Meri Kahani Meri Zabani – 13th October 2013


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  • tariq pk

    Trying to Copy Character of Chandu from COMPANY indian movie

  • Saad

    Baba Ji Ki Goti Nanna Na Na Nanna
    Baba Ji Ki Goti

  • Fraudia

    Whats the point in having background music & pretending these worms As Heroes…??
    They deserved a "Police Muqabla"

  • ayman

    shahzad ali!!! good officer

  • ayman

    therefore MQM and ANP are are gang of streets..

  • ayman

    mqm is main collected of bhatta parchi….

  • RAJA

    may Allah bless Sheikh Rasheed Saheb……..Ameen. SHEIKH RASHEED Zaid Hamid ZINDABAD.