Posted on September 14, 2013 Articles

• Six Major Allegations mentioned in Complaint by Amity International to Chairman PEMRA against violations of laws including PEMRA Ordinance by GEO – Revocation/Suspension of the licenses expected

• The six deadly sins include
o Foreign Funded Programming
o Ajmal Kasab Saga
o Zara Sochiye Case
o Airing Foreign Content 400% in excess of limit
o Tax Default and Evasion
o Amaan Ramadan’s ridicule of religion.

GEO Network cannot seem to catch a break these days as the web of its own misdeeds entangles it further towards the exposure of its darker and mustier side. Amidst the top management leaving due to various controversies surrounding the troubled media group, a formal complaint has been filed to PEMRA (Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority) against GEO Network by Amity International that highlights the SIX Deadly Sins that are taking GEO to the brink of annihilation:

1) FOREIGN FUNDED PROGRAMMING by putting airtime and editorial board on sale.
2) Ajmal Kasab Saga- bringing two Nuclear Power nations on the brink of war
3) Zara Sochiye – toying with the foundations of Pakistan’s ideology
4) Airing Foreign content 400% in Excess of permitted limit by PEMRA Laws
5) Tax Violation and Hiding/ Misrepresenting financial position
6) Amaan Ramadan Transmission – notoriously fame garnering programming for being an attack on religious and cultural values of Pakistanis as well as Muslims all over the world.

The complaint has been filed by AMITY INTERNATIONAL, an NGO – claiming to have serious concerns regarding the programming and content aired on GEO Network. The complaint holds GEO Network responsible for compromising the integrity, security, sovereignty, and religious and social values of Pakistani society and for violating the laws of Pakistan including the PEMRA ordinance and rules.

Through this complaint, Amity International requests PEMRA to:

• Initiate a thorough investigation demanding personal appearance of the Complainant and the representatives of the mentioned channels, within 7 days of this complaint.

• Revoke/Suspend the licenses of the channels under GEO Network found involved in mentioned violations immediately till the final disposal of the investigation proceedings.

The complaint still awaits an official consideration by PEMRA and other relevant judicial authorities to initiate an investigation against these claims. Until then it remains to be seen that whether GEO Network will reap the weeds that it sowed or wiggle its way out of the harm’s way with the help of its “powerful” connections. According to media observers and legal sources, if such charges proven to be true in the court of law, GEO Network should begin counting its days backwards.