Unlearn, Hibernate and Relearn History of Pakistan

Posted on October 22, 2013 Articles

By Waqas Habib

Pakistan is passing through an existential crisis at the hands of terrorists. But as a nation we are disintegrated, appalled and zombified when it comes to tackling terrorists and terrorism of all sorts. We act as a nation when it is a game of cricket but we start abusing, tagging each other traitors/kafirs/foreign agents/liberal (as if it is forbidden) /anti-peace and what not. We are in a perpetual state of hangover, clueless as to what happened but our actions have chaotic implications.

Even the dreams would have more clarity as compare to our real life. The way forward is only a question with no answer. Our people are killed every day and we have the courage to forget their deaths. We repulse reality. Somehow we have devised a solution to deal with this scary reality and that is to find refuge in conspiracy theories. Conspiracy theories comfort us, let us deal with our guilty conscious, a blind eye to our faulty policies and a past dictated by self-righteous individuals with no regard to the constitution.

Isn’t it time for us to accept that the issues faced by today’s Pakistan are direct effects of our past policies? The kind of divide we have today in our society is impossible to deal with unless individually we start examining our past without prejudice. In today’s Pakistan you cannot ask someone to change their views based on even valid arguments, we have lost this ability to debate somewhere down the road. We must find out for ourselves if what we know is a tempered version or not. We must unlearn what we know about our past.

“It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.” – Aristotle

Acceptance of some wrong doing in our past will lead us to a better future, giving ourselves a chance to hibernate, to wipe off our memory. We must face the reality, all this mess hasn’t been created over the past few years, seeds of extremism were sown decades back. We owe it to our Land to be honest about our past.

We had it in us, a bug, which has turned into a monster that is not going away unless we want it to. Our political leadership, media, lawyers, civil society and most importantly common people of Pakistan are utterly divided on any given issue. The most recent example is of Malala, I wouldn’t dare to pass my judgment on this issue as two extreme points of view exist. Why isn’t there a moderate path that we walk on? Why does it have to be extreme ideologies that we ponder upon? There has to be a reason, right?

Time to look back and redeem our mistakes might be running out, we have never been this weak before. If the monster that we created is not responsible for this than who is? If we did not do anything wrong and all wrong is done to us by international forces than I must say we deserve more of this.

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