Balochistan; Economy Crisis

Posted on August 12, 2013 Articles

There is no doubt in the fact that Balochistan is said to be the backbone of Pakistan according to its economic and mineral resources. But Alas! Since the advent of Pakistan and until now, Balochistan and Balochi people have faced economic, political and social deprivation. World’s biggest reserves of sui gas is in Pakistan’s province- Balochistan, but majority of Balochistan’s population is deprived of this facility. According to economic, financial and educational perspective, Balochistan lags far behind the other provinces of Pakistan and it also has to face a discriminative attitude.

According to an estimate, the revenue gained in Balochistan by the mineral resources which are copper, coal and gas, if evenly distributed among the Balochi people then, in a popuation of 7,914,000 people every person individually would probably receive 5000 per month and 150,000 per year. In a report, it was also mentioned that if this population doesn’t work and relies on these natural resources completely,even then the population can survive on the revenue gained by its rich resources.

Recently, the Balochistan Government has signed an agreement of 3.3 billion dollars with a gold-mining company named Tehtyan, and according to that agreement, the foreign company would get to keep around 70% of income and Pakistan would get a little part of it. Such a big project is tried to be given in pennys. The project of Recodik this foreign company is being given, an esitimate shows that the resources of minerals and barrick gold here, are in competition with the resources of sarchem, Iran and escondid, Chile which come on the second and third number around the world. Annually, 2.2million tons of mineral production can be brought about in Recodik. Despite having rich natural resources, Balochistan’s gross income has just increased by 2.7% since 1972 uptil now. Pakistan’s economy was damaged by giving the Sandak project to China at a very low rate, which had vast resources of copper. Sandak, where an approximate of 1339.22 tonnes of gold reserves are present and from which 500 million US dollars revenue can be earned, we gave that project away to China at the cost of pennys.

Balochistan’s Gawadar port has a strategic significance because the main shipping routes of Asia, Europe and Africa pass through this port. Due to irs geo-strategic position, Gawadar port is a safe and suitable substitute for international trade in future because it can hold heavy naval and oil tankers. The neighboring countries’ ports have lost their importance because of Gawadar port and it was unbearable for some elements. So, they provoked the local people of Balochistan against their Government in the name of Baloch sub-nationalism. And due to the bulky funding of these countries, several off-track elements worked and abducted the developers and chinese engineers and they also killed many of them.

With immense woe, Balochistan is far behind the other provinces in economy as well as education. Balochistan having 5% of educational institutions, has a literacy rate of just 36% which is way much less than th other provinces and above that 90% of the girls are not allowed to attend the schools.

If the Government of Pakistan wants to stablize the economy, get rid of energy crisis and IMF and wants to end-up the freedom movement of Balochistan then all the stake holders which includes the Government, they will have to resolve the economic, social and political issues of Balochistan. They will have to give the Balochi’s their rights and complete liberty like all other provinces and that will be the time when Pakistan and the Baloch nation will prosper