Don not buy solar panels

Posted on August 13, 2013 Articles

Solar panels are suitable only for off-grid areas. For areas connected to grid, solar panels are not a suitable option. Solar panel marketing persons will only tell u benefits of solar panels and not drawbacks. [email protected]
If u put ur house on panels then any time u will buy a new electronic device then u will have to add some panel to the existing system.
For example if u buy a a big LCD or an additional tv or additional laptop or refrigerator etc. then u will have to spend lacs on adding additional panels , inverters and batteries. And it is normal we often buy and add more electronics to house. So it will be expensive and uncomfortable every time u buy some additional electronics.
And you know you have to change batteries after every 2 to 3 years, u will have to clean them continuously as dust keeps on accumulating on them thus decreasing their efficiency, ur solar panels can heat up and freeze if u r living in hot countries like pakistan etc
So as compared to grid solar panel option is not comfortable at all. It is for this obvious reasons then use of solar panels is less than 5 percent among grid connected population of world inspite of the fact that several countries in Europe and some American states are providing subsidies to promote use pf solar panels. So those people who are trying to sell solar panels to grid connected people in Pakistan are just making an effort to befool them. So if ur house is not connected to grid then solar is a good option for u and if ur house is connected to grid then dont go for solar panel unless u have craze for clean energy.
According to world wide reports, solar panels often start deterioration after some years because of poor quality of materials used in manufacturing. Chinese solar panels have been found defective whiile international inspections and in Pak mostly chinese solar panels are available.