Margalla Hills Search and Pervez Musharraf

Posted on August 7, 2013

You might think what is the connection between Margalla Hills Search and Pervez Musharraf but let me breakdown this.

Some of Pakistan media cells not giving a clear picture to people of Pakistan which will prove after reading below. They just sit inside the studios and call few politicians and fight to get PR plus bounce.

This is what we know if we are watching or reading any information given by (our) Pakistan media cell.

The News
Shakeel Anjum
Monday, August 05, 2013
From Print Edition

ISLAMABAD: Following threats from terrorist outfits to the Parliament House as well as Air Force and Naval Complexes located on the Margalla Road, strict security measures have been taken, police sources said on Sunday.

Up to 30 joint teams comprising air force, navy and police commandos have been sent to the Margalla hills for combing the mountainous areas, the sources maintained.

The police started the combing and search operation on Friday along with contingents of air force and navy on the Margalla hills and maintained a high alert in the city to ensure foolproof security, a spokesman of the Islamabad Police said.

Heads of all the police stations were also directed to maintain high vigilance in their respective areas where they screened houses, workshops, markets, under-construction buildings and residential areas.

Following the directions of SSP Muhammad Rizwan, policemen also searched the Margalla hills. The search operation was also extended to slums, inns, hotels, restaurants and Afghan habitats.

Around 30 joint teams of commandos from the Islamabad Police, air force and navy were deployed on the Margalla hills. This search operation would continue in the coming days, the police spokesman maintained

Question: how they get this information that something going to happen in Islamabad?
Answer: Intelligence traced one call and found coded conversation and then later it was decoded.

Just analyse this media report with different angle.

The Statesman 01 Aug 2013
Press Trust of India
Islamabad, 31 July

After successfully pulling off a daring attack on a high-security prison in north-west Pakistan, banned militant outfits have planned to attack former dictator Pervez Musharraf’s farmhouse here, a media report today said. Mr Musharraf who is an accused in multiple criminal cases is being held at his Chak Shahzad farmhouse, which was declared a sub-jail on 20 April.

Information gathered by Intelligence agencies pointed at a possible attack by militants belonging to the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan and Sipah-e-Sahaba Pakistan, The Express Tribune said quoting Intelligence sources. In the light of these recent threats, security agencies have issued warnings to all the relevant departments.

According to the alert, the attackers might disguise themselves as security officers. TTP had earlier issued threats to assassinate the 69-year-old former dictator, calling him the “Satan”.

Mr Musharraf entered the Taliban hit list after ordering the army in 2007 to storm Lal Masjid in Islamabad. The operation left more than 100 people dead and opened the floodgates to attacks in Pakistan. He had escaped three assassination attempts when in office from 1999 to 2008, a target of extremists because of his alliance in the US-led “war on terror” and attempts to clamp down on militants.

(The Result)
The whole story was made by some greedy Pakistan media cells for only one reason that they will not get any PR for their channels telling the truth to people of Pakistan and if they show any concern about Musharraf their channel rating and other source of income will stop.

Actually the RED alert in Islamabad was to secure Musharraf from any life threat and remember Pakistan army still very strongly. support Musharraf.