Beginning of yet another ending?

Posted on July 19, 2013 Articles

As a Pakistani living in UK, to keep my feet back in Pakistan, i watch most of the political debates where people try to convince public that their party is the best in the world and they are only solution to all the problems Pakistan without telling that they are the reason of those Problems too. So Its almost impossible for me to believe a word they are saying. But when the time unfold the events and when i think its making things clear someone comes on a show and complicate things even more. For example, the recent incidents about #MQM. First of all let me just admit that i belong to a #Muhajir family, but i never had any problem and to b honest i was told by my Grand Mom hat how lucky we are to live in Pakistan. and i truly feel proud to b a Pakistani national even though most of the people in Pakistan want me to b ashamed of that with their act of brutality, Aggression and lack of respect for other people around.
When #MQM say that there is a conspiracy going on against them, and as Altaf Bhai is the last leader left in this World after Saddam and Qazafi etc, I don’t have any reason not to believe that because when i look into the events and the way the international establishment been behaving over the past, that only makes my believe stronger.
Since1990s #MQM and Pakistani Military establishment were against each other and after 9/11 when #MQM wrote a letter to Tony Blair to offer their services in 2001, and asking them not to rely on #ISI and offered them to provide human intelligence,and Altaf Hussain got the nationality of UK which was declined on previous occasion. May be that was just because they needed some protection and at that time they thought that they can be the likes of Saddam and Qazafi, who rule their country with the help of international establishment. But when they have seen the end result o most of those leaders and even in middle east they must have started seeing their future too and that act of them made them a target of Pakistani Taliban too. Now NETO forces are coming to finish their operation in Afghanistan and the help of #MQM will no longer be required so they will be either left behind to self destruct or will b destroyed.
Having said all that, when u have a power and authority, its not easy to handle it at all, that’s where #MQM have stamped on an axe. they thought of themselves a king maker and cant provide any justification to all the target killing and extortion. May b at the time of their agreement they could not see the future of all the paid servants of international establishment, if they could not see that, how can they claim to b a”Leader”…
For #MQM, its just time to pay back to your masters for all the benefits u acquired from them and than try to b a” Baghi” when they finally see its coming…