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  • zohaib

    Now cheap, Justice . ..cheap , cheap , cheap, JUSTICE sould take SUO MOTO before terrorrists RAPE LADY CONSTABLE . .. . .. . . . ..cheap, Justice . ..cheap , cheap , cheap, JUSTICE MURDA BAAAD

  • zohaib

    This is the reason that cheap, Justice . ..cheap , cheap , cheap, JUSTICE wants k " LA PATA AFRAD" ka sb (TERRORISTS) ko ilam ho k kahan band hain ta k un ko b churany main asaani ho . .. . . . . . .. .

  • zohaib

    cheap, Justice . ..cheap , cheap , cheap, JUSTICE is an agent of anti Pakistan forces . .. . . .. . . .

  • zohaib

    Why cheap, Justice . ..cheap , cheap , cheap, JUSTICE has taken SUO MOTO notice of this jail break???????

  • zohaib

    cheap, Justice . ..cheap , cheap , cheap, JUSTICE should be hanged for both the jail breaks and for not hanging the terrorists.

  • farooq

    There was a time when i love PTI deeply but now i hate PTI. There is no difference between PTI and other Political Parties .. pervez khattak you suck

  • https://www.facebook.com/muhammad.abuzar.98 Muhammad Abuzar

    lant hai

  • baloch khan

    is mulk ka foj serf begunah balochon ko mar sakta hai talebano ko nai

    • Rubi


  • Kashif Ali

    security failed. both police and ARMY.. shame shame

  • Furqan

    they repeated the same news thrice………

  • zahid

    it is unfair to demand resignation from kpk chief minister while taliban came from tribal area which is under control of federal government of nawas sharif. Nawas sharif should resign if he can not stop terrorists in tribal area.

  • دعا

    وزير داخلہ کو استعفٰی دينا جاہیے ـ اس سے بڑی بے غيرتی اور کيا ہو سکتی ہے ـ يا جا کے بورے وزيرستان پر فوجی اپرشن کرلے ـ

  • expose pmln

    taliban did not launch attack from sky they came from tribal area under control of nawas sharif federal govt. it is total failure of nawas sharif his govt had intelligence information about attack and they did not nothing to attack taliban mastermind in tribal area.

    Shame on nawas sharif dog Rana sana ullah for hypocrisy and blaming Pti for failure. pmln good governance already exposed when punjab police surrendered to militant choto gang sub organisation of lashkir jhangvi. same lashkir jhangvi affiliates has launched this attack in KPK to free terrorists involved in bomb attacks on shias.

    Shabaz sharif and nawas sharif should resign for doing nothing to stop these planned attacks carried from tribal area under control of nawas sharif, defense ministry and interior ministry.

    • neo pti

      pmln is party of coward foxes who does nothing good but also does not allows others to do good. They are champion of hypocrisy. shame on coward fox rana sana ullah for accusing pti of failure while army and tribal area is under control of nawas sharif.

  • neo pti

    taliban ny tribal area sy KPK mein attack launch kia hy. Tribal area Fedral government ky under hy, jahan army bathi hoi hy. Federal govt taliban ka kuch nahi kar saky tu KPK police kia kar sakti hy. Jab agar intelligence information pehly sy thy tu Federal govt ko kuch kara chaye tha. Afsoos pmln ka wela nakama prime minister kisi kam ka nahi issy resign kar dena chaye.

    Shame nawas sharif and Rana sana ullah for doing nothing and once again surrendering to terrorists like choto gang in punjab. both shabaz sharif and nawas sharif should resign immediately.

  • baboo

    yeh sab bhagaye gaye hain syria bhyjnay k liye … pichlay saal bhi banno, kohaat jail say bhagaye gaye, jin ki lashin ajj bhi syria mai parry hain aur pak govt us ko disown kar rahy hay …. yeh bhi wahan marrain gay inshallah… hizbullah k hathoon….

  • Jury

    ششنک ریڈمپشن، کی تصویر بنانے کی ضرورت نہیں ہے

    انکو بھگایا گیا ہے- ان دو نمبر لوگوں کو سپورٹ حاصل ہے، عمران خان کی اور ایجنسیز کی

  • Insaaf pasand

    Which Taliban? RAW, AMERICAN OR KARZAI.

    • owais

      an american analyst in chicago recently admitted that there is no osamah bin laden its a made up character to invade all the muslim states soviet union afghanistan and he also made it clear that osamah has died of natural causes in 2001 he ws a very old man died of renal failure
      so my point being is that if americans can make up a fictional character they can also make up their own army in form of taliban under the cia

  • Porkistan

    Pakistan is a rapidly sinking failed state, period!not just the Shias, but minorities of any kind from Hindus to Sikhs, Christians, etc are being discriminated and subjected to all kinds of horror. From 25% odd to just below 1% is the position of the minorities and now with daily killings of Shias, Pakistan is fast cleaning itself of Shias as well, Muslims who feel unwanted in their own failed land………….what a irony? and they talk of Kashmir, a predominantly Shia land. The daily gory killings and lootings of Shias should be an eye opener to Kashmiris. Jinnah may be twirling in his grave at supersonic speed, but the basket deserves it. Shias ought to curse him as the greatest disaster to have befallen upon them and should actually be working towards the dismantling of the Pakistani state. That ought to be their main aim in life, but will the religious contradiction and the deceit introduced by its founding father pass the test of time is the question.