Where humanity dies

Posted on August 16, 2013

One party in the conflict zone says 2600, the other says not more than a hundred, whether the figure that Brotherhood put as killed in front of the media is true or not, one thing is for sure, it certainly isn’t less than hundred.

Egypt is the war zone where there is one army, equipped with Israel-made nerve gas wreaking havoc and turning beautiful part of the world that is the Nile valley into hell. How unfortunate is the Muslim Ummah that no respite even brief enough to breathe free from the clutches of those that rule in the Western world, or to break from the shackles that tie them like slaves in the form of Muslim rulers all around the world. How unfortunate is the Muslim Brotherhood who has suffered the longest in Muslim world, followed closely by present Turkish ruling party, that too at the whims of the West, at the hands of cruel military dictators completely subservient to their lords and masters. While the Turkish party enjoys its rule amid failed coup and with a strong civilian support, Hassan al-Banna’s Ikhwan couldn’t even taste the fruits of much deserved victory in the recent past elections for long when Western puppet Elbaradei and the former pharaoh Mubarak’s secular forces were beaten by the majority of votes, thanks to democracy.

Morsi’s arrest at the hands of Sisi and the continuous sit-in by Ikhwan protesters rang warning bells for those who had seen Mubarak’s cruelty. Early warnings by dictator Sisi to the Ikhwan only fueled the will of the resilient protesters. Soon after Eid, the crackdown began.

Now, Egypt’s streets are blood-red as blood flows where Nile used to flow. Burnt corpses, bullet riddled bodies including young and old,men, women alike not only lie on streets but fill the usually not so crowded hospitals and mosques-turned-hospitals. Many taken into custody, await a “fair”trial at the hands of the new tyrant. All through this, West sleeps, U.N sleeps, Islamic world sleeps as this is one “internal” matter that doesn’t concern anyone at all. No tear falls for these less than hundred dead or around 2600 dead. There were no Malala Yousufzais there. If recent history is any evidence, Sisi might just get lucky and get a Nobel peace prize. Al-Nour “regrets” it gave a nod to Morsi’s overthrow. Elbaradei resigns if only a little too late, as crocodile tears can only fool a handful of people. European Union lamely objects to the killings, U.S “ponders” about stopping aid to Egypt and all this while Muslim Ummah doesn’t even raise an eyebrow. Pakistanis celebrate their Independence day without any worry as one of their dictators has given them food for thought “Pakistan First”, read “Only think of yourself”completely in contrast to Muhammad the Holy Prophet’s sayings. Arab sheikhs can’t even apologize as they are themselves part of the butchery in Egypt with funds to put Morsi out of business. Only Turkey had the decency to call it a mass murder, a massacre.

With an emergency declared for a month, what will be the outcome of this gruesome act of violence happening in space age? Who knows. One thing is sure though, the dead were not just a party to a conflict, they were also humans. We can lose our faith in humanity at the crimes committed but we can never lose faith in the followers of Hassan al-Banna because they are the prime example of what trusting Allah means, as they never for once lost their faith in Him for more than 60 years.