“Siyaasi Achuut”

Posted on August 10, 2013 Articles

“Siyasi Achuut”

By Waqas Habib

Muhajir Qaumi Movement was created in 1984 which later in 1997 was renamed as Mutahida Qaumi Movement. This party has been a dominant force in the politics of sindh especially karachi and hyderabad since it’s creation. Around 29 years in Pakistan’s politics and been elected by the people of sind time and again for National assembly,provincial assembly and district bodies. I have failed to understand one thing, why even after so many years we still do not accept them as a main stream legit political party? Why don’t we accept mandate given to them by the people of sind? If we do than why do we thrash,abuse and question anyone who shake hands with MQM? Do we have a “brahmn” and “achuut” like categorization in Pakistan’s politics?

I have no reason to defend MQM but i do like to question our approach toward them. I would like to understand how is that a delegation of PMLN visits MQM HQ Nine Zero in karachi and all of a sudden no one wants to own PMLN,even their own supporters question their move and start considering their association with the party-as if PMLN has been diagnosed with some contagious disease. What is so severely wrong with MQM?

Popular view is that MQM consist of bunch of thugs,criminals,murderers and extortionist. This view further cement MQM as a party whose politics is based on terror and fear, which helps them win all the NA,PA and District body seats. There also are different views and speculations on their techniques and methodology to win elections-which consist of unfair ways. MQM has denied all these allegations time and again.

In a democratic setup can we alienate MQM based on these allegations? The mandate that has been given to them by the people of sind,can we discard it? And go on to accept every other party’s mandate. Should we be dealing with MQM in isolation? In general elections of may 11,2013 every political party accuse their opposing party of rigging and unfair conduct. We all know how Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf Chief Imran khan accused PMLN in punjab of rigging, PMLN along with PMLF leveled same accusations against PPPP in sind. Other parties also expressed their concerns as well.

MQM has been contesting general elections since 1988 and has been a part of different coalitions since than (1988-1990, 1990-1992, 2002-2007, 2008-2013). In 2013 elections the number of votes they received were 2.4 million. The fourth largest number of votes after PMLN,PTI and PTI. Those 2.4 million who voted for MQM, should we accept their right to chose their representative? we may not like this fact but do we have democratical values to accept and respect this mandate?

I feel if we accept MQM as a political reality and ease them further into this democratic system,there will be more stability in karachi and sind. Accountability should be a continuous process and it should be carried out across the board. MQM should actively part itself from miscreants and criminals. We should help them overcome their insecurity. We must go back and remind ourselves why MQM was created at the first place.

“It was launched to protect the Muhajir community who perceived themselves as the victims of discrimination and repression by the quota system that gave preference to certain ethnicities for admissions in educational institutions and employment in civil services”

We have to discard this idea of being “brahmn” and treating political parties/other religions/sects as “achuut”. Let us build a tolerant,progressive and modest Pakistan by being more compassionate.