Posted on July 14, 2013 Articles

Confession is made anywhere when a person admits the mistakes he made in the past knowing that the mistake will always be problematic and will never be a good sign. IK’s first speech to the national assembly convulsed the social and print media. His words regarding Dr.TuQ’s stance against the system is tantamount to confession. After 23 December and onwards Dr.TuQ was the favorite subject under discussion for his audacious words and warnings. Then proceeding further he made rhetoric march to Islamabad in which he clearly invited IK to join him many times but captain missed the golden catch .TuQ continued his exertion to sepulture the depreciate and monopolistic electoral system to exempt and redeem the innocent people by rousing them. He revoked the system strongly. But that time IK strongly believed to bring Change through the system. But the election eve had shocking news for the Change lovers.IK said,” He explained why PTI did not join Tahir ul Qadri because PTI had hope in fair and free elections But he admitted perhaps Dr Qadri was right and what was needed was electoral reform.Pakistan passed through the opacious most elections of the history. Now IK admitted that Dr.TuQ was right regarding the system. This ideology marking the system homeland for gentiles an results to form oligarchy again, is confessed. Now the print and social media imbibe the depreciates of the system. IK’s words are simply the confession of his mistake in believing the system. The system secured the particular winning horses to win over their specific constituencies. The Change is mocked badly by the elections drama of musical chairs. This confession would give practical outcomes if IK put forth his consensus in bringing closeness to TuQ’s target. Together they can make the difference. This is what the people are waiting for. The rule of gentiles would be overruled by this set of combination we are awaiting for.