What to do: 22 Random Acts of Kindness!!!

Posted on October 9, 2013 Articles

What to do: 22 Random Acts of Kindness!!!

“I cleaned your car as a good will gesture; hope you have a good day!
Don’t mind by bad cleanup skills, I did what I could
Thanks 😀 “
What you guess about these words of who it must be? Just visual it that you have a car, in routine who will cleanup your car in office or at home? Obviously cleaning guys… Can you expect these words from those illiterate and bad looked guys hmmm!!! No definitely not; because they are such bad looked guys always smelly and clumsy all the time, and they people are always rude and they don’t even know to write, so how could they!!!!! So who would it be???? :/

This is what our mind set about the rarest of our society. We can’t even think of a little good for other standard’s people or minor good deeds for a society. One can’t debate on this topic in a single article but the thing which inspired me to write it on is a Video I saw on social web named “22 Random Acts of Kindness” produced by the personal practice of Mr. Muzamil Hassan Zaidi on his 22nd birthday. He told us that knowing and caring of ignored ones and experiencing their work at least once really matters in one’s life.
Muzamil did 22 likewise acts on that day as he washed and cleaned a random person’s car in a parking and greet the car honor with the words I’ve mentioned on the top. And brought Ice-creams for the guards sitting in a very hot. He got water for the traffic policemen. Did barrier duty for the guards while they had dinner to make them feel that we care them. Most important of all is he distributed Balloons at the local orphanage to spread the message of love and care. That’s how Muzamil celebrated his 22nd birthday.
Mr. Zaidi 23, is actually an optimist, a social activist and director at Lolz studios, headed many projects of social awareness, spread positive waves to the culture through social media.The latest achievement of Lolz studios is that was Lolz content which Geo News took and used in their report “Happy Pakistan” . Lolz’s documentaries like “How I met your Pakistan”, and the awareness project with the Punjab Information Technology board “Call Me Crazy, But I Believe in a Better Pakistan” got the highest reach of his audience on facebook.

His role for awaking people to cast their vote on 11 May Elections are very admirable, Short interactive Documentary messages were produced by Lolz studios like “Go Home Pakistanis, Its Time” and “No More Excuses. Vote For a Zabardast Pakistan”. And to change the image of searches on word “Islamabad” on youtube, he made a time-lapse video of Islamabad “A Day in Islamabad” and that was the bamboo achieved effort of Lolz Studios.

Reason to share this all was just to promote such an inspiring thoughts and works people do in our surrounding from which we can get a lot. But why we are ignorant still is actually our personal mistake. Giving attention, care, and love to even the minors, we can approach this level of mental age. Creativity is nothing but just the creation of mind. This was Muzamil who taught us by his minor acts. It would be someone else to whom we are ignoring. To search is an inspiration, and that’s what we are ignorant of!!!