Will Obama Agree to Stop drone Undconditionally?

Posted on October 23, 2013 Articles

All the eyes are on the meeting between the Prime minister of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif and President of the Unites states Barrack Hussein Obama in new york .These meeting gives birth to an important question ” will Obama agree to stop drone unconditionally?”.
It is true that the drone has killed many important commander of the Al-Qaeda .But contrary to this it has caused more civilian casualties in the tribal areas of Pakistan which is the matter of grave concern.UN security General Ban KI Moon has recently in pakistan termed it the violation of the sovereignty of the Pakistan .It has developed negative mindset against America and created more terrorist instead of reduction.Now the prime minister of Pakistan is set to raise the issue with Obama and get stopped these attacks .Recently ,released Amnesty International report on drone strike declared that it is the crime against civilian.Despite all these American continues to carry out drone strikes in Pakistan Tribal areas .Analysts believe that drones strikes can’t be stopped without conditions.Perhaps , a condition of Military Operation South Waziristan and other parts of tribal areas, insurance of tackling with terrorism .The Taliban also has given the condition to hold dialogue only after stopping drone strikes.However ,i don’t see any positive result in this regard .It will remain a dream .

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