A Discussion With AhsanUllah Ahsan

Posted on September 21, 2013 Articles

A discussion with TTP’s Ex-Spokesman AhsanUllah Ahsan

By Waqas Habib

Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan has constituted a political committee to oversee issues that concern talks with the Government of Pakistan, this committee’s recommendations are taken into account by the Markazi Majlis-e-Shuura (Central Executive Body). Which in itself is an indication that TTP wants to talk and that they trust the newly elected government of PMLN.

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in his address to the Nation said enough blood has been shed, we need peace either by talks or through full use of force against the militants. We as Pakistanis have paid a heavy price by being the victim of war against terrorism. What else will we have to lose to bring peace to our country, can we negotiate with TTP? Will it be a surrender? Can we give them what they want?

I asked ex-spokesperson and incumbent member of TTP’s political committee AhsanUllah Ahsan if he accepts constitution of Pakistan? he replied “No, we don’t.” I also asked him if he believes in democracy? he replied “Democracy is a secular philosophy that is completely opposite to Islam’s concept of Allah’s sovereignty. Islamic system the best”

Point being, can Islamic system be implemented through democratic system? Our constitution says “No laws shall be passed against Islamic values”. If majority of Pakistanis decide that they want better implementation of “Islamic Laws” than it is their right to do that. We can do that by staying within a democratic setup. So my next question was about peaceful struggle to implement Islamic laws.

I asked him do you think there is a peaceful way in Islam to achieve what you want to accomplish? he replied “Islam ensures peace once it is implemented. There can be no peace in the presence of greedy, selfish secular ideologies”.

I further asked him if he cares for what people of Pakistan think about him and TTP? he replied “By Allah we care for all their legitimate concerns. But if someone opposes us as a way of opposing Shariah then we dont care”. I followed this question by asking him, so if someone wants shariah in Pakistan through peaceful preaching of Islam, is he an enemy? He replied ” Of course not brother. We preach as well. Preaching is one obligation and fighting as per Allah’s laws another obligation”.I also asked him do you bomb innocent people or should i say civilians? Is there any place or sect you consider honourable in Pak? to which he replied “Islam defines rules of engagement. We strive to follow them in target selection and other factors. Honourable is the Muslim”.

That is the problem, they kill innocent people of Pakistan in the name of religion, justifying these acts through their own interpretation of Islam. TTP beleives in imposing their point of view through the use of force claiming themselves to be the better lot of muslims. Many scholars of islam discard TTP’s views and methods calling them unislamic.

We as Pakistanis have struggled long and hard for democracy to thrive, for us to be worthy of bringing about a change and not being told by dictators what is right or wrong for us, we have struggled.

I than asked him do you think a muslim can practice Islam in today’s Pakistan? His reply was “There are aspects of Islam one could practice anywhere. And then some aspects cannot be fulfilled without the Islamic state”. I further asked if someone lives in france and he is a fully practicing muslim, he does everything as per Quran,will he still go to hell? To which he replied “Who is sending him to hell?” I rephrased my question, you said some aspects cannot be fulfilled without an islamic state, based on those unfulfilled aspects will he go to hell? His reply was “1)Heaven and Hell are decisions of Allah so no need for hypothetical q in this regard 2) Working for an Islamic state is obligatory”.

My last question to him was, are you as an individual in favour of peace talks with Pak govt or not? He replied “Yes, I favour talks to end this conflict that was started by our opponents”.

TTP has claimed to have killed more than forty thousand of Pakistanis including civilians and security forces personnel. It is a hard truth to accept. Newly elected government of Nawaz Sharif has been in favour of peace talks, will they be successful? I am not sure. People of Pakistan deserve to know the organization that intend to govern them what their “manifesto” is. Let us see what we lose and gain through these peace talks.

Note: This discussion took place on twitter hence questions and answers were short and precise.

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