Unsuccesful Attempt of Banning Social Network in Sindh – by Zardari and Bilawal: What They are Trying to Hide (The Back-Room Story)

Posted on October 9, 2013 Articles, lowrating


(Broken pieces, large stories…)

Everyone was surprised to see the pressure coming from Zardari and Bilawal for blocking, all of sudden, all social network in Sindh without any valid or logical reason. And why Bilawal was so enthusiastic about blocking those channels that people use for chats, gossip and leisure…

A “back-room” story has been moving… Some of their darkest secrets (with relevant evidences) have been exposed. And that’s not about some usual corruption cases. And it’s not even about the story of Bilawal’s light romantic affair with Hina Rabbani Khar – which is already widely circulated in Pakistani media. It’s actually a new matter! The outline of this “new matter” is revealed just recently in Weekly Blitz on 29 September, then updated on 1st October 2013. It’s about secret s-e-x life of Benazir Bhutto. And it’s certainly NOT the story revolving around Benazir’s old mansion in Surrey, England (the recent story published in the Western media). It goes beyond that… Zem TV in Pakistan also published the OUTLINE of this story on 1s October: Secret s-e-x Life of Benazir Bhutto – A Political Dynasty in the Limelight…

It reveals the names of some high-profile Pakistani women including Sherry Rehman who arrange secret VIP s-e-x parties in UK and Dubai. And Bilawal Bhutto is among their distinguished guests. A significant point to note in this case is that instead of giving only a news story, the author has emphasized that all those evidences (mentioned in the news report) have already been handed-over to some officials from a high authority in a European country that is connected to a chain of events related to this affair. And then the author has warmly invited people exposed in this story to come against him in any court of law for an open debate and cross-examination of evidences.


The news was first published in Blitz on Sunday 29 September 2013. Two days later, on Tuesday, 1st October, Sherry Rehman’s assistant for media-related affairs sent a very harsh warning to the Editor of Blitz and to the author who is based in London. First they tried to pressurize them to remove this news immediately. But when the pressure did not work, they abruptly decided to ban social network in Sindh Province (where they have their provincial government) – so at least the news and discussions on these dark aspects of their secret lives can be blocked. They kept on insisting on Federal government to approve their proposal for a ban on social network. Bilawal apologized on TV for this inconvenience coming to public. “Now his enthusiasm for this ban can be seen in many other perspectives…”

(The same thing has happened before. On 15 March 1989, Ross Benson wrote an article in The Express, UK exposing Benazir’s s-e-xual activities at Oxford. The newspaper was banned in Pakistan by the government of Benazir at that time. There was no social network those days. This time they saw an urgent need to block this new channel).

Roshan Mirza, London