Future of Pakistan in Guidance of Shafeeq Rabbani.Leader of Pakistan People’s Alliance Party

Posted on October 23, 2013 Articles

We are moving forward with our detailed thinking and creating goals to achieve Pakistan, a peaceful with rule of Law, united as a Nation, developed and prosperous.
Future of Pakistan
Having analysed Politics and existing politicians, we friends and patriotic people of Pakistan decided that we have to come forward to save and stabilise the political system in Pakistan and we pledged that we shall not be Javed Hashmi or Meraj Mohammad Khan of Pakistan but we shall commit and organise all the Pakistanis and shall start a movement which shall be free of any corrupt practices and without outside influence. The movement shall have no sponsorship but it shall rely on working class, Middle class and people who amassed their wealth with just and fair means. The movement shall aware the people of true politics and shall move labourers, shopkeepers , hard working, and middle class, intellectuals and businessmen who care and earn justly and fairly. We shall unite them to fight poverty injustice, corruption, gun culture, drugs and create a society with peace, with respect for rule of Law eager to develop and prosper Pakistan. So it is decided to create a politcal party named (Pakistan People’s Alliance Party).

Pakistan People’s Alliance Party is found to achieve the following objectives.

1) To pre-empt the conspiracies against Pakistan we shall unite all the Pakistanis as Pakistanis through consensus and referendum. 12 administrative units shall be sought to distribute equally the wealth of the Nation. All Pakistanis shall be equal and one as Pakistanis irrespective of caste or Maslak

2) The laws of the country shall be enacted to free of gun culture, drugs and zero tolerance against crime.

3) To secure the country, all the foreign security agencies shall not be allowed to operate. Complete respect and enforcement of rule of Law shall be maintained.

4) Justice system shall be reformed so as to provide justice cheap and to make sure that justice is seen

5) All cartels shall be smashed and culture of competition shall be encouraged.

6) The businessman if awarded a government portfolio then system shall be evolved to benefit country of his services and System shall monitor that no personal business gains is acquired of his position

7) The feudalism and democracy are opposite to each other. Feudalism in all forms shall be discouraged.

Reforms shall be made to eradicate patwari culture and all the records shall be centralised.

9) One window service shall be introduced so as to eliminate the abuse of the system.

10) Thana culture shall be completely eliminated and police stations shall be for the protection of vulnerable and not the refuge for criminals.

11) Prosecution service shall be reformed for speedy process. Crime is a crime and shall not be settled before full course of justice has been taken place.

12) Short Term and Long term measure shall be taken to boost the manufacturing industry to meet the internal markets and then surplus can be exported. On tehsil and district Level business and industries shall be encouraged to run as co operatives and the loans shall be provided on partnership bases until the projects can become self sufficient complete payback of original finance. The micro projects shall be launched in villages to develop and have full employment and the flow of migration to the cities shall be eased

13) The education system shall be reformed and technical education shall be provided at tehsil and District level to provide the technical staff to locally developed industries. The whole education system shall be reformed and shall be tuned to the requirement of the country.

14) Our Country is agriculture Country. Dairy and Poultry industry shall be encouraged and finance shall be available through cooperative Banking system.

15) Health of the nation shall be priority and again a continuous process of reform of the system shall take place. Research shall be encouraged to home-grown problems and illnesses.

16) Pakistan’s Sovereignty shall never be compromised. All the decision shall be according to best interests of Pakistan. Pakistan shall be part of The Islamic Ummah and Kashmir is considered as a disputed territory and shall be resolved according to the wishes of Kashmiris and according to the United Nation resolutions of self determination. Relationship between the countries shall be based on mutual interests and no country shall be allowed to interfere in our internal matters. No country shall be allowed to keep the diplomatic staff for any other purpose but just for diplomatic matters. No foreign member of diplomatic service shall be allowed to meet without prior permission from foreign Office. Pakistan shall not interfere in any country’s internal matters and shall never allow any other country to interfere in Pakistan matters.

17) People shall be educated and well informed of their rights and responsibilities.

18) There shall be micro projects on local level for youth and women to get best out of them and involve them in Nation Building. Recreational facilities shall be available to all and competitions in all form s of games shall be encouraged.

19) Religious representative from all maslaks shall be provided In Islamic Ideology Council to create religious harmony and adopt all the laws according to Quran and Sunnah.

20) All the actions of the Government shall lead to a United, peaceful, developing and prospering Pakistan.

Let all Pakistanis join us as Members of Pakistan People’s Alliance Party and from this platform unite the whole nation as Pakistani , have peace with the respect and enforcement of rule of Law and as a result shall develop the country and the whole Nation shall be prosperous. Self respect shall be provided to all Pakistanis irrespective of caste and religion. Pakistan shall be role model for World but it is in your hands to join and struggle to achieve what we aspire.

O Allah give us your blessings and provide us strength and unite us to achieve a peaceful, developed and Prosperous Pakistan.

Pakistan Zindabad!

Pakistan Paindabad!