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Bilawal Bhutto Zardari Complete Speech – 18th October 2013

Bilawal Bhutto Zardari Complete Speech – 18th October 2013





  • Ali Durrani

    ab kiya chakkay bhi aye gay?

  • oversease

    before Altaf Hussain made me laugh but now Bilawal makes me laugh . But he is using ALLAH-O AKBAR in a wrong way.

  • OverseasPakistani

    This is the third time I am watching this speech. Now when I am down and want to laugh at something, I watch this speech. Absolutely hilarious. Keep it up.

  • abdul

    very fanny…..

  • imtiaz

    tum loogohn ko jute bil kul teek perrey hain……….

  • Sindhi

    @jumper………….you ******* son of muhajir, punjabi , pakhtoon , baloch or any one…….you don't have any right to point out a particular community…….how can you call sindhis STUPID…..?? look at yourself first, people like you have spoiled our beloved PAKISTAN…..you don't know any thing about sindhis so it's better to keep your mouth shut…… and finally shame on the 14 people who liked your BAKWAS…..

  • ahmad

    bilwal u r great

  • ammar tahir

    ary o kaliya dekh to zara ye kon hai or keya keh raha hai .. es ko ye b nahin pata jis shaded walda ka ye zikar kar raha hai wo Minhaj ul quran ki life membar the .
    ye dudh pita bacha .es ko itni b aqal nahin ki jis ny speach likh kar di hai os ko thek sy parh to lon .
    es par comnts karna chand par thokny k barabar hai .
    shame bilawal shame on u


    That is what happen when politics becomes entertainment, and in entertainment its all about charm, words and phony personality, nothing real. but i do not blame them all the blame goes to the public who get entertain by these clowns. SO if this is there taste then let them have it. THEY MIGHT DESERVE EVERY BIT OF IT.

  • B.Syed

    What the hell is going on

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