Hasb e Haal on Dunya News – 11th July 2013

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Hasb e Haal on Dunya News - 11th July 2013, 9.1 out of 10 based on 154 ratings

  • Abdullah

    Mujhe Dr. sahib se bas aik word pr itraz hai or wo hai Ameen… ye wo words hain jin ka mtlab sewaye Allah k or koi nahi jaanta i.e. الم… May b is ka actual matlb kuch or ho or hum log kuch or smjhte ho… baqi sb theekh hai :-) Great Effort…

  • jiii

    Once a person peresented in afron of king and he showed king that he put one niddle on th floor and fron the distance throw other niddle into the whole hole of that niddle. King orderd to give him 100 dinar and one hunderd lashes punishment. Person asked why this punishment? King replied though you have mastry in the trick but you wasted lot of time in gaing worthless skill. My question to everyone please tell my a single benefit of doing translation in this way, may be i would have better understanding after good reply.

    • brother

      Like he said in the programme, it will create a whole new chapter of quranic translations in different languages. it also shows how enriched urdu language is, where today this language is considered to have limitations.
      it should be kept in muesuem as 500 years from today it may have significance in islamic or urdu history.
      you r right such things doesnt influence common people like us, but intellectuals of literature would consider it pricless.

      In short, he contributed to urdu language and islamic history.
      Hope that answers ur question.

  • Scarface


  • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100004556083429 Mufti Asad Mehmood

    ان کا ترجمہ چیک کر کے ان کوضرور ایوارڈ دینا چایے

  • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100004556083429 Mufti Asad Mehmood

    YAR azizi or juneed ap ni to kamal kr dia he dactar sahib ka tahaaruf krwa kr
    but khub

  • pakistani ,,,,,,,,,,

    agar ye malala yousaf hoti ,,,,,, ya phir koe aur ishu to phir log kehty k sir fakhar say buland kr dia inyhon nay,,, sub tanqeedi jumlay istmal kr rahay hain,,,, ap log sirf aik mint k lkye ye socho k ye pak kam Allah nay sirf doctro sab say lia hum kiyon ni kr sakay ye sub ,,,,,,,,,, aur Allah nay quran ke hfazat ka zima khud liya hia to phir kasay quran ka trjuma ghlat ho skta hai ,,,,,,, is liye sub ko chahiye k in ko mubarik dian ,,,,,,,,,

  • Imran Khan

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  • Saba

    اسلام و علیکم حسب حال !
    میں نے یہ پروگرام دیکھا اور پسند بھی کیا … دو سورتوں کے ترجمہ لاجواب تھے … میرا بس ایک سوال ہے کہ کلام پاک میں کئی مقامات پہ انبیاء کرام کے اسم مبارک بھی آے ہیں ، جیسے یوسف ، یعقوب …. وغیرہ ، تو اس صورت میں ڈاکٹر صاحب نے کیا کیا ہوگا ؟

  • k k

    is say acha progaram main nahi dekha suhban Allah .

  • Usama

    So if someone dances in an unusual fashion, we appreciate them.
    Someone makes a tower of pencils, our jaws drop.

    Then why can't we accept and appreciate this? Stop being picky.

  • arshad iqbal

    yaqenun ye buhat bara kam hai jazaak Allah ess se pehle serat par muhatram wali muhahhad razi sahib nen haade e aalam k naam se 408 safe ki kitab likh chuke hain.

  • Habib ullah tayyab

    Aslam-o-Alikum hasb e haal team meri taraf sy aap sab ko poori Pakistani qoom ko QURQN E PAK k Bagher nukty k tarjumah karny par bauht bauht mubarak hooo.es k alawa Junaid salem sb aaj madm NAJIA BAIG {dopty k sath mukamal dress mein bauth khobsoorat lag rahi hain -aor AZIZI BHAI bhi pakisani muslam sada lebass bauht khobsoorat lug rahey hain} Junaid Saleem sahib Dr.MUSTAFA Sahib k leay to alfaz he nahain melty keh kesy unko KHERAJ E TEHSEEN pesh kron — ALLAH TAALA sy doua hy ALLAH KAREEM enko dunya o akhrat ki har nemat atta kry aor en k leay saddqa e jaria bnay.AAMEEN SUMA AAMEEN. pehli defalekh raha hon koi ghali gustakhi ho to hath joor k muafi mangta hoon. KHUDA HAFIZ Habib Ullah Tayyab (Wadi al dewasar Saudi Arab)

  • Muhammad

    i dont think still anything was wrong with usual translation…. its going since 1400 years….. i will neither appreciate nor object…. the main purpose of translation is to make quran clear n understandable , which is mention there in quran already in some surah ! my question ?: how will this without nuqta work serve this purpose…..? ? ? ? ? ? ?

  • O.B

    I think this guy has lost it completely in the head. He says, I think (in his personal view) that when the holy Quran was brought down, it was without any nuqtas (see from 13:18 to 13:23 minutes of the recording above). What a huge statement to make without any proof, and who are we people to make our own judgments on this issue? This guy is nuts, so obsessed with his idea, he has made this statement and I think his translation would definitely be compromised somewhere.

    In my view, he has wasted 2 years of his life and there is nothing to boast about his work except that he has come up with a remarkable feat of displaying his urdu language talent. In my view he does not deserve any reward or award for the translation, but he can be praised for the great display of using a unique combination of urdu words.

  • Pakistan Zindabad

    translation of Holy Quran is a great work,
    but Is translation ka aam aadmi ko kia faida ho ga ??

  • zahid

    Excellent i have no words for his excellence.

  • fahad

    For how long muslims continue to spend their efforts on non issues…koi nukta nahi ..huh

  • Fahad

    Dr sahib ko koi galti lagi hai k Quran begair nuqaat k nazil hoya hai Dr sahib ye to theek hai k Quran Aeraab k begair to zroor nazil hoya hai but nuqaat k begair nai…
    Quran ki pehli ayat ko hi parh k dakh Lein or imagination ker Lein nuqta k begair

  • Bilal

    zabardast effort. bhaiyo jinho ne aitraaz kia iss pe, ap k aitraaz ka jawab isi video mai hy and waisay that is not a wastage of time and not everything have to provide benefits! and one more thing bhen or bhaiyo be cool!!!

  • Ammar

    What is this bullshit.. what benefit would i gain from reading a Quran without a nuktah..

  • Mateen

    Rahmadan mubarik all of you Ajj k program main najiya Jee nay asalamulak nai ki .
    Mateen from Montreal Canada

  • https://www.facebook.com/abdullah.feroz Abdullah Feroz

    Afsos hua j log is ko fuzool kaam keh rahay hain. Agar koi facebook par jhooti tasaweer laga daiti to woh like kartay acha hota. Yeh kaam bohat bari baat hai. I salute Dr Sahib. Urdu kay liyaha aro ALLAH kay ishq main inhon nay yeh kia. MaashaALLAH.

  • Hassan Zaidi

    What good is this translation that may not be easily understandable by the general reader? How does it help Pakistanis to get out of the mess they are in? The gentleman sounds full of self-praise in the guise of apparent humility.

  • Arim

    Without dots, this translation is wastage of time.He used the difficult and heavy words.

  • riz

    any thing is true about Quran is possible no matter what we us the language or style Allaha made it super way to deliver this book to us…. truth will stay the same …. all e can do is to obey on this book…. JUST FOLLOW UP

  • Imran Khan

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  • https://www.facebook.com/mohsin.shehzad.9 Mohsin Shehzad

    hasb e hall ke team sy mari guzarish ha k plz plz plz Ramzan k saray mahanay me kam az kam apnay programs ma DOCTOR SAB ko koi 5 yah 8 dafa zaroor blay ta k wo mazeed hum ko QARAN KE TRANSLATION JO unao ny ke ha suna skhay .,.,.,plz.,.,.,thank u so much .,.,SUBHANALLHA .,.,DIL KHUS HO GHYA HA SUN KR .,.,SUBHANALLHA SUBHANALLHA

  • ASIF

    It's not translation it's just compromise. Why we need this?

  • mast

    Wrong translation of Faatihah.

    • ramses

      saab theek ha translation zara samjhaye baat ko ….

    • https://www.facebook.com/abdullah.feroz Abdullah Feroz

      aapki urdu us level ki nahi bhai.

  • Mast

    What a wastage of time; why are you giving it any importance. Muslims have nothing better to do?

  • mehmood

    ye to koi kam na hua, ek esa kam jis ki koi zaroorat hi nhi,
    it is something not required at all,
    dear koi useful ya koi public benifit ka kam krein, please.

  • pheena

    ——-great work by dr

  • naek niyyat

    MASHA- ALLAH well done to the guest for his wonderful achievement it must have been really hard work because he cannot make any mistake.

  • https://www.facebook.com/mazher.hussain.7165 Mazher Hussain

    جہاں تک میرا خیال ہے میں نے قران کریم هی میں
    کہیں پڑها هے کہ قران کریم کو کسی شاعرانه انداز میں ڈهالنے سے منع کیا گیا هے
    البته ڈاکٹر صاحب ،صاحب علم آدمی هیں انهوں نے کوئی تحقیق کی هو گی ،
    تاهم عائمه سے رجوع کرنا بہتر هو گی

    • pheena

      ——fiteh moonh tera

    • Fahad

      Mazher bhai Surah Yaseen parho ayat no 69 us mai poetry ka zikar hai…

  • sami

    well i'm laughing i'm sorry to say! What type of benefit Muslims will get out of translation without (nuqta)?
    Everyone can read urdu in Pak, we don't bother to read usual translation.

    • pheena

      ——-chal oye dafa ho ja yahan se

      • good

        Sami, you are an idiot. Shut your mouth!

      • sami


  • https://www.facebook.com/aizyv Dimitri Jokovich

    religion creates hypocrisy in a society.ppl have to hide wt they really are so that society dnt put tags on them.in this program we can see an example of it.religions forces u to lie about ur natural desires from childhood.plz lets get rid of it, it has only caused destruction in this world

    • pheena

      ——-durr fiteh moonh tera.



    • pheena

      tumhien kia takleef hay?

    • hamza

      Hum pakistanio ko bhi sirf khawateen nazar aati hein…what about azizi topi…hamari chalti hi sirf aurton pe hai…online discussions mein sab se aa aur daikhein ge aise aurton ko jaise ankhon mein xray vision ho…i have seen ppl degrading women in burqas so whatever they do we would be complaining



    • Abdullah

      Yara apni soch soch ki baat hai kuch log hadees ikathi krne aaj b safr pr ja rhe hain jab k kitni kitaabain ayi hoi hain.. Log aaj b tableeqi jamato mai jaate hain jab k sari information ghr baithe ap ko mil skti hai… etc… Us k dil mai ehsaas paida hoa hoga k mujhe kuch unique krna chahiye so us ne kr diya hog#

  • Truth

    Wesay iss terhan "Quran Paak" Ka tarjuma nahi kerna chaye……Iss terhan Quran ki Ayaat kay ASAL matlab compromise hota hae…….Quran ka Tarjuma wesa hi rehna chaye jesa Asal Arabic words say translate ho…

    Its not a good thing i feel. Quran Must be there as it is……

    • pheena

      fiteh moonh tera

      • Fahd Aslam

        Pheena, har aik ko aisay bolna kia theek hay dear????