So-called Religious and Preachers of Islam (Written by: Samia Adnan)

Posted on September 4, 2013 Articles

It pains me to see that Muslims are using Islam and playing with people’s emotions only for attaining the worldly gains. They are so rich and are living luxurious lives. All the blessings of Allah are within their reach; best diet, wonderful clothing, sitting in A/C and fully carpeted rooms, travelling in comfortable and luxurious cars, chance of going for Hajj every year – you name it and they are enjoying it! But they have no sense of responsibility towards the society and the commoner.

Why do you go for Hajj every year? When many are dying daily due to hunger and starvation!
They can not afford paying handsome salary to their employees, saying that our institutions are running on trust money/charity. Someone should ask them, who is paying for yearly Hajj expenses, cost of luxurious living and the expensive halls where you organize lectures and bayans?
Our is a society of poor and middle class majority. They are many who live a hand to mouth life. Do not you think that these so called religious people should stop going for hajj every year and spend that money for betterment of the society? A poor man can wed-off his daughters from they money which these ultra rich preachers of Islam spend on Hajj and other activities. Many can get good food from the money that they spend on advertising.

You can give talks and lectures at low cost halls, then who do you prefer organizing them at the city’s best hotels and halls? Is it because the rich people can come there to support you by giving charity for your institutions and provide you funding or is it that you prefer your comfort – which 3 star hotels and low cost event halls do not provide you?

They say something else and do the opposite!
A Preacher is the one who acts on what he/she preaches But many so-called aalims (scholars) and aalimahs / ustadha are using religion for the worldly gains. They are marketing their products and services.
Majority are into clothing business, travelling, hajj and umrah tours, schools and institutions and what’s not to full their never ending lust for more and more money.
I am not against their doing business – but the point is, are they taking zakat and charity for the right purpose or is it meant for furnishing their homes, offices and funding their businesses?

People read the Quran and hadith, follow the sahabah and do not come into trap of the sweet tongues of the so called religious businesses ladies, who call themselves as preachers of islam but infact they are using islam as their marketing strategy.

I am not saying this about all the scholars, but a few only!
There are no doubt many good scholars who guide you about islam and do not make religion a profession but a code of living.

Written by: Mrs. Samia Adnan