Ab Tak (Video of Quaid’s Residency Attack Released!) – 13th August 2013


GUESTS:-Zaid Hamid(DEFENCE Analyst),Raza(Analyst)




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  • Dawood Ibrahim Dxb

    rand i nasal nigger mawali gaddar balouch..
    kill them

  • Dawood Ibrahim Dxb

    threat to pakistan are gaddar BLA,BLF indian funded Balouch and Gaddar Kuwarij Raw,CIA funded TTP Pathans..

    ban wahabism and salafism and deobandism madarsas and there will be no terrorism

    G A Y HIND

  • Fareed Ali

    After watching this video, I am convinced Pakistan is a failed State.

  • Asif

    Who is this dumb ass Roomi?

    He just wants the whole nation to lie down in front of enemy. This piece of craps needs to understand that what he is proposing, is what Pakistan 'has been' doing until now. But now, we are past that point.

    Wake up Roomi doofus.

    • Dawood Ibrahim Dxb

      raza roumi so called liberal..G A Y

      he is the one who gets funds from usa like hamid mir gaddar

  • Haseena Goli Maar

    Agar Zaid Hamid na hote tu is bakwaas aurat ka program kaun dekhta ???
    Har Anchor ko lagta hai sirf chutyape ke sawal poochne ke pasie milte hian.

  • somroo

    Barking Dog zaid hamid……… dramabaz

  • Baloch

    kazab Zaid Hamid jhota makar islam ka dushman….. lanat ho is kazab per.

  • khan

    lanat ha pak army par aur agencies par ke kisi dehshat grad nhe pakra gaya aj tk ye army ke train keye hue hain

    • sheraz janis jani

      army to apna kam kar rahe hai magar adalat nahe kar rahe hai s ley army ko badnaam kia ja raha hai

  • ali

    zaid hamid is right….

  • Ashfaq

    Please Stop it I can see this;Why R u showing.

  • Muhammad Zubair

    Our Cheap Justice is really really really cheap cheap cheap cheap.

    • Mirza

      I give Rs.200,000 to anyone who can help to capture these culprits. We Pakistani must wear bangles who cannot catch these people.

  • Muhammad Zubair

    Insha Allah, Ae dehshat Gardo, Jald tumhara wo haal karain ge ke tumhari naslon ne rona nahe he balke hum tumhari naslon ko bhi zinda nahen chorain ge, Tumhen Allah ne jald tumhare anjaam tak puhncha dena he, Insha Allah.

  • Shahzad

    Raza Rumai (Lanat-Tu-laha hay alalkazaybeem)

  • Khalid Muhammad Zai

    Punjabi Armies is terrorists they occupied Balochistan since 27 March 1948 what about this , Is it Jinnah Poojah's father house bull shit we know you were paid by I S I …? We know before that my dear you are watching the stale one anyway very nice we have spread already now you start your's …?

    • Muhammad Zubair

      Tum Sirf Intizaar karo, In dehshat gardon ka wo haal karain ge ke inki naslon ko bhi baqi nahi chorain ge, Insha Allah, we just only need to stand & stay united as a nation, their real aim is to break our unity, but it will stay as just the aim but not the destination, Insha Allah.

  • pak


  • Gowenta

    Teray ghusay par lagi hae….retarded GHASTI anchor

  • Gowenta

    Yeh jinnah khoja tatoo tha….millions ko marwa geya…laanti ke sath history ab justice kar rehe hae

  • Jazba Junoon

    Any one who wants PTI to succeed and do well in KPK must invest in various sectors in KPK. Here is the site where interested individuals can invest in KPK. http://www.investinkpk.org.pk/

  • sajid

    pak fooj pak ni amrika ki hy

  • sajid

    jo deshat grd msjid se pkra gya os ko midia pe kun ni dikya gya or os pe bt ni ki phir deshat grd ye kam kre gy

  • sajid

    ye sab india kr raha hy or kuty hokmran un se dostsajidi krna chte hy begrt midia

    • LaluParsadYadav

      Oye Sajid-Wajid – Tu paida hua tub tere abbu bhi yehi bola tha 'Yeh sab India kar raha hai'…:p Aur teri ammi bole Samjhauta Express isi liye to banaya hai!! Isi liye tera naam Saajid -Samjhauta rakha!!

  • sajid

    quaid pakistan ko mdina jesi reast bnana chaty thy or hokmran ye bat bhol gay koty

    • javed majeed

      aby oye budgoo saji
      tere qaid ne kabi madina dekha bi tha
      woh to namaz main salam ki bjay finish finish kehta tha.

  • khan

    bladi indian trops

  • Nadia

    Raza roomi stupid.no one can start war.forget about war.stupid Raza roomi is stupid.

    • Jawed

      ms nadia 4 jango se to aik bi na jeet saki.
      fifth war main konsa teer mardogay,
      yeh zaid khabis tum logo ko marwadega
      pehle balocho se abb indians se




    shame on ary , which showed this video,to encourage B L A,to do more such activities, ,just to get more RATTINGS,,,ARY,,,SHAME ON YOU

    • shan_ak27

      Thats our problem we can't recognise our enemy. Its not about ARY or media.
      shame on this nation who come out and burn own cities over cartoons made in 3rd country but dont have courage to come out against their own corrupt governments. shame on PPP, and PMLN

  • Usman Ghani

    Agreed with Zaid Hamid that supreme court is not doing his job. The criminals are working freely in our country. The govt is quite over indian arrogancy. I wish to see more program with Zaid Hamid participation.

  • Mohajir

    Yeh video to pakistan ke mooh per chata hain!! Mohajir kya yahan to Quaid bhi safe nahin!! RAW RAW

  • awam

    Rapid deployment force must be ready to act with gun ship helicopters.

  • o farooq


  • Mokan

    PK cuurent and past govt are chore and western agents….her is the link below confirming Inida, Israel and Us nvolvemnt in Mumbai attacks…this arrticle was published on http://www.infowars.com by alex jines.

    Please circulate and opem your eyes

  • ssss

    laanat hai jamhooriat par!!! kuta zardari and suwar nawaZ!!! jub kch karna hi nahi tau hataya q marshal law!!

  • ayman

    yes he is right!!! nawaz sharif is fool person…

  • ayman

    sadaf! this terrisots are RAW agent who is responsble the attack..

  • deni

    us soor k bache ko kisne chhora jo qadiyanio ki masjid se pakra gaya hrami dengi brothers release them all mullas behind this.do soemthing or its too late

  • ssssenia

    army of pakistan what are you waiting for.release musharraf and takeover again let musharraf hold again.fk all

    • bilal

      army ne pehle ye hal kar dia ha bus karo bhai 4 din to sakoon lene do.taliban b army ne banae mqm b or sub kuch

  • ssssenia

    this video makes me ashamed to be a pakistani.i wish i go bymyseld and bomb out all hrami coward terrorist always who attacks from behind. mdrchd

    • Muhammad Zubair

      Hamara tum se wada he apne hoon ko baha denge per ab jald in dehshat gardon ki khair nahin.

  • ssssenia

    jis army ka leader khassi ho buzdil ho hrami ho. or wo apna business chalata ho zardari k sath us kamine pervez kiyani k hote hoe or kya expect kiya ja sakta hai.musharraf k hote hoe kisi k baap mien himet nhi thi aise ker k bhi sochta.sale sab k sab buzdil.buzdil kom pakistan.just watch and talk only

    • khan

      sharon ki foj k lidar bozdil ho to wo foj har jaae gi agar bozdil foj k lidar shar ho to har naz par fat mile gi

  • js………….


  • https://www.facebook.com/fauzi.mahmood Fauzia Mahmood

    This zaid hamid shouts for gazwa-e-hind, if pakistan can not save and protect its creator, what they make noise of conquering world. A failed nation nothing else. shame on such guys who vomit hate but fail to deliver a singel call of peace. If the army kills Balooch, then why you complain. What you reap you saw.

    • Omar shah

      Sooo true

  • Sheikh Ahmed

    basstard monkeystop barking

  • javed ahmad

    love you zaid hamid….he is a pro pakistani.defending pak army….i am a big fan of him.

  • Haider

    Love u Zaid Hamid saab,,,,
    Pak Fauj ko salaam,,,,Pakistan zindabad…

  • Haider

    is Shia k commnts ka jwab nae dena mere Shia sunni wahabi Deoband Brelvi Bhaiyo yeh Indian Suwar hai keera makhi machar hai ,,,,Jashan e Azadi Mubarik,,,, OOO mere Pak Watan tujh pe tan man dhan Qurban,,,Allah k Sepahi Pakistan pe Hokumat kren ge Elahi Ameen,,,,,,Hum mitt jain mgr Pakistan salamat rehy,,,,,,Pakistan Zindabad

    • anis siddiqi


    • Omar shah

      Shia sahab tom ko to pakistani kafir samjhta hay tum ko to tumhari foj pakistani samjhti nhi… Urdu ka muhawra hay shah se ziada shah ka wafadar banta haynaap