Court Letter (in my opinion)

Posted on August 2, 2013 Articles

Court Letter (in my opinion)

I Imran Khan talked about (Shameful Act) for those individuals whom were responsible for 11th May elections, election commission and RO’s act behalf of judiciary system being a reason for feeling ashamed rigging election with proving evidence which leads to deserving blame to those whom part of it.

On 11th May election the crime figures are (Shameful) and Imran Khan as an elected member of parliament and voted by people of Pakistan this is his duty to come out and tell the truth to people of Pakistan that what is the reality and who is responsible as part of his job.

The word (Shameful) used by Imran Khan isn’t bad or swearing word to disrespect the respected Judiciary of Pakistan but a word being used to tell how people of Pakistan feels.

The people were appointed by Judiciary and Election Commission didn’t follow the constitution of Pakistan and by rigging the election (shameful) being a reason for deserving blame. so there for instead asking Imran Khan who has duty to tell the public of Pakistan the truth why not the Supreme Judiciary should ask those who were responsible for this shameful act (disapproving) the mandate of people of Pakistan.

I Imran Khan hope that Supreme Judiciary shall do the justice against this shameful means (disapproving) act by anyone even if he is member judiciary or anyone and everyone should be treat equally by Pakistan law and with true justice.

Yours Sincerly

Imran Khan

Analyst on today hearing:
In my opinion Supreme court allegation and passing comments of using a word (Shameful) by Imran Khan actually goes against them as it feels like they trying to keep a secret or feel guilty.

Meaning Reference:
Cambridge Advanced Dictionary with word meaning and definition

British English
shameful adjective /ˈʃeɪm.fəl/ DISAPPROVING

C1 deserving blame, or being a reason for feeling ashamed:
I couldn’t see anything shameful in what I had done.The crime figures are shameful.The family kept their shameful secret for years.

American English
shameful adjective /ˈʃeɪm•fəl/

› causing you to feel guilty or ashamed, or being a cause for feeling ashamed:
[+ that clause] It’s shameful that his own country did not fully appreciate his talent until it was recognized abroad.

In British and American English the word shameful is adjective

adjective A word that describes a noun or pronoun.

noun A word that refers to a person, place or thing.
[C] Countable noun: a noun that has a plural.
[U] Uncountable or singular noun: a noun that has no plural.
plural The plural form of a noun.
plural noun A noun that can only be used in the plural.
[usually plural] A noun usually used in the plural.
[usually singular] A countable noun usually used in the singular.
[+ singular or plural verb] A noun that refers to a group of people acting collectively. When used in the singular it can be followed by either a singular or a plural verb.

In Urdu

Adjective شَرَمناک ۔ وجہ ۔ شَرَم ۔ وَجَہ رُسوائی ۔