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Hasb e Haal – 10th August 2013 (EID Special Day 2)

Watch the Latest Hasb e Haal – 10th August 2013 (EID Special Day 2)





  • https://www.facebook.com/kelly.rogers.75470 Kelly Rogers

    Dear: Mr. Nawaz Sharif Prime Minister of Pakistan. and other related personnel.

    Dashitgards are supported by the other countries. Instead of
    fighting the dashitgards after they have attacked and gone.
    Why the government of Pakistan make a policy and special
    forces to cut the supply line of arms and money to assist dashitgards.
    It does not make any sense to cry over the spilled milk and blaming
    each other including the provincial governments.

    Please try to find the solutions to this issue rather try to define
    the problem again and again. Unless all the politicians, Army and
    other Pakistani governments get together it may be difficult to solve
    this problem. Don't keep them in jails………..Just hand them in center of
    each city. Otherwise all the government personnel stop making fool of
    simple Pakistani people . Do something now………and soon.

    Research group of Canada. Dr. Kelly Rogers. Dr. Nancy Melanco, Dr. Ahmed But and many more.

  • https://www.facebook.com/tayyab.hussain.94214 Tayyab Ghumman

    bhot acha hai progrma hai

  • Tayyabghumman

    nyc hasbal haaal hai

    • https://www.facebook.com/tayyab.hussain.94214 Tayyab Ghumman


  • https://www.facebook.com/seheail.butt Sohail Butt

    v good

  • sohail ahmed

    v good

  • shahid gondal

    azizi curupt waziran nu tun k rakh

  • Ein

    when she laughs, i feel like a kruk hen (Female chicken) is runinng before a rooster (Male Chicken)… and then…….

    • zwei

      and then what happens with your mother na?

  • https://www.facebook.com/mian.irfan.359 Mian Irfan

    جو قوم نواز شریف جیسے لیڈر کو نجات دہندہ مانے ، جو شاہد آفریدی جیسے فضول اور غیر ذمہ دار کو ہیرو مانے ، جو عامر لیاقت اور عزیزی کو ٹاپ ریٹنگ دے وہان شعور کا کیا حال ہو گا

    • Abdullah

      O Mian Sahib… Ab is mai main shoro ho jao tu ap k reply ane band ho jane hain so is se acha jis bat ka pata na na ho us k bare mai comments nahi dete…

    • Athar

      agree what u just said your comment except Azizi.

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  • خالد

    بہت خوب تہا پروگرام بس اب ہو جائے کچھ چہوٹے میاں پر بہی بات مزا آجائے