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  • adeelmalik

    Quran O Hadith se yeh baat kahen sabit nai k jin kissi k ander Halool ker jay. Han albata jin kissi ko tang ker sakte hain. Sometime insaan kissi dimaghi bemari mai mubtila hota hai to uss ki harkaat ajeeb si hoti hain jise hum log jin samjh lete hain. Or phir yeh jin nikalne wale jhoote loteray hum sada sift logon ko loot lete hain. Khudara hosh k Nakhun lo. or Allah k Nabi SAWW ne bot se tareeqe btaye hain jin per amal ker ke Jin o Shaiteen k shar se mehfooz reh skta hai.

    Sura e Baqar parrhne se jin o shaiteen tang nai ker sakte.
    Ayat Ul Kursi parrhne se insaan mehfooz rehta hai.
    Masnoon Duaen bi hain jo mehfooz rakhti hain.

  • Noman

    Allama Ebtisam Elahi Zaheer is the best and knowledgeable person, thanks for giving us the real knowledge about Jin.

  • Immi

    Aray mian Azizi, maulana Ahtasham tu khud gaddhay ka bacha hay

    • toqueer

      gadhay k bachy wo nhai tum ho jo QURAN O HADEES ko samjhty nai ho r ALLAH ki ayaat ka inkaar karty ho kabi QUURAN ko samjha ha k kya kheta hai QIRRAN hamyian dusron ko choar k ISLAM ki raah pa ayo kdi smjh jao gay shai aur galat ma farak

  • zalmey atiq

    alimsaib is mixing shaitan and jin . ayatan mai zikar shaitan ka hai jinnat ka nahi yai soood khoro k baaray mai jo kaha hai



    • zalmey atiq

      yaaar yai to aksar awkaat shaitan ka zikar hai ayat mai , yai alim q mix karwa raha hai jinat or shaitan ko , yai soood khoro k waqiay mai or dill mai sorrakh krnay ki batay jo hai , jinat ko bi shaitan gumrah krta hai , alim saahab nay sora ikhlas ka tarjuma bi ghlat kia hai , wasvasa bi shaitan daalta hai insano k dilo mai bi or jinnat k dilo mai bi ,

  • szas59

    zara theek tarqy se sab ko batao <3<3

  • abdulwajid

    nice effort keep it up very good and authentic info by ibtisam elahi zaheer

  • kwaleed

    Allama ibtisam said everything in light of quran and hadith very nice show good info

  • kwaleed

    very good info by Ibtisam Ilahi Zaheer niceeffort by hasbe haal team

  • tufail

    bohat acha programme hai

  • Muhammad Naeem

    Allama Ibtesaam sb said that Jinnaat can't physically torture human. Here, i try to narrate a true story and i am eye witness of that because it happened at my own home.

    December 2004… Our left and right neighbors asked that you people throws stones, onions and potatoes at our house but we denied. After few days, our opposite neighbor also faced the same situation. They also blamed us But we never did that…. After some days, we are the only one who were facing that situation. We didn't blame any of our neighbors. Our family member were getting punished by them by throwing stones. Even they throws away TAWA when my sister starts making chapati. One day, when i entered in a room at house, they throws a gas lamp from roof to wall with full force which was shattered into pieces. Day by day these things had been happening in routine. Also some household thing like cusion, a mug and a gass burner were missing since these things were happening. One day, my sister was sleeping on bed, they get my all islamic books from almirah and placed beside her on bed. And a night when I was studying a book, the time was about 12.40, I decided to sleep. I left book on my bed side and went to sleep. Suddenly, something struck to my back, when i turned, i found the same book. We contacted some people to get rid off them and paid a heavy amount but in vain.


    The whole family went to my maternal uncle's house except me, my father and a brother. My mother come to home daily to meet us. They noticed that and increased punishment from one month to 45 days. They had noticed each and every thing of us, talking about, going outside, meeting with other people.

    On 45th day, They left a slip there at my maternal uncle's home, that "GO TO HOME AFTERNOON AND PREPARE RICE (MEETHAY AUR NAMKEEN) AND DISTRIBUTE AMONG CHILDREN. We did the same. From this day to 6 month onward, we the whole family spent best days of our lives because now they had become our fast friends, they suggest and guide us suitable ways in routine matters and kept us up-to-date about our blood relations. They had been advised us in routine to perform your prayers regularly and gave us few Wazaef to do daily.

    All these discussion were in written slips that they thrown where we were sitting. One day me and my father were discussing about their age, he gave us a slip, written as… ""JB NABI (S.A.W) NE WAFAAT PAE TB MERI UMER 4 SAAL THI AUR MENY AP (S.A.W) K PEECHY NAMAZ B PERHI HAI.""


    At the end, he said that i am going to Makkah to perform UMRAH and i will be back after 15 days… He went and came back…. after few days, we found a slip in that he said "MERI TABIYAT THEEK NAI HAI, LGTA HAI MERI MOUT KA WAQT QAREEB AA GYA HAI, MERI KHAWHISH HAI K MUJE MOUT AEY TO ALLAH K GHR MA AAEY, MA MASJID MA JA RHA HON, ZINDGI RHI TO WAPIS AAONGA.

    After 3 days, he came back for few hours and went back to masjid due to illness. After that he never came back… and all things that were missing from the very first day, upon theri arrival were again found available at home.

    We have kept all written slips as sweet memories of our lives….

    Written just for your kind information that jinnaat also torture physically….

    • Nadeem Abbas

      I agree with you,Hasb e Haal team just making fun of this hidden truth they stupid don't have much knowledge about jin and jadoo…they must contact some real real real nobal Amal who can educate this team about it.

    • j.k

      100 % agree with you i have few stories or some incidences which i can write here but it is too late to write may be not so many peoples will read after so many days the Aalim Sahab is not wrong actually he tried not to follow or blame for every thing the jins and tries to forward message to those who are busy all the time in these useless matters instead to change themselves

    • Zeeshan

      as per my opinion jin can enter n leave human body through nose n ears. i hv also experienced smthing like this. smone is living at our home with us. but neither we disturbed him nor he created any hurdle. but we always feel he is with us. he use to wear our cloths also. :D ghreeb jin. but i dunno y ppl r afraid off jinss. they r creature of Allah. just reat suah falak n surah naas. thats it.

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  • muhammadtahir

    Mashallah, Great job by Hasb-e-Haal Team …. God bless you and give power to do more welfare prog.

  • https://www.facebook.com/farooqakhtar.mohdakbar C-madinah Sialkot Pakistan

    vry nice programe

  • gulfaraz

    very very good program

  • https://www.facebook.com/haroon.rasheed.0786 Haroon Rasheed

    جنید صاحب آپ نے ایک بہت بڑے کام میں ھا تھ ڈال دیا ہے توجنید بھائی اس کام کو پورا ہی کر کے چھوڑنا باقی آپ ایک اچھا کام کررہے ہیں اللہ تعالی آپ سب کی اور ہماری حیفاطت فرمائے آمین

  • coolsensations

    very very nice show …………. Allah Bless YOu amen

  • nomi

    vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv goooooooooood
    infomative show

  • https://www.facebook.com/seheail.butt Sohail Butt

    v good

  • tulip

    there all view are according to Quran no doubt…but they never discuses those people who actualy are the real victon of JADOO why????? why this mater never discussed there? where they sholud go who are facing the real situations of Jadoo?

  • Pakistani

    Very Good Program!!!!
    May Allah Bless you All

  • tulip

    there all view are according to Quran no doubt…but they never discuses those people who actualy are the real victon of JADOO why????? why this mater never discussed there? where they sholud go who are facing the real situations of Jadoo?


    ارے بھائی عربی کا .جن ،اور اردو کا جن بالکل مختلف ہے …قرآن کو سمجیں مگر قرآن سے ..تو آپ کو معلوم ہو جاۓ گا …..

  • farooq

    People are really thinking that these two Mullans are "Alime deen" but in reality these two are the one who are the "Jin" Why? because Azizi is trying hard to make them laugh but he has been failed, simply because joks are for normal humans, not for these kind of janwar or jins, that is why there a is saying " Bhance ke age been bajana" or talking with these Mullans is the waste of time.and source. Inna-Lillah-e-Wainnah-Ilahe-Rajeoon.

  • bash

    belagaam beamal mushriq qabaron ko poojne wala muashra nothing to do with islaam still i hopeful of new generation of pakistan in coming future insha Allah

  • Azhar

    Nice program

  • https://www.facebook.com/sardaramjid.bashir Sardar Amjid Bashir

    Great Show and Topic

  • https://www.facebook.com/muhammadashraf.azad Muhammad Ashraf Azad

    ا س زلف پہ پھپتی شب دیجور کی سوجھی= اندھے کو اندھیرے مین بڑی دور کی سوجھی

  • muhammad farooq

    joaid sahab meri ghuzarish hai.Allamah eik bohat bara laqab hai.har choote mote aadmi ko Allamah na kaha kareen.

    • Faisal Saeed Khan

      Allama Ibtasam Illahi Zaheer is true allama and with 12 Masters and also Engineer so dont say aera ghara shaks plz respect your true alams

      • Basit

        I do respect Zaheer sahib but what is perimeter of deduction if he is Allama ? Allama is big word for learners

    • bolo

      kion.. kia dunya main sirf aik hi Allamah, Dr., Prof., Sheikh, waghaira waghaira hai – aur us ka naam TUQ hai ??

    • zubair


  • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100005696292270 Abdul Rauf

    Hasb-e-Hal team ka boht shukriya iss mozu pr program krne ka. Ap boht naik kaam kr rhe hain. Or Ibtasaam Sb. ne knowledge main boht kam time main boht zeyada izafa kia. Ibtasaam sb. to the point bat krtay hain, zroori bat krtay hain or slow nhi boltay jo mujhe boht psnd hai.

  • Ahmad

    ou anni dya shram kr

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  • Shahzad Ahmad


  • Muqadas Nawaz

    Great! Great! great job!!
    Allah ap ko khush rakhey,
    jeonday wasdey rahay,,,Hasb e hal de team

  • Ali

    aasmaan kay suraakh….yaar yeh insaan kya kya kahaniyan kahan kahan say lay kar aata hai…aur yeh doosra comedian bannay ki nakaam koshish kyun kar raha hai moulvi kay roop mein chootya insaan…fuzool mein maan na maan mein tera comedian….ajeeb log Pakistan kay TV channels par aa jatay hain aur fuzool mein mashhoor ho jatay hain!!

  • zafar iqbal

    great job done by hasb e haal team and dunya news.

  • saad

    M.A Nori has been exposed already in sahir lodhi show 10 tak k baad 20 july.he admitted that he was fake aamil.and now Mr.Junaid used him for just sake of rating.believe me now media is using Nori just paid villain.??????

  • hjg

    bakwas Darama baz jin wala no doubt Ghalat , haram

    but Salfi wahabi ka tabsara bhi Ghalat
    DuWat salfis doning Syria,

  • Ufqad

    Good job HasbeHaal Team

  • https://www.facebook.com/muhammad.farooq.161 Muhammad Farooq

    Mashallah! good work, and Allama sahib great.

  • Abdul hannan

    great Allama sahib tusi waisay beray geat o

  • saad

    Nori has exposed already in sahir lolhi show.and he admitted he was fake amil in live show.now junaid saleem just for rating conduct this show….?

  • Pepa Paa Ji

    Bringing some good knowledge for all of us.I am really surprised to know that Mr.Jawad Ahmed has a good knowledge too.I only knew him as a comedian.I.E.Zaheer is a great islamic scholar

  • Muhammad Nawaz

    Absolutely Fantastic program about the awareness of reality about Jinn and Jadoo. This is the real service of humanity.(jazaak Allah khair) Jinn and jadoo sub deen-e-islam say doori ki vaja hai. May Allah guide us all on the right path.

  • waqar ahmed

    gr8 job…..in4m8iv program.

  • irfan siddique

    great talk ibtisam sb,, every talk with refrence from Quran,, good

  • omar

    excellent well done zaheer sahib

  • Akbar

    We living in 21 cuntury .I don't believe educated person Mr junaid also taking about jinn.
    More than 200 country don't have jinn why only pak India have jinn .jinn don't bother any
    Body in these country even Arabs .Even allama sab didn't answer this question .

    • Rizwan Shahzad Syed

      Had you read Qur'an you wouldn't have said such idiotic thing. To deny the existance of "The Jinn" is to deny the "Qur'an".

    • MeriWiSuno

      It is not True, that only Indo-Pak have such believes, Kindly see the link Below for BBC News just 5 days back.

    • Electronic friend

      The countries u are talking about. They call them ghosts. But now u will not say that we are in 21st century and they r talking abt ghosts

      • farooq

        Ghosts only exist in Hollywood movies, no where else, or people who are uneducated or who are devel kind, they are the actual ghost, like those two Mullans sitting in this show. I am agreed with your comment.

        • Mahnoor

          Sir its clearly mentioned in Quran that Jins exist !!! Those who dnt believe are not true believers !!!!!!

    • farooq

      I am totally agree with you, this was waste of time and source. After listening Juned the only thing come to my mind is, "Parrah Likha Jahil"

    • Basit

      Because we not have education.

    • Salman

      In Saudi Arabia There are jins, There valleys in Saudi Arabia Where no one can travel in the Night,

  • Mohsin

    Allama ibtisam elahi zaheer is a great religious scholer.

  • karachite

    masha Allah allam sir very wise words but who will tell these ignorants who follow those peer faqeers blindly that everything is there for u in quran and sunnah they wont listen no matter what very well done sir masha Allah

  • Mohammad Ijaz

    Really quality program and well done Ibtisam sahib

  • muhammad irfan

    Asslamoalikum, ap ka program bohat acha tha

  • Azizii

    Pak Rasul ke hadith yaad a gaye k aik waqt aye ga jaab looag Quran ke telawat karain ga aur Quran un par lanaat kar raha hon ga….. ibtesam ko daikh kar kuch aisa he lagta hia.

    • Rizwan Shahzad Syed

      Readig your comment makes me sad. You quote the glorious "Qur'an" in entirely wrong context. Rather tahn listening to what he said you curse him out of your own prejudice. And; conider youself a scholar? Shame on you.

  • Azizi

    bore program tha ye………………. q k jahalana guftugu the…………..

    • rizwan

      jahal koa.aqal ke bat der say samagh ati ha/

      • Rizwan Shahzad Syed

        Agree with you Mr. Rizwan. Some people are too ignorant to realise the truth.

  • RAJA

    MashAllah…Allama Ibtassam Ilahi sahib talked only Quran and Hadees…every thing with proof.

    • rizwan

      very true, i love him

    • Ali

      Allama..hahaha..kis nay yeh title day deya is jahil insaan ko….Kehta hai 'naik' logon par jin ka asar nahi ho sakta aur khaas taur par achhay musalmano aur paighambaron par….to is jahil say koi yeh poochhay to Hazrat Adam kaun thay…koi kafir na-aozubillah ya koi gunahgaar…..

      • Rizwan Shahzad Syed

        Before pointing fingers at anone you first straigten up you facts. And; try to listen what he said again. This is the problem of this age and time people love to comment without having clear understanding. Infact your comment makes you a "Jahil" instead of Mr. Allama.

  • RAJA

    Great Hasb E Haal

  • muhammad javaid
  • https://www.facebook.com/mian.gujjar1 Mian Abu Bakr GujJar


  • https://www.facebook.com/mian.gujjar1 Mian Abu Bakr GujJar

    Allama Sab k elawa koi or is tarah k jawab de b nai sakta…
    Masha Allah Allama Ibtisam Allah apke Amal or ilm, zindagi or sehat mai barkat de…
    Boht achi tarah ap ne samjha diya Jinnaat ka concept

  • Arim

    Jinn is symptom of brain disease.

    • Rizwan Shahzad Syed

      Not exactly. True that most of he time people who are not well aware or uneducated blame everything on "Jinn" but as a creation and entity "Jinn" exists. But they don't interefer in our matters as such the way people think. You need to do some research first before you speak out :)

  • Arim

    Todays show is full of comedy with the presence of all comedians. B)

  • Fahad

    Allama Sab k elawa koi or is tarah k jawab de b nai sakta…
    Masha Allah Allama Ibtisam Allah apke Amal or ilm, zindagi or sehat mai barkat de…
    Boht achi tarah ap ne samjha diya Jinnaat ka concept

    • https://www.facebook.com/mian.gujjar1 Mian Abu Bakr GujJar


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  • Truth Only

    I knew it, The Very first person coming forward in defense would be Ibtissam…… : /

    Why don't these Jinns disturb educated people ?

    It's like, According to their (ibtissam) views the 'Harmful Germs' (LDL) is a Kafir Jinn, and High-Density Lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol is a Friendly (muslim) Jinn. lolxxx.

    Anyways … on the serious note:

    Whichever ill deeds were harmful Physically and Morally (destroying / disturbing the ''EQUILIBRIUM'' between Soul / Conscious & physical state of the human body ie; immune system) , to the humans were labeled as """SINS""" in All the Sacred Books.

    Meditate …. You'll find the whole Logic/Reasonings & Truth embedded in it.

    • Truth Only

      In a Society / culture / mindset which has abolished 'IJTIHAAD', reasoning and Logic have no values / meanings.
      This is The Basic Cause of Muslims Plight.
      Keep on enjoying this Hypocrisy.
      Good Luck !!

  • tariq


  • abhi

    Great program please keep it up.

  • FromPMLtoPTI

    Junaid bhai allama sb se diesel peenay waalay jin ka bhe koi ilaaj poochna tha jo pooray pooray tanker pee ker KPK main lurhakta phirta hai :-)

  • Dr. Muhammad Nawaz

    Excellent program that shed some light of our ignorance. I am so proud of intellectual awareness of Hasb e Hall team and the way they presented us a true picture of Jinnat and their misconception and their fake involvement in our daily life.
    Good Work Junaid and Azzizi !!!

  • Wasi

    chaa gaey bhae…

  • Hanzla

    MashAllah…Allama Ibtassam Ilahi sahib talked only Quran and Hadees…every thing with proof….Mr. Jawad should not have been given space beside an Islamic scholar.

  • S.sadiq

    The people who know the meaning of KALAMA. For them these kind of things hurt them. People call themselve MUSLIM. And act like a none Muslim. The shatans who are involve in this business. They are HUDRAM. They can not earn RIZAK i HALAL.

  • salman

    Love itttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

  • babbly

    gud job junaid bhai,well done:*

  • Lahori pti

    Plzz pakistan walo Khud K lea Awaz uthao, LAHORE MEIN HUMRI 5 salla BACHI,,MASOM BACHI, MASOM DOLL, k SATH 5 (D a r n i n d o n) ny (Z u l a m) k intaha kar the, Rape kea Humri MASOM DOLL K SATH. OS MASOM Sii 5 SALL k DOLL k halat boht zda kahrab ha. Or lahore k kesi hospital mein admit ha, Khuda k lea awaz utho k OUN 5 (D a r i n d o n) ko jald as Jald giraftar kea jay, Or Saryam Videos bana kr OUN K (P E N I S) CUT kea jain .Or os k abd phancyyy the Dea. plzz MEra yh MAssage Agg k tarhan share karo, Ager hum ny awaz na uthai, tu kal ko Yh jurm AMM ho jy ga humri Masom bachion k sath.

  • najam

    Great Hasb E Haal

  • Allah ho akbar!

    I love azizi and jawad waseem, jawad waseem is an amazing person, a very nice and noble person he is, Hasb-e-Haal is the best program on pakistani channels these days

  • zak

    I salute Mr Junaid for inviting Allama Ibtisam saab to discuss this issue in the light of Quran and Hadeeth.Bcz Allama saab always speak with reference.

    • abhi

      great program and nice replies by Alama Sahib, logical from true book directly. No aain baaain. Well done you all. keep it up.

  • suhder ja

    pai je changa ae

  • dil se


  • such bol


    • https://www.facebook.com/naseem.zafar.37 Naseem Zafar

      allah ap ko ezat day ga:$