Terrorist Attack on All Saints Church, Peshawar and opportunists….

Posted on September 25, 2013 Articles

Terrorist Attack on All Saints Church, Peshawar and opportunists….

by Naeem Iqbal

Of course, it is hard to find suitable words to express sorrow, anger, and grief on All Saint Church, Peshawar attack but one should not take this horrible incident as populous or financial opportunity. In last two days, some of the anchors, columnists, and journalists are expressing themselves in sadden manner against Imran Khan, Chairman PTI as if he is the only leader in the Country and the policies in Pakistan are being evolved on his (only) say. They are forgotten that Imran Khan is not the Chief Executive of the Pakistan, therefore, responsibility of any federal policy that is being adopted by the Government is not his responsibility.

No doubt, Imran Khan, being the most popular and trustworthy leader of the nation, has his view points on war on terror and that are followed by the millions. Imran Khan doesn’t support war like many millions so what they should be declared? Sapoor Ijaz has declared Imran Khan and millions as the murderers, the offenders and so. Pakistan is in so called war-on-terror for almost last nine years but why could not we bring peace in the country? Why thousands of innocent people killed so far? Why are terrorists not eliminated from the Pakistan? The so-called foreign policy experts who write every day in newspaper or blogs to earn living, should rethink of their views as if they are misguided and if they may be pushing Pakistan into worsen misery. Pakistan can’t fight more and that can’t be understandable to those who live in safe heavens. Columnists like Sapoor Ijaz who get up in morning and start thinking what best to write to make money and same in the night before going to bed. These losers can’t think of innocent people who died and will die if this so- called war on terror continue. Why would these losers think of innocent people in FATA? People like Sapoor Ijaz may consider FATA people inhuman and why would they voice for these inhuman? Doesn’t really matter if they get bombed every day. Yes, of course, Sapoor Ijaz may write for FATA inhuman if he can make good money on it..

Ironically, PM Sharif who is the Chief Executive of Pakistan and Chief of PMLN is not being criticism by the same losers who are against the negotiations with Taliban. Fact is that PMLN and PTI are enjoying the same policy towards the Taliban but why criticism only on Imran Khan? How about the political leaders of other parties who have been supporting dialog with Taliban? May be criticism on Imran Khan more fruitful for thickheads like Sapoor Ijaz then the criticism on other parties leaders.

Incident of Peshawar, All Saint Church is condemnable and depressing but in haste, any operational decision may spill more innocent blood. Imran Khan is rightly suggesting to identify the extremists who aren’t willing to talk by putting away weapons under the constitution of Pakistan. The military operation, then, should be conducted against such elements but making sure that tribe of affected areas are on board. One must not forget that dialog process is a complicated process and may face many hiccups. Lets not go for personal interest in this sensitive matter and be rational rather then emotional. In operations, our soldiers will die and many innocents too…Lets think of way to get out of menace but with minimal loss.

Sapoor Ijaz is if so patriot, then why shouldn’t he take a gun and start fight against the Taliban? Sapoor Ijaz and many like him should join in anti-Taliban group and start a war against Taliban.. They wouldn’t think of doing so because they don’t have balls to do so but they are doing job of inciting others for war, especially our soldiers. Do remember, soldiers are our brothers. Their loss is our loss, their pain is our pain. Therefore, their sacrifice do matter a lot to us. Lets not incite to spill such precious blood just to fulfill your (Sapoor Ijaz) evil desire.