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Infocus (Hot Debate Between Shehla Raza & Ayaz Latif Palejo!) – 19th October 2013

Watch Infocus on Dawn News Samar Ali Khan, Maiza Hameed, Ayaz Latif, Sheyla Raza




  • dad

    well done ayaz palejo!

  • Raja

    shela raza is available on cheaper rates

  • rufi

    ye shehla jaisi/jaise bikaoo politicians kabhi bhi is mulk ke sincere nahin hosakte jo ghalat speech or ghalat
    kamon ko defend karte hen dhitai ke sath shame on you and others like you.

  • faisa khan

    shala raza tafreeh kasaaman hai,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • imrankhanzindabad

    naam tabdeel kiye universities aur colleges kay kitna bara fraud kar hai hai yeh kutiya shehla,jhooton per khuda ki lanat ho


    I am sorry to say this lady Shehla Raza is totally Bekaar..She is nothing..

  • A Hakim

    Pakistani siyasi maidan mein kuchh logon ne LADAKA or JHAGHDALOO hone ka naam kamaya hai ismein Shahla Reza madam top number pe hain. Jo her guftagoo ko maidan e ladaee bana leti hain. Bus yehi inki main qualification nazar aati hai or shayed isi kamal ki wajah se woh Sindh soobe ki Deputy Speaker bhi hain.

  • mudassarsharif

    dear pakistanis, here is zardari najaez family in france,

    1st daughter……living in london right now, born in farance, dated 27, 07, 2007, her name is, SAIQA ZARDARI
    2nd daughter……LIVING STILL IN PARIS born in farance, dated 2, 12, 2009, her name is, SADIQA ZARDARI

    both have french nationality because their mom is white french

  • abdul

    Shehla reza is hopeless -she is not listing to other -very bad

  • abdul

    Ayaz Lateef salute to you

  • abdul

    Shahla reza is totally stupid

  • Entertainment
  • niazi
  • Khan

    Larkana kia budhi tawaif, shehla raza beghairat aurat.

    • educated Jahil worst

      her nature is exactely same like baazaroo aurat, you tell me which ppp wala talks with dignified manners, that's what they get, what they deserve.

  • Omar

    زرداری نے عوام کا شکار کیا خوب جی بھر کھایا اور شیر کے آگے ڈال دیا جب شیر کا پیٹ بھر جاےگا تو عوام کو بلاول زرداری کے آگے ڈال دیا جاےگا، جانوروں کے ساتھ ایسا ہی ہونا چاہیے

  • Omar

    صرف اور صرف الله کی خاطر بےلوث موت سے ہمکنار ہونے والا شہید ہوتا ہے دولت اور اقتدار کے لئے مرنے والا شہید نہیں لالچی کہلاتا ہے

  • https://www.facebook.com/bilal.maher.509 Bilal Maher

    Ms. Shella Raza, we awam don't bring you (policians) into the power, somebody else does, so why you are keep talking too much and not allowing others?? By this way you (PPP) are loosing your remaining 1% goodwill in awam too, in our society people don't like, who talk too much, but you have above (screaming and kept talking) proved you are educated jahil, and educated jahils are worst kind among all jahils, because there is no treatment for them

  • Truther

    International media knows about it, they just dont talk about it just as your media doesnt talk about them. If you really want to know about these wars, watch a documentary called "DIRTY WARS" This goes on to show what lengths they went to just to….. But who cares, he got a Nobel peace prize, Malala's ideal as well, and what else he could have asked for.

    Shame on your people! All this investigative journalism from foreign journalist, and your so called "journalist" make money through talk shows.

    Malala's ideal! seriously?