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  • Yousefzai

    He is a Darbari Mullah it his job to please Saudi Kings I disagree with him.

  • khirad

    o plz ths tym iz not 4 quarrlng wd each other do pry 4 tamam ummat e muslma……..phle ham sab ko apna kbla darust krna ksi aor pr tnqeed se phle….kia ham utne ache muslman han jtna hmein hona chye ????????phr ham ksi pr tnqeed kse kr skte han ……

  • lanti_gul

    Saudia is holy place but these muftis and kings have destroyed and have make life miserable for everyone. this same mufti said all chuchres should be destroyed. how can he preach for peace then? karia sala

  • jani4913165


  • Frolic

    Budhay darpook, agar bolna hai to apnay baadshah ko bol. islam main badshah kab se hogaye, tum logon ke ayashee pe to kitabain likhe hoi hain. Chal nikal yahan se.

    • Hamid Gullllll

      Uncivilized barbarian ISLAM should practice his preaching of quran to bring
      Salaam to Muslim in Egypt, Syria, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran. Let this
      false man, zaik nakir use his quran to save at least the life of one shia or sunni,
      from being killed by another sunni or shia. False man zakir naik should admit
      to the reality, that followers of Quran are incited by hatred, violence and
      murder towards their own Muslim brothers and sisters.9

    • Wasim

      What you have said is absolutely right. These are killer of pakistani people.