Darwish(درويش), PTI and clean sweep.

Posted on August 13, 2013 Articles

Darwish(درويش), PTI and clean sweep.

Imran was making continuous statements that PTI will clean sweep in coming elections.
Will you like to know the reasoning behind it?
For this you will have to go some years back.
In 1997 , a Rawalpindi’s columnist took imran to the house of his peer(darwish) in city of Gujar Khan for guidance.
Darwish(درويش) told them that according to spiritual forces the news in heavens is that PTI will clean sweep.

So under the influence of this first dose from darwish (درويش), imran rejected nawaz’s offer of 20 to 25 NA seats and electoral alliance .
Instead he started giving statements on media and in public that PTI will clean sweep in 1997 election.

But pti failed to win even a single seat.
Both imran and columnist met the darwish(درويش) and started complaining about the falsehood of his prophecy.
As darwish(درويش) used to handle hundreds of fools like them daily so he satisfied them by saying that he had not given a date for the clean sweep of PTI and soon circumstances will take such a turn that PTI will clean sweep in elections but again I have not permission to tell exact date at this moment.

In 1999 when general musharraf overthrew the government, both imran and columnist reached darwish(درويش) for guidance.

Darwish(درويش) advised imran to stand with musharraf as there is a great khair(goodness) for PTI in it according to his informers from heaven.

So when musharraf was making decisions to give Pakistan army to usa on rent, to allocate ground bases and air ways to usa for attacks on Afghanistan, to allow drone strikes in Pakistan then imran was blindly supporting musharraf in search of khair for pti.

Before 2002 election, musharraf told imran that if PTI can win some seats then imran will be made prime minister.

Both imran and columnist were very jubilant as they thought that time for the fulfilling of the prophecy of darwish (درويش) had come as both nawaz and banazir were out of Pakistan and apparently ground and election arena were clear for imran.

So under the influence of this 2nd dose of darwish(درويش) , imran started making claims of clean sweep of PTI in media and public.

But PTI could won only one seat.

So musharraf declined to appoint him PM and offered him to become chairman of cricket board.

That evening imran had become the biggest opponent of musharraf as he came out of the president house.

Just before 2008 elections , darwish(درويش) called on imran and columnist and advised imran that do not take part in 2008 election as he has seen a utter defeat for pti in the book of heaven.

So under the influence of this third dose of darwish (درويش) , imran buycotted 2008 election.

In 2012, darwish(درويش) called his disciple columnist and asked him to bring imran to him.

Darwish(درويش) told that he has got permission from heaven to tell the exact date when PTI will clean sweep.

So both columnist and imran came running to the doors of darwish(درويش) who told them that it is written in the book that PTI will clean sweep in 2013 election.

It is due to the influence of this 4th dose of darwish (درويش) that imran is claiming clean sweep in 2013 election and his columinst friend is introducing himself to his friends as next governor of Punjab.

The effect of the 4th dose of darwish is so strong that imran is making huge mistakes thinking that no mistakes can stop the clean sweep.

So he has made a landlord PTI’s vice-chairman and has made a tax-chor president of PTI and is claiming to bring land reforms and punish the tax-chors ??

The PTI lahore president is a notorious land grabber and lahore’s general secretary is booked in several murder FIRs.

The nephew of imran has embezzled crores of rupees from party fund and he has not taking any action even in the presence of solid proofs which has resulted in the resignation of two founding members of PTI in protest.

There are many such contradictions which people are observing and 2013 election result will prove that the 8.5 crore voters of this country were not under the influence of the dose of some darwish(درويش) during casting their votes.