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• EXCLUSIVE: The email gone viral among the Pakistani media circles featuring the “confessions” by CEO GEO Network, Mir Ibrahim!
• Is it the Guilty Conscience talking or is it musings of a very well informed insider?

More the Sin, More the Guilt. However, the word “guilt” has a rather limited connotation to the intensity of explosive revelations exposed by the chain of emails that have been circulating the media circles of Pakistan and raising the question on the extent of alleged exploitation of resources and stature by the CEO of GEO Network, Mir Ibrahim.

The email chain consisting of TWO confessions released within a few days’ difference, giving the receivers a scandalous exposé into the (mis)doings of Mir Ibrahim. The email highlights the extravagant and lavish lifestyle, the unrevealed, hidden and unheard assets and real estate amounting to billions of dollars and exploitation of his stature as a head of a media corporation by making it available for anyone to manipulate for the price of few million dollars.

The mentioned email might be an act of revenge and mockery by an irritated insider or musings of an “intoxicated” mind, but one cannot ignore the facts that while a multimillion-dollar expenditure on weddings and parties, the employees of GEO network spend their Eid festivities hoping for their salary accounts to be debited! While the owner lounges comfortably in top class villas in real estate in most happening cities of the world, employees of same organization wait for their hard-earned salary to be paid so that they can pay rent and have a roof on their heads. Would this exposition of the bitter facts of the outrageous claims would serve as a wakeup call to all the media pharaohs of Pakistan or will just be a cry on the deaf ears of dead and demented.

Following is first one of the much talked-about emails:


I m mir Ibrahim and am making some confessions out of utmost guilt which I have since the announcement of the launch of a new TV channel………………….

Though I got my education from abroad but never been able to implement any professionalism learned from abroad due to the sethism that prevailed in my media group

I have always hoarded money abroad and presented a gloomy picture to my employees so that they do not ask me for their share. I have seen and studied google, facebook, mircrosoft, apple where the employees through sharing have become millionaires and even billionaires when these companies grew.

Instead of learning a lesson from such companies I deliberately manipulated my accounts and always presented a gloomy condition to my employees. Kept tight working conditions so that the employees were left and longing for basic facilities and do not ask for more. Maintained the worst office building on the whole of II chundrigarh road with a primitive thing called “lift” that traps visitors on daily basis. I accumulated wealth and property abroad with 4 multimillion dollar houses in London, 4 residential and several commercial properties in USA, 3 luxurious houses in most expensive emirates hill of dubai ($55 million each) and Rolls Royce phantoms other than billions of rupees of houses, land, property in Pakistan and at other places abroad. Investments in other parts of the world are confidential for my family and so lets not discuss this any more at this stage…..

And I’m sorry that I didn’t declare any of my properties abroad and neither three emirates hills houses in my income tax returns nor my phantom Rolls Royces to the tax authorities in Pakistan or Dubai. Of course my bank accounts in Dubai and London are not revealed. Thanks to my blackmailing skills that I have managed to accumulate so much and that also without declaring to anyone.

I don’t declare my international revenue from UK, USA and the rest of the world as to avoid taxes as all that revenue is sourced from Pakistan and is liable for taxation. For eg: Last year I earned 2 Million pounds from UK subscription and ads and transferred them all to my offshore account in Dubai. I declared losses in UK and didn’t pay any tax there neither anywhere in the world on that income. Then the UK Government awarded me the “Zara sochiay” campaign for a hefty 20 million Pounds and I did not pay any taxes on this taxable source of income, neither in London nor in Pakistan. The Guilt of taking so many favors from a foreign government is hurting me.

To the extent that I am a tax thief is understandable, but the fact that I didn’t share a single penny with my team here which has been waiting for increments since the last few years, is ridiculous. I have a similar story with revenues from USA and other parts of the world which are much larger than UK- NO tax and no spending on employees.

In Pakistan I have 48 different companies and this is not just to avoid taxes but to confuse the employees about the profitability of companies, other employee salaries etc.

To the extent that I don’t pay my own taxes may be acceptable but what I did was far more evil. I collected the sales tax from Multinational companies advertising on my channel and never deposited that in Government treasury. This total tax was of Rs. 1.6 billion and this was not my tax. This was the tax of MNC’s which was collected by me so that I deposit it in Government treasury. However, I kept all of that with me and filed a lawsuit to avoid collection. Again I didn’t share a single penny of this loot with my team members. Mr. Khursheed Shah mentioned this on the assembly floor but I suppressed this news in the media.

I also have swindled around a billion Rupees of National Bank of Pakistan which I obtained against financing of equipment which was heavily over invoiced. I fell over the feet of President Zardari to prevent National Bank Of Pakistan from filing criminal case against us for first grossly over invoicing purchases from the rupees billion plus loan borrowed from that bank and not paying the debt. Only a presidential interference stopped the NBP from not filing a civil and criminal case besides reporting the default to the State Bank of Pakistan.

With that I added few properties abroad whereas that amount would have covered the life insurance of all my employees for another 50 years….. By the way, I have never met the families of those team members who died in the line of duty and have never done anything for them.

I am so guilty….
I have spent over Rs. 1 billion on my sisters wedding having top Indian celebrities and worlds finest cuisine from international chefs in the most expensive madinat jumeirah of dubai and when I look at the canteen that I have for Geo team I feel disgusted. Cant I spend on GEO team atleast what I spent on the invitation cards of the wedding??

In the election campaign I earned Rs.600 million cash in advertising in a month. I knew that the GEO team will start asking bonuses and increments so I came with a tactic to delay their salaries for 2 months so that they start asking for salaries and forget the bonuses and increments. That did work perfectly. Although I personally knew the Team member were not being able to pay their kids school fee and utility bills. I have always hated the GEO team when they mention that Hum tv, Samaa and dunya etc. are paying salaries on time.

Today there are many people who are so much addicted to being my slaves that they just can’t think of having a better life.
People say I work on foreign agenda. Honestly this may not be 100% true but definitely I have properties and family abroad. I have been protecting those and hence occasionally in sensitive situations I sided with them. Am also sorry for my connection with Indian Intelligence service RAW which helps me provide free Indian TV content for my channel that has already subverted the social fabric of Pakistan. I’ve never revealed my secret trips to Delhi as well… This is not the main agenda of this email as this is a separate area and hundreds of pages will be required to explain how systematically and intelligently I have supported the foreign agenda.

It was all going well when one fine day I came to know that there is a TV channel being launched that will share its success with its employees and will upheld correct values and where wisdom will prevail. I was totally shocked as in my media house only the editor in chief prevails who is fortunately my father.

Then I did dirty things that I will never forget in my life. After hearing this, the first thing I did was that I gathered my close team (all dirty minds) and planned a smearing campaign against this revolution in media. I knew if this happened, I will lose the slaves that I have created after years of hard work. I will be questioned for so many things. From my rolls Royce phantoms, to those extravagant weddings, to the lavish houses abroad and etc etc.

Before their advertisement, I started sending an SMS which linked this group to some Gangster and establishment. I knew from my media experience that conspiracy theories having links to establishment and controversial personalities sell like hot cake in Pakistan. I painted it as a conspiracy against democracy and tried desperately to turn the Nawaz government against this venture.
I did this because my lust for money and for my slaves is unending. I sent this SMS personally to anchor persons and decision makers. I tried desperately to make the people understand that no one can give such benefits to employees but deep down inside I knew that if I stop my lust and start sharing my success then I can easily do that as well. Just a few percent of sharing or probably 10-20% of the amount I spent on a single day of that extravagant wedding…
This all made me more guilty……

I didn’t stop here I started circulating Fake emails apparently from their employees and created fake identities on social media etc. I have bad mouthed this new venture everywhere I went. Today I realized that I have an extremely negative mindset. Believe me, I have never met anyone in this new venture and have never visited them. I didn’t make a single effort to reach out to them and seek the truth. This I and my forefathers have been teaching to the journalist community for ages – that never bad mouth anyone without first seeing him and today I being the owner of such a large media empire became an embarrassment to my profession.
Logical people around me told me that a channel owned by establishment will eventually be rejected by the masses and by the quality journalists and will definitely fail and hence I should not worry about it. However deep down inside I knew that they have nothing to do with establishment or any political group and that is why I was so insecure. Now they will come out and bring real unbiased professional journalism which will be popular with people and will undermine my powers in the long run.
I turned a blind eye to the fact that they have given their employees the much deserved respect and have shared with them from bottom to the top everything that their organization earned during the last 15 years.

I always had that strategy of involving my competitors in frivolous litigation in Pakistan but considering my weaknesses in Dubai, USA and UK, I knew that if I do this here then they will come after me in these countries as they are well prepared for international litigations against me.

Basically I have realized now that I am a very negative person. I also realized that over the years this has reflected on my channel which is covering only negative aspects of Pakistan. I have never highlighted anything positive about the country. In fact systematically I have made the audience addicted to negativities, conspiracy theories about the country etc. This in fact is my way of ruling on the masses. For eg: Recently I brought Tahir Shah the singer of ‘eye to eye’ on my channel. He was ridiculed and criticized badly on social media. I brought him on my channel not to highlight his talent, as he doesn’t have any, but to make fun of him- fun of what Pakistani singers are doing. Discourage the real Pakistani talent from performing. I have made them feel that they will look like him if they try to perform. This was my idea and my intention and I was again successful.

Today I am thinking that did I ever show real Pakistani talent on my channel?? Don’t we have the best singers in the world? Don’t we have some of the best talent in every area and field? I am so guilty as I deliberately ignored it.

Lastly I am guilty because Ramzan is coming and I will have to offer the same miserable iftari langar in the miserable atmosphere where the GEO team members are forced to tie their chairs with chains because most the time they outnumber the chairs. I am guilty because there will be no bonus, no advance salary and off course no eidy. By the way I have never said Eid Mubarak to the Geo team. I thought they would be spoiled by that gesture.

To cut it short I am feeling guilty….. in fact very very guilty…. and every time I become negative and circulate negative SMS and emails or manipulate my employees, I will make confessions the way I have done today with proper documentary proof of every confession I make..

You all, the readers of this email, are a real help as I am feeling much better now……..


Here is the continuation of the confessions in the second viral email:

Confessions regarding the fears that I have now from that media group to face global litigation against my criminal and illegal conduct over the years.

I Mir Ibrahim am feeling that guilt again which made me write my first confession a few days ago. You all must have received my first confession, (which I have also attached at the bottom of this email for your reference).

After that confession I remain contended for few days however some negative thoughts started invading me again. I was so overwhelmed by them that I came out of my guilt and decided to file a frivolous petition against the new media initiative.
I searched for people among my slaves who can take this from me and file this petition on their own behalf very secretly so that I remain out of picture.

Unfortunately, most of my slaves have gained conscience and are not following me anymore. So I decided to engage one of the most dubious characters, the notorious Agha Shahid Rasheed- ex –employee of PTV where he was the president of the employee union for 5 years and broken all records of corruption and blackmailing during his tenure.
I also involved some advisors including another media owner, a CEO of a media outlet and two of my top lieutenants who have always assisted me in playing dirty.

Agha Shahid Rasheed agreed to become the petitioner and filed a bogus petition. He asked for extra money from me as he was feeling guilty that throughout his life he was apparently representing employees and talking about their rights and today he is being paid to go against someone who has started talking about extending good facilities to media professionals and sharing its success with them. I paid Agha a very good price as I knew it’s a very bad thing I am asking him to do.

It was a huge petition and it was full of lies. I engaged 7 lawyers (I am not lying as you can check the bottom of the petition which was signed by them)
Although that petition as a whole was a bunch of lies however here I wanted to produce some biggest lies and twists that I inserted in that petition so that I can lessen the guilt I am carrying with me.

1. My idea “They should be investigated as to how they are offering Mercedes cars to employees among other lifestyle benefits”. I was so guilty when writing this as my single Rolls Royce phantom is the worth of 50 “C class” Mercedez benz cars and I have 3 of those phantoms.

2. My other statement “The media industry is suffering huge losses so how come they are offering so much to employees”. I discussed in my last confession how I manipulated my employees and made them my slave by hiding my real assets and showing losses. Also I knew that the only public limited media house which is required to disclose its profits, having only one entertainment channel, is posting huge after tax profits even though they are criticized for over invoicing their content. Anybody can see their financials and can make fun of me. I am atleast 20 times bigger than them. I Sell my ads at 10 times the price they are getting as I have 6 channels and my channels have much higher rates with largest ad drop ratio.

People will have no reason to believe me.

3. Then there was that whole crap about their company (which I know is the most professional one working for 15 years now), its owners (which I know are all highly educated, intelligent and impressive), its revenues (which I know is the largest exporter with all earnings through State Bank official channels and largest tax contributor from IT industry), its activities etc etc.

4. There were 1000 other lies including the acquisition of license which was in fact the only license acquired through proper process and procedure with each and every document on file.

Due to the above lies my lawyers (all 7 of them) couldn’t stand the wrath of the court. My petition was thrown out of the court on July 4, 2013. There was so much time spent on it by me, my advisors and my lawyers and it all went in vain.

Today I am writing because I failed miserably on that score and have left traces that will eventually make people come after me. My corrupt friend petitioner Agha Shahid is being slapped with a defamation lawsuit by this new media enterprise. Criminal proceedings are also being initiated against him for filing the court documents with senseless allegations.

FIA has been requested to investigate Agha Rasheeds communication record in order to unveil the real culprit behind this frivolous petition. I have seen that legal notice and what they are filing is a strong lawsuit backed by multiple legal judgments from national and international sources.

I know Agha can give up on me if he feels pressure which he surely will feel. A few weeks ago I asked my director strategy Mr. Faisal Sherjaan (yes the “Mr. STN fraud”) to plan and orchestrate an online defamation campaign against this media group but he was also slapped with a defamation lawsuit and a criminal complaint which is being investigated by Police. The high court also slapped him with a restraining order to stop spreading crap on internet. But thanks to him he is contesting it on his own behalf and submitted this in writing that my media organization has nothing to do with this. He has saved me. He is spending a considerable time trying to defend himself while I have left him alone and even stopped talking to him.

I am sure Agha Rasheed will not be able to bear that pressure. He will take my name and eventually I will face the embarrassment.
Also I have this fear that now they will come after me with all kind of global litigation against my criminal and illegal conduct over the years.

It is due to this that I am making this confession today……

Thanks for your time.