Is Pakistan going to be next Egypt ????

Posted on August 24, 2013 Articles

The difference between Egypt and Syria is; in Syria the Zionists are supporting the outside Salafi terrorists to massacre innocent Syrians. It is estimated that so far over 100,000 Syrians have been killed in this Zionists imposed destruction on Syria.

In Egypt, it is a different story. The Zionists are supporting the Army Generals to kill Muslim Brotherhood supporters. In Syria, the bloodshed is being organized between Shias and Salafis. But in Egypt, the bloodshed is being perpetrated between Muslim Brotherhood and Seculalists. On both the places, the Zionists’ aim is same, as was the case in Iraq, Libya, Syria and now Egypt – ie., to destroy these Muslim countries one by one.

The violence in Egypt will be perpetrated for a long time to come, till this country is completely destroyed. Zionists are sitting pretty. They are using Saudi/Salafi money to fund these massacres. Remember, UAE, Qatar and Saudi Arabia are reported to have given billions of Dollars weeks ago to the military rulers in Egypt.

Pakistan can be next Egypt if people don’t think wisely. Last Dec 2012, Dr. Qadri came to Pakistan for his campaign for revolution but failed because public opinion turned away from him. Now if the present Govt. of Pakistan has many hard issue to tacle. If they fail, there would be an open room again for Dr. Qadri and people sharing the same ideology for a so called revolution. This revolution, if ever, happens will simply do what Zionists want in Pakistan.

If Muslims want to survive in the world, they have to fight Zionists in the Media. It is a Media war. People in Muslim countries should be educated against the Zionists designs and helped to keep peace and tolerance among various groups. Keep cool, do not fight among each other. Even if there is a terrorist attack, try to control it via the help of official machinery. Do not take weapons in your hands. Do not hate each other and do not involve in retaliatory killings. Keep a watch on your common enemy – the Zionist propaganda. Zionists will try to incite you with many things. Do not get carried away with their propaganda. This is the only way to fight Zionists in the world. Non Violence is the only way to fight this menace.