in universities , going for regular job and remaining having deep passion to be a Pilot or a Cricket personality . The world was about to forget their 80's politics and their failures burden was about to transfer to Pakistan.

    This all insane war proved nothing except the murder of more than 40,000 Pakistani victims. Indian involvement in terrorist activities in Pakistan was completely ignored, just like the world united to say nights are always without moon. Despite the documentary evidence, Security Council under the impression of US ignored it.

    But the Plan since 1947 to prove Pakistan a failed state had failed again. The country didn't collapse. Having no other option, world’s Politicians and Journalist which supported the Pakistani s mass murder campaign came forward to raise their voice against it.

    This movie gives the same message and a true message to US, when you are so concerned to rescue life of Syrians, Egyptians, and Libyans etc. Why don't you attack at India for murdering more than 100,000 Muslims in KASHMIR?

    Indians , US and Israeli dirty politics will come to end because History repeat itself and it give chance and power to every nation and then take it back without having any pity on you .

    • M waheed

      very good salam dawood i appreciate it

  • misa

    Poor indian media now again start crying like a hell, because they are always use to for such things. Y u are not able to absorb the facts? u made a complete film on mumbai attack which was done by indian agencies & u potrait negative image of Pakistan in that pic & here we are showing the facts, then Y u r crying like a whore???

  • jawad

    that is really great flim

  • A. G Anjum

    Very simple
    Its war of Pakistan Keep your nose out of our business
    We know Indian's adverse role in and outside of Pakistan
    Pakistan has capability to combat with his adversaries in all the fields around the globe
    "Zra num ho tu ye matti barri zarkhaiz hai saqi"

  • ackey

    oooohhhhh phhhhaaaaatttt ggggaaaaaiiiiiii india ki. koi mochi bulao

  • Arsalan

    Waar is a great movie and awesome production of Lollywood. Indians launched many movies against the Pakistan but Pakistan didn't give any response against the Indians in respect of peace…….. Well! please Indians, don't be jealous and feel the reality which is in the film WAAR and show some manners.

  • Sam

    Jealous ov us :@
    Batmeezo jab tum log Pak to terrorist dikha k apni movies m badnaam krty o tab tum logon ko kch nae hota ??
    Zada door na jao apni movies Agent Vinod or Ek Tha Tiger dykho lo…
    U people say U are peace loving country … BULSHIT
    Aag lagi hui hy ub tum logon ko k ISI n Pak Army ny aid kia hy movie ko toh agr kiya b o toh tum logon ko takleef ??
    Tum logon sy pocha kbi k kon finance krta tmari movie ko ??
    Bloody Jealous Media :@

  • rao

    koi inhen barnol lagao…:p

  • https://www.facebook.com/fazal.mahmood2 Fazal Mahmood

    peace loving country my arse …… ( look at the mass graves in occupied Kashmir)