Death in a live TV show – Scary moments!

Death in a live TV show – Scary moments!



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Death in a live TV show - Scary moments! , 5.3 out of 10 based on 57 ratings

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  1. Alex West says:

    I needed to come here and hear cynics. I was 50/50 honestly. I spent the last several minutes convinced i was stopping my heart beat with my mind. Not real, thanks!

  2. MRI eyes says:

    First of all you never take a pulse with your THUMB!!
    The pluse she is feeling is HER OWN PULSE!!
    Just to let you know

  3. irfan baloch says:

    i dont believe how is it possiable a person give thier life in other hands
    irfan baloch 4rm islamabad pakistan

  4. roohi fiaz says:

    samaj he nai aii is ke

  5. Hadi Mughal says:

    iTs not in real it is a play as a muslim i dont belive it

  6. SWAT khan says:

    440 volt ki nangi taar sat hogi to death hi hogi naaaa

  7. sarah says:

    kuch samajh nhi ai……

  8. Subhan Afridi says:

    Itney comfortable moth pehley dafa dek raha hon

  9. Shahzad Ali says:

    larki buhat peyari the body shape kya baat hai <3

  10. Only Pakistani says:

    Mehaz Kurafat hai, jhot per mabni hai yeah batt.

  11. Haseena Goli Maar says:

    Watch the full video … IDIOTS !!!

  12. idiot what special in it to post it

  13. aqib bin arif says:

    chawal ee mari ey
    jo screen pe life line chal rahi thi …wo tou bnda khud create kar sakta hy. totally fake

  14. Shahzad says:

    What is this i dont. Understand

  15. junaid says:

    lol the only thing good about this video was the hot chick holding his hand….. NICE LEGS :P

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