Popular smart phone brands in Pakistan

Posted on August 5, 2013 Articles

Carrying a cell phone is not a big deal these days; however, it matters if you carry a hi-tech smart phone in your pocket. Whether you are a device to remain connected to the internet all the time, keep socialising on the web, take photographs and film videos, navigate your way to far away destinations or enjoy video chat and streaming, a smart phone can serve a lot more purposes than these. The trend of keeping smart phones has also increased immensely in the urban areas of Pakistan and is still growing at a rapid pace. However, choosing a smart phone might become a tricky process as a number of different brands are present in the market and all of them are very competitive. There are some popular mobile phone brands in Pakistan

Chinese Mobiles

The increase in the sale of smart phones has become phenomenal after the introduction of cheaper and simpler smart phones from the manufacturers, targeting the middle class customers and suiting their buying capacity. Some local and Chinese manufacturers have further reduced the prices of smart phones in Pakistan. You can now purchase a decent smart phone from PK Rs. 15,000 onwards and have a whole new experience of using a cell phone.


Samsung must be given a lot of credit for introducing excellent Android smart phones at most affordable prices. That is the reason Samsung is the most popular smart phone brand in Pakistan, providing a wide range of smart phones for the consumers of all class and age. Samsung’s Galaxy S3 received huge appreciation among the users in 2012 and is still liked by a large number of smart phone users.


The second most popular smart phone brand in Pakistan is Blackberry. The Blackberry series of incredibly powerful smart phones, especially the Blackberry Touch series, are uniquely designed for the consumers and is highly liked by business class.


Apple is the third most popular smart phone being used in Pakistan. No doubt Apple’s iPhone series is one of the most sophisticated and stable smart phone line up but the comparatively high prices have limited its sales in Pakistan.


Blackberry is followed by HTC smart phones in Pakistan. These cell phones are relatively cheaper and extremely user friendly. HTC smart phones are powered by Google and are available in a wide price range in the market.


Next in line are the LG smart phones, which have claimed fame due to its incredible features and longer battery life.

Sony Ericsson

Sony Ericsson smart phones are also among the popular smart phones but their limited variety doesn’t provide enough choices to the users.

Q Mobile

Along with these world famous smart phone brands, Q-Mobile has also emerged as one of the better smart phone option in the recent few years and its demand is also increasing steadily.