GEO is the worst enemy of Pakistan, Hamid Mir is a traitor from generations – Zaid Hamid Replied

Posted on July 22, 2013 Articles

Zaid Hamid replied to Geo News and Hamid MIR Allegations made in Program Capital Talk 22nd July 2013

Zaid Hamid Replied on his official facebook page as shown below

Dear Children,

Our mission and war on social media against Geo would get into higher gear now inshAllah, and would be more powerful and ruthless InshAllah. Since hundreds of people are joining our page daily, they are new to the mission and our ideology. To help them, we want to clarify a few points.

It is a meaning of a Hadees of Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm) that it is enough for a person to be liar if he transmits all the lies that hear without even verifying them !!

Also, there is a verse in Quran which says that when a Fasiq brings a new to you, you must investigate and verify it thoroughly, else you would harm some one in your Jahalat and then would be ashamed afterwards.

Also, there is a Hadees of Rasul Allah (sm) whose meaning is that if you give a fatwa of Kufr on a Muslim, then that fatwa comes back on you, meaning you yourself becomes a Kafir !!

Keep these 3 divine instructions in mind and know the following.

1. GEO is the worst enemy of Pakistan and a comprehensive liar.
2. Hamid Mir is a traitor from generations. We all know him. He is a liar, fasiq and munafiq.
3. Tahir Ashrafi is a TTP/LeJ terrorist, Congressi and an enemy of Rasul Allah (sm) and Pakistan and now a Kafir himself as he has called me a Kafir, according to Hadees of Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm). His reality is known to all. He was caught drunk on the roadside just a few days back.

Young people ask me about Yusuf issue. There are many videos on the youtube where I have clearly explained the whole episode. There are two parts of this story.

1. My personal beliefs.
2 What is the reality of Yusuf story.

Alhamdolillah, those who have been following me for the last 6 years know our belief, our Ishq e Rasul (sm), our love for Pak Sarzameen and our passion for Takmeel e Pakistan. Those who are still in doubt should wait then if they are still not convinced after 2000 programs that we have done.

About Yusuf, remember that it was a religious and sectarian issue where scholars were divided between Deobandis and Barelvis. Some of the greatest names of Ahl sunnah — Maulan Abdul Sattar Khan Niazi, Sheikh Nazim, Maulana Manzoor Shah Sahib and almost 40 other scholars defended Yusuf in this case. Are these scholars all Kafirs Naoozubillah ????

Maulana Sattar Khan Niazi is the one who was sentenced to death for fighting against Qadianis. Now such a great scholar defends Yusuf, then do we have the right to call someone a Kafir ??? You can call a Muslim a fasiq, a fajir, a Zaani, a Qatil, a munafiq but calling someone a Kafir needs extremely strict sharia requirements and all great scholars are extremely careful in this matter. Claim of prophet hood is a very dangerous matter and extremely strict sharia requirements are needed here, which are NEVER fulfilled in yusuf case.

About Mirza Ghulam Ahmed Qadiani, there is total Ijma or consensus of Muslims. NO difference between any school of thought. But in Yusuf case, greatest of scholars feel that he was misunderstood, misquoted and even subject of a sectarian conspiracy.

I consider Yusuf an idiot, a person gone astray perhaps, a fool, a corrupt man but prefer NOT to call him Kafir after I read the Fatwa of Maulana Niazi and Sheikh Nazim. Now is this attitude of mine correct or wrong ?? I am definitely not his follower. have you ever heard me saying anything good about him or praising him ?? NEVER.

For your satisfaction, giving the address of the website where almost 40 scholars of ahl-sunnah have given their fatwas in favor of Yusuf. Those calling me a Kafir should also call these entire lot of great scholars as Kafirs too. astaghfurullah !!

DO NOT fall for the lies of GEO. it will NOT hurt me but would destroy your own dunya and akhirat. Be careful. remain focused on mission and defend Pakistan on all battlefronts and destroy the lies of geo and their snakes.

khair inshAllah !!

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