Mazaaq Raat On Dunya News – 9th September 2013

Watch Latest Mazaq Raat On Dunya News – 9th September 2013



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Rating: 8.8/10 (254 votes cast)
Mazaaq Raat On Dunya News - 9th September 2013, 8.8 out of 10 based on 254 ratings

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  1. Arshid Qamar says:

    so nice, & beautiful show I like it.

  2. abc says:

    Very Ooocha show,, ye log jab tak Khabrnak mein thy,, best they,,, ab to sirf bakwas show hai

  3. mahtabrasheed195 says:

    DG interesting man ….

  4. sara says:

    DJ acts too Overly. hate this person

  5. fahad says:

    why all audience are female? kiya kisi college say students bulwain hain? nouman ijaz ya tou shave ker lay ya proper beard rekh lay, yai in between dirty look daita hai.

  6. saeed says:

    but nice yaaaaar

  7. Junaid Malik says:

    this show is shit in front of khabarnaak, aftab iqbal is creative, he is the ideologist, dunya sux, they always steal ideas instead of creating, first they bought dr. younis butt with the program butttamezian which botched pathetically, then they got hassan nisar who got offended within a month and got back to his home GEO. I bet within months this show will lose ratings and aftab iqbal would uphold his popularity through his program once again!!!

  8. adnan says:

    good need more improvement

  9. Musham Naz says:

    Hi frnds check it out :)

  10. Asif Mehmood says:

    There is blasphemous poetry used in DJ's singing about almighty ALLAH AZZWAJAL.
    When DJ said, "Alif ALLAH ab purana HO gaya hai"
    & when he said,"Apni Jaibain jarr mulla"
    i think they need to discuss these things with Ulma & Muftis.

    • salimkarim says:

      o for crying out loud show some tolerance. our beloved Prophet PBUH said " Inaamal amaanul biniyaar". Actions are judged by intentions. the DJ did not mean what youre trying to perceive out of it. both the lines comes from songs sung already.

  11. mani says:

    Khabarnaak k eak Ali mair ka mukbala mazaak raat wala sara mil k b nai kar sakta

  12. AKRI says:


  13. TTC says:

    bye bye khabarnak

  14. shahzad says:

    Good program, clapping should be reduced a bit.

  15. tahir says:

    bakwas tareen program, never gonna watch it again

  16. sheraz says:

    yarr DJ is coool. He is teen ager but he is very confident.

  17. qaiser says:

    geo ki man ki aankh

  18. qaiser says:

    super bohat acha hai :)

  19. cricket hd says:

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  20. aks says:

    The show needs to improve and come up with something innovative. Useless songs, cheap comments, fake laughter will not work.

  21. Khalid butt London says:

    M R TEAM
    do not worry about the people saying rubbish about the show,
    keep it up,
    Khabar naak is rubbish,
    please invite Imran Khan on your show.
    Khalid butt London.

  22. salman says:

    plzzzzzzzz take this kid called dj out of this show it is useless

  23. Javaid Iqbal says:

    Good effort but true copy of Khabarnaak. The producer needs to think out of the box. Although noman is trying to catch up Aftab Iqbal, however, no match to aftab iqbal.

  24. Zeeshan says:

    well one shd not compare khabar nak with mazak rat. cuz its a time taking process. n with the passage of time it will improve too. every program has its own flavor. in the beginning khabr nak was also irritating but now improved a bit. in this prog DJ is gud. nauman has to improve. audiance is laughing toooo much n on bulshit thing. set is huge which doesnt suit. n above all script is weak. :-(

  25. khan says:

    KN ki copy hai …xD

  26. Abdullah says:

    A challenge to Khabarnak
    No insulting attitude of Anchor.
    Experience shared by real guests
    Not as informative as Khabarnak
    Uncontrolled four stage comedians running the show
    Almost a Punjabi show. It should be for all Pakistan

  27. kmahmood says:

    this show has a maximum life of three substance,baseless and contentless programme.very childish show.

  28. malik says:

    good show
    keep it up
    dj bro nice

  29. Humayun says:

    nice program,need little progress to improve this program,like defferent segments

  30. ali says:

    hmm acha program hai

  31. nabil says:

    they must change the host & also the background laughing style

  32. Rehan007 says:

    Come on yar, it is very ordinary program, can’t compare to Khabarnak, that is having much good format overall.

    It is kind stage show type boring comedy mostly. Nothing intellectual or informatic like khabarnak. Aftab is much educated and polished man and he is creative mind. Hasbe Hall was idea of Aftab Iqbal, and he run it successfully, after leaving that program, he came up new ideas and running it very successfully. People thoguht, in absence of Amanullah n Sakhawat Khabarank will not get much success, however still on top. Mazaq raat bus mazaq he bun kar rah jaye ga yaro. They have started in revenge instead come with new idea… you will see after few months, this program will be at below average level.

  33. asifplastic says:

    hahaha please dehan se kuch aisay log jo boht detail se bata rehy hain k yah show third class hai or bala bala . yah sab Geo k drama baz log hain jo is show k against comment kerny k leye hire hain . becarefull Guyz . Enjoy this new and amazing show :) . Hope yah show mazed acha ho jyga anay walay wakt main

  34. farooq says:

    "Khuda ne kabhi neche aa kar koi kaam nahin kiya, sare kaam insan he karte hain" Mustfa Khar sahib ne aisa kaha, kiya koi Mustfa Khar ko ye to batae ke Khuda to bande ki shah rag se bhi nazdeeq he. Mera khiyal tha ke Mustfa Khar kafi senior ho chuka he lakin Aqal se bilkul padal nikla, doosre lafzoon main jesa tha wase ka wesa he raha, aqal iss ke paas se bhi nahin guzri.

  35. Pakistan Zindabaad says:

    Only watched for five minutes, this is unbearable comedy.

    Khabarnaak, Masti Gate and now Mazaaq Raat, all these shows present third rate comedy from Stage artists. This is forced entertainment which these channels are airing and public has no choice. People like Anwar maqsood are being missed badly, who produced quality comedy worth watching and admiring.

  36. naveed dogar says:

    dj ko farig karo….

  37. Abid says:

    Well done boys, keep laughing & spreading happiness .

  38. shugahat says:

    need some more work

  39. shugahat says:

    very good show

  40. naeem says:

    compare the rating of khabarnak with mazak rat

    Rating: 9.0/10 (77 votes cast)
    Mazaaq Raat On Dunya News – 9th September 2013, 9.0 out of 10 based on 77 ratings
    Rating: 6.7/10 (174 votes cast)
    Khabarnaak – 8th September 2013, 6.7 out of 10 based on 174 ratings

  41. naeem says:


    good program batter than khabarnak they are not insulting any body
    Rating: 9.0/10 (77 votes cast)
    Mazaaq Raat On Dunya News – 9th September 2013, 9.0 out of 10 based on 77 ratings

  42. mind na kerna mien bhut hert hun mera dil tha k yah program difrent hu ga oor khabar naak oor hasbe haal say ziada maqbooliat hasil kry ga
    such bul raha hun
    jiasa program hu rha hay
    himat hay poora program daykhnay walun ki
    jiasi qabliat numan ki hay oor aisay jiasay tamam ki qabliat hay wiiasa kaam nahin lia ja raha oor secrpt bhut kamzoor hay bhut hi kamzoor hay

  43. akram says:

    aftab pangabi ki tazleel karta hay

  44. yaar time k sath allah iss program ko oor ziada dilchasap banay laken abhi tak yahi kahun ga iss say phelay aik baat kehna chaun ga merai dua yahi thi hay oor rahay gi k yah program bhut uper jay laken ab tak bass guzara hi keh sakta hun
    segment banaien 1
    mezah ka aik time rakhien 2
    serias topic ko serics rakhien 3
    oor numan bhai ko lead kerna hu gi 4

  45. akram says:

    NAUMAN is batter than aftab

  46. raja says:

    khabarnak rating is so low may be GEO WILL close the program

  47. aslam says:

    mazaak rat nay khabarnak ki GAND MAY danda day dia

  48. rahi says:

    good program batter than khabarnak they are not insulting any body

  49. zamurad says:


  50. Ahmed says:

    They're trying to copy khabarnaak. Why 90% audience is women? Noman Ejaz might be a good actor but definitely not a good anchor, need some strong personality there. Anchor needs to drive 4 comedians instead of other way around. The overall plot of this program is weak..

  51. kashif says:

    very good and zabrdast , bater than Khabrnak

  52. Nasir says:

    Copy of khabernak what difrens ?????????think about

  53. Chaudhry says:

    Over crwoded Velyo down ?????????????????????

  54. M,iqbal khan says:

    DJ have nice presentation

  55. Iqra Shahzad says:

    what bukwas program is this?

  56. Iqra Shahzad says:

    what a shit program? Un Islamic dancing and singing…

  57. umer says:

    need more work ..

  58. sohail says:

    yar bund karoo this bulshit

  59. asher says:

    bukwas……………ful time…

  60. Ali says:

    Awesome show gr8 job.

  61. PAKISTANI says:

    AIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIK Jaga jo Zaaaaaaaaaaaaara C Bhi Hassi Feel jo huwi ho,
    I wanted to enjoy it but i am affraid i could'nt.
    Well, try to put some real comedy.
    Not time waste niether cheap bongian.

  62. Muhammad Asif says:

    Nice work

  63. qadripadri says:

    Bakwas Raat

  64. awesome show.. DJ is quiet awesome… keep it up

  65. baba5056 says:

    great work mazaq raat team

  66. Nadeem says:

    nice g very nice

  67. baba says:

    noman ejaz have a great voice

  68. abdul ali says:

    salam, i think they try to copy khabarnak which they shouldnt. it should have diff segments than '' jumloo main istamal karain'' otherwise ppl will turn to other channels. should try very quickly diff new segments. ppl dont wait too long. iftakhar thakur has ANNOYING ACCENT. too much music and too much laugh and actual substance is very lil. only dj's song are good. i turned off after 20 mins. thanks

  69. Oracle says:

    well its better than kunger khabernak or what ever its not indian influenced the songs are Pakistani and it got urdu Punjabi sarki and so many other other languages and it really shows in humor way what this country is suffering from so much better than Geo jew tv one good step towards goodness makes a lot differences f**K indian media and there songs there are other problems in life than love literally F**K bollywood its a disease for mind and soul…………

  70. ali says:

    Getting better day by day

  71. saad says:

    Iss mein real guests hain, aur real guests se aap mazaak nahi ker sakey. Meer Ali apni jagah yeh moka deta tha. Aur phir comedy ke liey script strong aur planned hona chahey.

  72. Saqkee says:

    Great Show , Thanks Nouman, Aman ullah and company, A slap on the face of Feron Aftab Iqbal,,,,,

  73. saad says:

    u can't imagine the goodness of this program I really like that

  74. imran khan says:

    Es show nay baki Sab shows ko pichy choor dia vry good

  75. zain says:

    Saab programs ko lift Kra do unhay race main bhola do

  76. imran khan pti says:

    nothing. bore programme .it should be a dancing show

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