Junoon Say Aur Ishq Say Milti Hai Azadi

Junoon Say Aur Ishq Say Milti Hai Azadi



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Junoon Say Aur Ishq Say Milti Hai Azadi, 9.4 out of 10 based on 27 ratings

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  1. gandu pakistane says:

    junoon say sirf maar aur pitaee padatee hai jo pakistan ko pad rahee hai

  2. Dr. Kelly Rogers says:

    This writer hardly know the solar power energy systems. You can design a system where you
    can switch on to solar power when it is load shading, or any other emergencies. Pakistan should have
    gone to solar power energy system years ago. It is the best way to get energy in Pakistan. We have
    so many issues in generating Hydro power and horrible political system, India's plan to control all the water by building dams, War threats from India all the times, corrupt governments, corruption
    in every level of governments, and in every department; Killings , Bhattahas, terrorism, and thieves every

    We have have seen solar power system successfully used in in many part of Canada, on all type of applications. The farms, the factories, commercial usage, and household usage. for God sake don't
    wait until Government helps. Start Self help programs……..There is good opportunities for businessmen
    to start new businesses, train people how to use solar systems effectively, and give chance to people for new jobs.
    Don't wait for foreign helps, don't be lazy…….GO AND GET THE ENERGY WHERE EVER YOU CAN FIND.
    If you need any help please send us email. IBO4@HOTMAIL>COM

    You are great a Nation you can DO IT……………………………..

    Well wisher of Pakistan.

    Dr. Kelly Rogers, Dr. Nancy Melanco, Dr. Ahmed , and Dr. M. Amin Dar. and research group.

  3. Shah says:

    Reminds of the spectacle done by Magical Jinnah. Long live Pakistan

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