Mazaak Raat On Dunya News Tv 2nd September 2013


Watch Mazaak Raat On Dunya News Tv 2nd September 2013



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  • faiz ul hassan

    i am faiz ul hassan
    from azad kashmir

  • naveed mir

    Very Nice love it<3<3<3

  • naveed mir


  • naveed mir


  • Zain Ul Abdin

    awla awla awla awla khatam hai ye tw L hugy KHbRNk ko bc

  • Asim Malik

    acha hai par mazeed mehnat kro

  • Ali

    lv u sheikh sb…
    bst show of mazaaq raat..

  • jahanzeb aslam

    good show keep on with it that is the show i really like very much that elevate my happiness

  • fariha

    Well done! Amazing program and intelligent talk .I like the show as u people are not insulting each other as u did in Khabarnaak.It seems good to do situation comedy as compare to do personal attack.keep it up.

  • Saqkee

    Great New show thanks

  • Kiyani

    Very good

  • Jamil Hussain Shah

    Great New show thanks for real person coming in this show very very like it …………………..

  • Junaid Malik

    this program is a crap, geo is creative, aftab iqbal is the ideologist. dunya is a copy cat. IA like other programs this will also flop soon!!!

  • ali


  • salman ejaz

    very well done. Nice to see again Aman ullah,sakhawat naz and iftikhar thakur

  • mohammed irfan

    eell done.. kya bat … kya bat.. kya baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat

  • Ranja

    Progrm tu bht hit hain yaara…..

  • Khan bhai

    Last song was amazing

  • Khan bhai

    Aman Ullah, Sakhawat and Iftikhar Takhur are the best. :)

    Keep it up guys.

  • Khan bhai

    This prog is better than Khabarnaak but they should not call Sh Rashid type people.

  • Khan bhai

    Barking Dog and Biggest lotta in the history of Pakistani politics.

    • Khan bhai

      I am talking about Sh. Rashid

  • OverseasPakistani

    Awesome Sheikh Rasheed

    • Khan bhai

      Biggest Lotta of Pakistan.

  • Saad Ali Waqar

    Great show music kuch kam Hona chahiye

  • hassan siddiqui

    very nice show laken is ka time bohat late hai rat wala

  • Wise Pakistan

    Zabardast . Sheikh Rasheed itself is a great comedian . You cannot beat him in Kharian ,Kharian .

  • Qaiser Cheema

    First of All Great Show….
    2nd Inn ko chaheye ke show ki timing wohi rakhien jo Khabar Naak ki hai… Phir dekho Khabar Naak ki rating kase neche girti hai…
    Khabar naak mein Shaikh Rasheed, Imran Khan, Parvez Musharaf ka muzak uraya jata tha… Ye un ko bula kar unhein Izzat dete hein…. Great carry on guys….

    • siddique

      very nice show and i like sh Rasheed Dr.Siddique Chichawatni

  • zubair butt

    he nice man

  • ahamd

    very nice…. show… n i must say khabarnaak is shit… rubbish program in front of mazak raat…. God bless u people…

  • Shaukat rahi

    I am big fan of shaik Rasheed hopefully meet him one day
    By the way nice show

  • syed gulfam

    your show ıs much much************* better then khabernaak**********very good

  • syed gulfam

    show ıs very very nıce ******************************************* and very nice*******
    and welldone

  • rufi

    nice show i am a big fan of noman ajiaz bhai keep going on and please avoid to nach gana as much as you guys can keep focus to provide comedy and some general informations as well,and i like khabarnak too.

  • RAJA

    Well done dunynews good program.Shiekh sab the great PTI

  • akram

    khabarnak ki gand may DANDA DAY DIA MAZAAT RAAT NAY

  • Danish Javed


  • MA Rehmani

    Such a nice show,first one is awsome. I hope they manage to keep it as worth watching in future

  • salman

    nice show but this kid is of no use he is like a crap is show and of no use plz do this show with out this kid

    • akram

      If yo do,t like this kid do,t watch him

  • khan

    A very very good show ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, pls carry on ………………. our beloved master talented stage stars amazing ,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • Qamar Kayani

    great show

  • janbazz

    zabardast program

    kbarnak ke bolti bun honay wali hay!!!!

  • Sultan Mehmood Iqbal

    sheikh rasheed
    uncle sargam

  • Sultan Mehmood Iqbal

    well said about musharaf

    musharaf has many qulities

    sach bolna chahyyay

  • Sultan Mehmood Iqbal

    copy og geo news khabarnak

  • Darya khan

    Excellent show. D J's performance is awesome!

  • kamran

    nice program

  • Mohammad Saleem Khan


  • Arshad

    Well done dunynews good program.Shiekh sab the great PTI<3

  • pheena

    ya Allah balochistan ko mokaar aur kafir pakistan say aazaadi ataa farmaa…ya Allah pakistan ko tabah o barbaad ker

  • Asad Ullah

    Well done guy. It's a revolution in comedy brought by Sohail Ahmad.

  • paksecular

    good programme, please carry on

  • pheena
  • sajjad

    far far better than KHABARNAAK of naak bata moo.

  • qadripadri

    Full Bakwas………………………

  • Sunny

    khabbar naak walay anchor nay Amaan ULLAH ki insult ki thi jiss wajah say in comedians nay programme choor dia aur ab dunia walo ny in ko lay k yeh programme shuroo kia hay.. slap on geo and his anchor. welldone dunia tv


    VERY GOOD MAN aftab kay khabarnak ki band baga di mazaak raat nay



  • Expat

    It looks like Dunya channel is going for the kill against Khabarnak now.

  • Shoaib Malik

    mind blowing

  • naeem


  • ali

    nice show keep it up

  • Ijaz Bokhari

    Sheikh Rasheed zindabad


    nice show love you all ! khbar naak say taoo jaan chooti

  • cricket hd

    Pakistan vs Zimbabwe 1st Test Day 1 Highlights 3 Sep 2013 live only on

  • Truth Only

    To me All The T V channels & The Media remain biased, until They don't highlight and Pursue nawaz & zardari's Loot, Money laundering and pending cases of Corruption.

    The poor Nation is paying for the Ruling Elite's Corruption with hiking Prices of basic necessities.

    How could You have a spare Moment for Laughter and Enjoy the Comedy, while dozens of innocents are being killed on daily bases in Your Country !

    In Fact The Media like the rest of us seems not concerned with it.

  • mirza ali zahid


  • mirza ali zahid

    love u gays best show ever

    • abrar

      watch it dude, did u mean gays or (guys)

  • Tamanacha

    We"ll don buht khoob Mazak raat team aur shaikh rasheed

  • Irfan Karim

    g8 yar nice 2 see u aman ullah and his team

  • Our Faithful leaders

    Want to see the real !! real !! faces of our leaders !! watch this:

  • Amjad Ch

    good show khbar naak sae tao jaan choti

  • k k

    super show maza agaya jari rakho.

  • akramalam

    a nice show

    keep it up maza aaya

  • ASIM

    average programme lets see in future

  • mohsin sherazi

    dunia news channel ka new gift jete rahu nouman ijaz aman ullah and others great entertainers
    humaray alaqe main jab 11 bajay sirf dunia channel off ho gea jab k dosray tamam channel on thay. pehlay hasb e hall k sath ye hota thah
    please is baray main notice len
    mohsin sherazi

  • London

    Good show f……k Aftab Iqbal

  • Jewmiman khanum

    I am a g.a.y darbari of king nawaz, rather I am his catamite and therefore I hate imran, hope u enjoy when I write as scarface

  • khatana

    khabarnaak is very good show,i don't like aftab iqbal but his show is better than this,they want same format,orriginal is orriginal

  • Scarface

    I am a g.a.y darbari of king nawaz, rather I am his catamite and therefore I hate imran, hope u enjoy when I write as jewmiman khanum B)

  • Open your eyes

    I remember following Pakistan, there was no shia sunny problem (I grew up in Karachi I never knew that my friend Ali Reza is Shia and my friend Akhtar is sunny, I damn cared and so did people), until 1989 (fall of Soviet Union) Pakistan was Used, then after fall of Soviet Union Pakistan is being Abused:

  • arifkhan223

    کراچی میں اپریشن ہو گا
    یہ خبریں سن کر کیا دہشت گرد کراچی میں انتظار کر رہے ہیں آپریشن کا
    کیا وہ لوگ بھاگ نہیں گئے ہوں گے
    ملتان اندرون شہر میں کئی لوگ کراچی کے آج کل نظر آ رہے ہیں

  • rafiq sabir

    All Pakistan channels book again and again SR ,He has same answers from 2 years,. Actually we have no personalaties nationwide So see again and again SR and IK. this shows lack of intelligence in nation. nationwide

  • aks

    Why are they copying the Khabarnak format? Copying, they say, is the best form of flattery.

  • rafiq sabir

    All channels has the right to play any programe. why compare with others. ONE thing I will say that If you make a copy of some programe than cradit will go to that who Started first. this may be good but let do all their efforts.

  • Salman Rajpoot Salman Rajpoot

    very Good show, and DG boy very talented/

  • Expatriate


  • fahim

    nice show

  • Rude Raja
  • @moonage2012

    Wonderful, should be made part of this `mazaq raat`, as he poses the best `funny` actor for this show.He may attract his presence in `khabarnak`, sitting with sakhawat naz.

  • Sami

    Numan Ijaz look same like Balaach of drama serial Dashat. great to see you same as he was many years ago

  • Truther

    Imran Khan is not any better! he gave his party ticket to a guy who was keeping innocent children captive at his home. He needs accountability in his own party before talking about accountability and fair elections in this country. Imran Khan has delivered nothing but a lot of talk, we will do this and that blah blah blah. If you go to PTI's facebook page, a long list of agendas but practically nothing. Did he create a "rapid force" for NWFP? NOOOO, did he reform police and judical system? NOOO, did he setup an accontability system? NOOO. What did you actually do Mr. Imran!

    Ayla Malik was disqualified so lets just give a ticket to her unknown relative, family politics! You couldnt ave found any decent person in Mianwali to give ticket to! If you like Ayla Malik then marry her, dont ruin this party though. Haroon rasheed clearly said people of Mianwali do not ayla malik's family, besides her sister is in PMLN. We were expecting more from you Mr. Imran.

    • rafiq sabir

      Please EAT cool -cool otherwise your mouth will burn. Also He don't know who is keeping whome inside house because he is not Know GHAIB.

  • Rizi_B

    Sheikh is a moaner and a looser.

    • @moonage2012

      Nothing new with negative remarks against every body each night on each channel.He considers himself the only reformer in the country. Annoyed with each party and every politician. Dont know how long it will help his popularity. But..but..he is enough for viewers as `a funny character` in our politics.I feel, as he has nothing to do something else except awaiting calls from channels and `dress up` each night..

  • Rizi_B

    We got to understand Sheikh is a GAY.

    • Abdul Aziz

      Jalney wale ka moohn (face) Kala ——-Insha allah
      afit kumar geo waley ko sharm se doob jana chaheay.

  • Iftikhar Ali

    HAHAHAHA geo ki phat gaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  • Adeel Ahmed

    very goood keep it up , its way better den khabr naak. thy not misbehaving with any person, cracked sum new and old jokes in it. :)

  • Pasban101

    What an achievement. Aftab Iqbal is a loser. Due to his so called feudal behaviour he again lost his team. I don't understand why he can't understand that popularity comes with effort, luck and team work but he is sadly mistaken that he is a genius. He couldn't find an alternative of Sohail Ahmed, who was his own discovery on the electronic media but due to his immaturity and immoral acts he lost his hold. I must appreciate Duniya channel for the best show.

  • Sunny

    aftab iqbal is an immature person
    this show looks better
    Amanullah too good

  • ahmadali

    very good & entertaining

  • J.K

    Its wonderful show all participants express their talent,expressions without any fear or pressure Noman ijaz seems very good person to be an anchor for this show who isn't interested other call him sir like mr rude and ignorant khbarnak's anchor,dunya channel give one another good show to viewers after hasb-e-hall.

  • asfresco

    excellent name choice

  • Ahmad Naeem

    hate it cuz of dj loser

  • Ahmad


  • hawkeye

    1000000 X Better than KhaberNaak

  • nadeem mian

    i like it. cerry on brothers. nice p g m

  • nadeem

    nice program …lagta hay khub kamyab ho ga
    Allah is ko kamyab kare (ameen)

  • muhammad

    very very nice show. we want more. :)

  • MShafiq Mughal

    love it

  • Rani


  • bzipak

    lollllllllll grt prog

  • shak

    welcome numan ijaz

  • zubair butt

    very nice

  • pink panther


  • ali

    Good Looking Program. I hope it will get famous as like HAsbe-HAll. Amanullah Sir, U deserve here , not on Other Tv. where a cheap anchor always dictate u.
    My Message to Your Team "MR. Aman ullah" No body knows Aftab Iqbal, and Wo ap jaise Legneds of Stage dramas Personalities ko use kar ke apne shoorat ko barha raha ha. So leave Khabrkaak and Join duniya TV. They respect you and ur Talent.


    great show
    Mind blowing
    well done sheikh sahib
    well done Dunya news

  • Durani

    Excellent show (Mazaak Raat) and Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed is wonderful Man!
    May Allah protect Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed.!

  • naveed atta

    great show

  • ARAIN Ismail

    Much better then lifafa khabernaak.

  • Muhammad Farooq

    Great Show

  • Waqas

    not impressed .

  • Muhammad Talha

    next program main pata chly ga is main to shaikh sahib nay kamal kar dia

  • Sr_B

    The guy in DJ role is a gud addition to the show… he is Bhagat singh from BNN (Banana News Network), and worked as RJ on FM.

  • Pakistan Zindabad

    This show is Khabarnaak and Masti Gate CHARBAA…waste of time…whole program was Tally praising

  • Waqas

    make no mistake . Khabarnaak was a good combination for everyone. it was not just these guys were the soul of it.

  • علی قاسم سوہل

    very nice .

  • nisarchowdhari

    Hats off to Sheikh Saheb for having the courage to come to a programe like this and become a seemless part of the programe

    • xahid

      Well…………S.R was uncomfortable with the comedians Noman Ejaz tried to ease him down by asking most of questions. below average show i would say

  • fahad hashmi

    bhooot acha tha

    Khabrnaak se 100% ziyada

  • Shahzad

    Program thek hy .. Not Bad !!

    Host : Is boy ko foran badal daina chahye, non-professional and very bad first impression !!! Kya yeh hulya or herkatain kissi program ky host ki hoti hain ?

    Nouman Ejaz :: Doing well but as Co-host maza nahi aaya, yaqeenan .. achy acter hain but achy host nahi ho sakty … !!!

    Producer :: Please take note of it, program ka koi sar paon nazar nahi aya !!

  • naveed mir

    great show Geo sheikh sb

  • Abdul Wahid

    great show aftab lefafa k mu pe thaper batmeezi karta tha en legend k sath

  • abid

    well aftab ne jo team ko thokar mari the aaj wo duniya news k kam agai hy good program

  • Zee Khan

    amber ye dekho.

  • khan

    abh jeeda b interview leinay laga hai…lolxx

  • Waseem

    Good show noman ijaz ko dekh k acha laga acha hn kharnaak wale chawal sey jaan choti ha…dj diong good job

  • Zee Khan

    ye pehla show tha…is me shaikh sab guest tha is lye unhe ziada time diya gya tha.
    programe bahut best hae.
    khabarnak se kahien acha hae aur acha ho ga.

  • Khan

    GOod SHow but Music or Dance wala Part nhn hona chahiye its OVer

  • Unknown

    Excellent Show.Thumb Up

  • wasim

    nice show … like it

  • Altaf

    Noman Ijaz do not have right script for these comedians, specially Amanullah Khan. See Amanullah Khan, he is not performing well in this show. In Khabarnak, his performance was better. This show can be a success or can be a failure, these comedians have nothing to do in this show.

  • Kabir

    Good show Mazak Raat team but next show sheikh rasheed k bina kaisay karo gay

  • sayam ali

    best part of this show was sheikh rasheed intervew otherwise this show is best boring. I was waiting for this show from many days but i feel disappointed now. Dj is really worst part of this show. Main idea of this show is taken from khabarnak and hum sb umeed say hain.
    They should make something different not try to copy other program theme. It looks like 90s comedy there. Just try to make this show entertaing and informative instead of dj boring dance and fake laughters n clapping.

  • Rana Touqeer Ahmad

    good show. but Sir Amanullah ko bolny ka muqa milna chaie tha.
    wo zayda achi comdey kerty hein

  • sss

    Vry nice program.

  • Sufi

    bore show, over acting..

  • cricket hd

    Zimbabwe vs Pakistan
    Match scheduled to begin at 10:00 local time (08:00 GMT)
    Current time: 08:17 local, 06:17 GMT | Match begins in: 1:43
    Zimbabwe squad
    BRM Taylor*†, RW Chakabva, TL Chatara, E Chigumbura, H Masakadza, SW Masakadza, TMK Mawoyo, N Mushangwe, R Mutumbami, T Panyangara, V Sibanda, Sikandar Raza, P Utseya, BV Vitori, MN Waller
    Pakistan squad
    Misbah-ul-Haq*, Abdur Rehman, Adnan Akmal†, Asad Shafiq, Azhar Ali, Ehsan Adil, Faisal Iqbal, Junaid Khan, Khurram Manzoor, Mohammad Hafeez, Rahat Ali, Saeed Ajmal, Shan Masood, Wahab Riaz, Younis Khan

    • cricket hd

      Zimbabwe vs Pakistan
      Match scheduled to begin at 10:00 local time (08:00 GMT)
      Current time: 08:17 local, 06:17 GMT | Match begins in: 1:43
      Zimbabwe squad
      BRM Taylor*†, RW Chakabva, TL Chatara, E Chigumbura, H Masakadza, SW Masakadza, TMK Mawoyo, N Mushangwe, R Mutumbami, T Panyangara, V Sibanda, Sikandar Raza, P Utseya, BV Vitori, MN Waller
      Pakistan squad
      Misbah-ul-Haq*, Abdur Rehman, Adnan Akmal†, Asad Shafiq, Azhar Ali, Ehsan Adil, Faisal Iqbal, Junaid Khan, Khurram Manzoor, Mohammad Hafeez, Rahat Ali, Saeed Ajmal, Shan Masood, Wahab Riaz, Younis Khan

  • Sleeping Muslim

    For pakistani viewers, who are the beneficairies, to make shia sunny fight??:

  • Sheeraz Iqbal

    Great Show :)

  • Sleeping Muslim

    Who are the beneficairies, to make shia sunny fight???:

  • amir ali

    good show

  • ssagheerr

    2 (khabarnaak+hum sab umeed say hain) in 1 (mazaak rat)
    naz needs improvement

  • NHussa02

    Great show

  • mohsin

    Nice show.

  • Sleeping Muslims

    For Pakistani viewers, I hope following video works in Pakistan, since our naam kay musalmaan (sorth sighted "kota nazer") leaders (none of them have any longterm vision for themselves and for the nation, that is why they don't learn the lesson from the of lives of Shah Of Iran, Hassani Mubarak, Saddam Hussain, Gaddafi etc., they have brain like ostrich having very very short vision/thinking that always things remain like this for them) have put restrictions on Youtube,so agitation doesn't take place against them, they know very well Youtube and social media took down Hassani Mubarak:

  • Rafique Mohammad

    well done, Shakh Rasheed and the whle crue.

  • adan

    grt show and better from aftab iqbal ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,need introduce more segment

    • real face

      This show is a very cheap and low class show. It cannot meet even 10 percent of Khabarnak. Khabarnak is the best show ever we had in Pakistan. This show will fall down very soon and you have to go back to khabarnak. Khabarnak is a permanent victory and success. These cheap shows cannot meet that standard.

  • Sleeping Muslims
  • Rafique Mohammad

    well done, Shaikh RasheedI

  • Paki

    Great Show

  • ali

    nice tack weth shekh rasheed

  • saad


  • Razi

    Could have been better. All the show wasted on praising Sheikh Rashid. . C'mon who wants to see this politician? Improve the format if you want to survive. This show should be about comedians and how to find ways to highlight their art This is the trick.

    • rizwan

      i agree with you, guest should not be given more then 25% of the time. Anchor should prepare him well and deliver some message in every program. some female singer i mean new talent should be includes. effort should be ddone to bring hormoney between the provinces. we despretly need this now.

    • sayam ali

      well said razi. i agree with you. if mazaaq raat wanna survive for long time they should review many issues like dj character, direction and script etc. this show is clone of khabarnaak. anchor looks less confident and one more thing why they clapping so much like 90s old style.

    • Habib Rehman

      he is a legend nd we want to see him

      • Rizi_B

        PPL like him as legends, that is why this country is going no where.

    • Rizi_B

      I agree with you in Sheikhs words ppl of Pakistan has a short memory. remember the you tube an old man cursing at times of Mushraf. Sheikh supported Musharaf and defamed Dr Qadeer Sahib have a look at the headlines of that time.

  • Umair

    Very good show will wait for next episode.

  • Adil

    Thiz iz superb as compare to others bullshit programs,
    But 20% overacting

  • Tajammal Khan

    bohat acha program tha , shukar hai is program main indian ki chaap nahi pakstaniyat thee geo india per tu india ki chaap hai , ALLAH PAK aap ko kamyaab karay , umeed hai khabar naak ki tara indian ganay nahi sunaen gay , indian ka zikar nhi h gha sheik sahib be great hain ge , numan bhai aca program karnay ki Mubarak baad qabool hu app ko

  • Ahmed

    شيخا ميري جان هي راولپندي كي شان هي

  • sadaa

    Good show !!!

  • Zeeme Intrinsic

    aala show

  • pakistan c

    nice show

  • Wasi

    Please keep it a good family show, dont make it "Khabarnaak"…

    • real face

      If you all people get together and try to make a show….you cannot make even 10 percent of Khabarnak. Khabarnak is a permanent success and everlasting show because its creator is great and knowledgeable. This cheap show shall die soon. The show which beginning is from Sheikh Rashid cannot survive even one month.

    • shazia


  • insaan

    May Allah protect Sheikh Rasheed Saheb, a voice of truth………..

  • pinki

    I like it
    good one

  • jani4913165

    Too much excellent'''Sheikh Reseed sb ''ALLAH SUBHANAWATA ALA aap ko sehat de'''aik to admi hay jo ghreeb ki bat krta hay''
    show acha hay keep it up''
    ALLAH PAK jise cahy izat de jise cahye zilat de''
    abtab ke attitude se ye log tang aa kr chage ho gayee' or dunya news pr new program add ho gya''
    great to much every one minimum for Ratting seikh sahib nu''with in 2 week which aik bar zror bulayee
    ratting b achi ho jaye ghi or''' awam b en ka batain sub kr cahlo khushh to ho jaye na bigli aani hay na gas na pani halat ese ke ese to khrab ho jaye geh

    • shazia


  • J Shahid

    wel done very good programme keep it up, hard to find this caliber of comedians in this
    part of the continent they are our proud

    • Lahori


  • DEISEL Free

    The singer looks 3rd class n stupid its totally useless n crap.
    OverALL program is good but slim guy does over acting looks 3rdclass

    • rizwan

      you should welcome new talent, nothing was wrong.


    Well done !!!

  • salman

    kamal ha kamal ha wah wah wah

  • abdulaziz

    zindabade aman ullah —-shame on afit kumar

  • Flames

    hahhhahhahahaha this is slap on GEO's face really its a slap on khabar naak aftab iqbal F***K you

    • shazia


  • tanwer

    Brilliant programme. All characters are very very good.

  • Mir Asghar

    very nice sheikh sb


    Excellent show shaikh sb. was very aggressive .

  • qadeer


  • geo ka jawae

    veryyyyyyyyy nice show against khaber naak show

  • geo ka jawae

    mai bahut khush huwa ho is show ko daikh kar ,,,,very nice,,,,,,,,,,,,,,lekin mai us begerut aur magroor aftaab iqbaal ko kehna chahta ho k tum kia soch rahe the k mai apni marzi se jo kuch chahoo ,jab chahooo AMAAN ULLAH se bat tamezi kar lo ,,q k is ne konsa yeh show khaber naak choor kar jana hai ,,,,,,aab batao chawal ensaan ,,pehle tum ne sahel ahmed se bhi aisa behave kia tha,,,mazak raat very very verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy niceeeeeeeeeee show ,,,best of luckkkkkkk

  • Khalid butt London

    what a lovely show i have not seen for long long time<3
    khabar nak is nothing compare to mzaq rat

    • shazia


  • Salman Gill

    Excellent show by Dunya news..
    Veryyy nicee…

  • Bilal

    Nice programme

  • Khan

    Very nice

  • Khan

    Very very nice

  • zahid

    shikh rasheed, very very nice man

  • scarface

    khabarnak ki band bjye ga yeh program.INSHAALLAH>>>paid anchor aftab iqbal ki wjay gi ab

  • Mudasser

    thori overacting hy
    Sheikh Rasheed rocks

  • aaa

    badtameez bill rockssssss… nice attempt dunya tv.

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