Posted on July 26, 2013 Articles

Every other day a news breaks in media like this “doctors ki ghaflat se mareez mer gaya “,doctors nay ghalat operation Ker dia” etc. with the breaking news Patient’s attendant are shown on TV screen demonstrating and chanting against doctors in front of hospital gate and the story ends here, although it should not be end here instead further investigation should be made to find out the facts for the so called negligence . Unfortunately paki-media seems to play a bias role when it comes to doctors they are always in search of shortcomings of the doctors and always hurriedly breaking the news without looking into the matter appropriately. Media portrays doctors as a flock of heartless and careless looters. This negative propaganda about the health professionals does nothing good but only contributes in destroying the relation of trust between doctors and the community. Because of frequent defamatory promulgation attitude of Pakistani society towards their “messiah” has become humiliating, disgusting and hostile. Currently prevailing situation in the country has left the dis-hearted and frustrated doctors with no other option than to leave the country and exhaust their energies and talent to serve a foreign country.
Being a doctor I am also disappointed by the role of media as they show only the one side of the picture and forget the other aspects, they always talk for the poor people and their sufferings but Media and the community both never take a blind bit of notice of the social, psychological and financial sufferings of a doctor their working atmosphere especially in public sector hospital where working atmosphere is awfully abominable

I am also working as a postgraduate trainee doctor in a tertiary care hospital in public sector in Hyderabad Sindh. Despite the appalling working situation doctors in all disciplines are serving humanity with the best of their knowledge and professional enthusiasm .All the wards in this hospital are mostly run by postgraduate doctors .Normal working hours of a trainee doctors are 75 hours which include daily morning duties and a 36 hour duty once or twice a week. there are various categories of postgraduates some are enrolled in degree or fellowship program and some are doing diplomas in different clinical and non-clinical discipline .Those who are enrolled in degree and fellowship program, though insufficient, eventually get a stipend for their services at the end of the month but the worst part of the story is that those who are doing diplomas program there is no stipend for them. Although they are doing the same duties which a paid doctor is supposed to do. Being unpaid they have to support themselves by doing extra night duties in private centres which pay them an amount of 15000 to 20000 monthly.
If patients and their attendant are not satisfied with the facilities available in government hospital .The situation is similarly worse for doctors as well .There are no proper duty rooms, no rest room for the doctors who are doing night duties to take a snooze overnight to give their exhausted body a little boost to carry on their services whole night. NO canteen to take lunch or dinner in a hygienic atmosphere. No washrooms. Many of the postgraduate doctors belong to far-flung areas of Sindh they don’t have proper hostel facility.

As far as cases of negligence are concerned the facts are sometimes remain unheard and untold. In fact magnitude and flow of patients in emergency unit and wards as compare to doctors is disproportionately high. Many a time due to heavy flow of patients the situation spins out of control and entertaining every patient individually becomes nearly impossible. conversely, everyone wish that his patient be examined at priority. Often patients are so critically ill that they die before the doctor reaches them. It makes the accompanying attendants’ gorge rise and they start beating and torturing doctors but no breaking news ever telecast for this event.

With these extremely bad working situation there is also life threats to doctors from mobsters of various political parties they don’t have any respect for doctors. Not very infrequently doctors are beaten and tortured in emergency as well as wards by these gangsters also but these cases remain unreported. Despite the several complaints officially filed doctors are still deprived of security and other rights.