LoC a Distraction

Posted on August 18, 2013

LoC a Distraction

Dera Ismail Khan jail break happens,”our brothers”,start their journey from North Waziristan armed with weapons and intent that was enough to paralyse a province’s whole security apparatus. Literally we as a nuclear state turned into a sick joke. International media picks up on this news and certain security measures were taken internationally as well. This is how big this incident was. Even in Pakistan sane voices were heard,articles were written and general public was “shaken a bit”-considering it is all a bit late never the less though.

I feel compelled to say this, CEO of TTP along with GMs,Operational Regional Heads,CFO( Specially as some 10 million rupees were spent on DiKhan jail break alone) and other cosignatories must be very happy with their “Public Limited” Company’s performance in the holy month of Ramadan.

We needed a consensus in Pakistan against these well performing killers and we were moving toward one. But than two very significant things happen, 1) Peace talks offer by CEO of TTP HakimUllah Mehsud, 2)Unprovoked firing/killings at LoC.

When a kid wants an expensive remote controlled fancy car and starts demanding it loud, what do you do? you give him something handy that would indulge him momentarily and make him forget about the fancy car. That is exactly what TTP does to us,throw us a bone of peace talks to play with, while they get more powerful and dangerous.

A lot of people do not know that peace talks were started in 2002 before any militant operation and several peace deals were inked with tribal elders, one of them acquired the desired results for the state of Pakistan.Instead TTP looked to expand their network to Fata and malakand division in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Another very important aspect that negate the theory that “military operations against TTP has yielded no good for us” is that in 2008-2009 there were eighteen administrative units, districts, tribal agencies and frontier regions that were either completely or partially under the influence of the TTP are under state’s control now, through the use of force! TTP refuse to vacate them through dialogue. TTP has made it very clear time and again what they want,problem is with us, we have no idea what to do with our killers.

I see a connection between what has been happening inside Pakistan-ISI office attack,DiKhan jail break,attack on SHO’s funeral in quetta, other recent terrorist attacks- and what is happening on our eastern border at LoC. The biggest threat to Pakistan that has unleashed itself in recent years is TTP. Anything that takes our attention away from this threat is a distraction. How brilliant it is for india to remind us that Pakistan’s army is and will stay engaged on our eastern border so if there is a question to launch an army operation against TTP in north waziristan(their base), well the answer they would like to hear is NO.

There is a role that these non-state actors play at the LoC at a time when it benefits TTP and india. Timing is the key. I take it as a warning to Pakistan, if we go after TTP, hell will break lose not just in north waziristan/western border but also at the eastern side. It also reflects TTP is scared. Their strength is directly proportional to our confused state of affairs and inability to take action against them. All you have to do is connect the dots. Our enemies are shaking hands, on the same page, while we sit there in the corner sobbing like a bullied kid.

We have a country to protect, we the people of Pakistan have a responsibility that require us to back our security forces,intelligence agencies and political leadership. We cannot support an organization that does not accept our constitution and kill innocent people calling it collateral damage. We are at war! sooner we realize that the better. We must unite in the cause to defeat our enemy,enemy that has killed thousands of our fellow countrymen.

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