A New Aspect of the Article on Secret s-e-x Life of Benazir Bhutto

Posted on October 3, 2013 Articles, lowrating


Benazir’s photo in this article is not the main issue (though it’s genuine, already published in various publications, before the rise of photoshop techniques). The real matter is the news! Here at Zym TV, ther’s only the glimpse of the news. If one can read the full story on Weekly Blitz, he will know about the relevant evidences specified there. Weekly Blitz was banned in Pakistan by PPP government because they had FIRST published the story of Bilawal Bhutto’s affair with Hina Rabbani Khar. Though later on, all other media networks in the West and in Pakistan picked up this news. This story is still widly circulated in Pakistan – in newspapers, websites, forums and TV networks, so why Weekly Blitz is still banned in Pakistan. The present government should consider to lift this ban.

Another aspect: There should be no question of “Privacy” or “private life” in this context! When you’re a public figure and lead your life at the expense of public, you’re answerable to public in all aspects of your life. Bill Clinton’s simple and light romantic/s-e-xual affair with other woman was not forgiven, so how another leader’s such s-e-xual wilderness could be overlooked!

An intense research and investigation have been conducted by a team of writers, investigative journalists and researchers. And what has emerged is actually much more than usual s-e-xual affairs. All this is so striking that even people with the most liberal thoughts will be shocked. Enough evidences have been gathered, which will be the part of a book appearing shortly.