Anglo Saxon and Islamic Society

Posted on August 25, 2013 Articles

In the name of God the Merciful

This is a fact Zionism exist in this world, but believe me our problem is totally different, if you analyze our almost all politicians are corrupt, and I’m feeling very sorry about common Pakistani which includes me is well we are all bunch of Morons……why because we are following the same pattern which we have been given by our so called politicians, pattern leads us towards destruction…you just look around isn’t it anarchy????and what do you expect from common people? Dear Sir we are the flexible nation on the face of the earth by nature. But yet there is always a level of flexibility.

Unfortunately that level is filled up in these past 12 years every GOVT is pushed us back and they are still pushing us, and we as a whole have become a dumb clueless nation…..why because our house is not in order, because our whole system is corrupt. therefore our enemies are taking advantage of our internal weaknesses.

Who is to blame? definitely we are responsible because we are letting them rob us and undermine us.
With help of corrupt Politicians…have you seen any one who is interested in solving core issues of our country?
Every one is busy in displaying their flattery towards USA ….

My apologies I’m kind of touchy person.

So there is only one way to survive stand up against Helping Hands of Zionism
( US,Israel,India,and few Pakistani black-snakes which consist of Media & Politicians ) and get out of this deception of so called politicians, and we don’t need their master’s ( USA, Israel and etc.) Rule of law,

We are Muslims and we have our own law; ALLAH’S which he transferred to this world via his final Messenger ﷺ we don’t need Anglo Saxon rule of law, wake up we need our Islamic rule of law, and stop telling us the stories of Secularism What is Secularism ? in this world we have to be MUSLIMS this term has nothing to do with Muslims, only so called Secular forces in Pakistan are the real enemies of Islam, and Pakistan.

They are the snakes we have to stand against them and break their poisoned teeth with the iron fist. And don’t forget Might is Right and their is only one Mighty ALLAH so we should seek his help and mercy.

In current scenario most of our Nation’s school of thought has become similar to a mythical nation who had been ruled by a cruel King one day King wished to know that how bad his people think of him..he asked his prime minister how can I find out, the minister advised him to fix a rule of five hits of shoe to the head for each citizen. ( Kind of Modern days of Anglo Saxon Law ) he said okay good idea.

There was a bridge in the city, every one has to cross in order to go out of the city or enter into the city, citizen had to cross that bridge on daily bases. So Minister Ordered the two royal guards & imposed the law of five hits of shoe and fulfilled the King’s wish. Every day citizen of the land crossed over and got back in and the two guards were hitting them with shoes. few weeks passed nothing happened no complaints, that thing was bothering the KING he asked his Minister we suppose be getting complaints but there is not a single complaint what should we do now? King asked, and minister replied; My lord we should increase the number of hits covert 5 into 50 hits.

King said that would be better so they increased the hits… again month passed nothing happened.
KING thought may be the guards are not preforming their duty, King decided to check on them personally.
He went down there on the bridge and saw guards were hitting 50 hits with shoe direct to the heads of each and every person who tend to cross and citizen of the city were quietly complying with law.

KING was totally shocked he asked to stop a citizen who was passing by…

KING:- Well my respected citizen do you have any problem or complaint against the law?
Citizen replied no my lord not such a problem with the law , but there is a minor issue,
KING asked what is it?
Citizen said well there are only two guards on the bridge they are doing well hitting the 50 hits, but it takes too much time, so great KING why don’t you increase the number of guards here, doing so; will save our time…..

Is that you want ( People of Pakistan )? Do we have to become a disgraceful & Dumb Nation? is that the future you seek?, if yes then what a shame……Keep in Mind, humiliation is the destiny of a coward.
I agree we shouldn’t fight with each other simultaneously we should stand against corruption and lawlessness.
And for love of ALLAH get rid of those so called Secular hypocrites and demand of our Islamic law; sack that Anglo Saxon crap.