BBC Documentary Against Altaf Hussain – Urdu Translation


BBC Documentary Against Altaf Hussain – Urdu Translation


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  • Muhib e Watan

    Tera kiya banay ga KALIYA. Tu tou gaya kaam say.
    Mr. Altaf Hussain !! Now you should accept that you killed not hunderds ,
    Thousands of peoples in karachi.

  • zeb

    Hang altaf till deth hi is terrist.

  • mudasar ali

    altaf hussain ko sazaye mout honi chahiye

  • Awais Jamil

    Urdu Translation of BBC Documentary on ALTAF PIG

  • hassan

    MQM is Terrorist party, and Altaf himself Terrorist. British Govt Plz hang him

  • tumra

    bora kare ga to mare ga….trorist mqm

  • Afzal Syed

    Insaan k amal ka ek daor hota hai . Agr aap ache kaam ker rehe ho tab bhi aor agr aap bure kaam ker rehe ho tab bhi . Ek din aisa ata hai k aap ka sab kia karaya dunya, logon ya muashirey k samne ata hai.

  • Shiraz Durrani

    Britain is looting pakistan through altaf.he transfered billions of pounds from Karachi through disturbance.nothing will happen to him in terrorist UK.

  • Mansur Zaidi

    Tehrik Insaf PTI hates muhajirs.

    Mark Sanders, european correspondence of bbc is brother of Jemima's brother in law, he also did a radio program "Jemima Khan And The Part-Time Wife"

    Imarn Khan started dirty war against Altaf Hussain after losing karachi, he is backed by Jewish lobby.

    • Shoaib Khan

      tumar althaf kattah ha ur wo kad ak lobby ha tumara sath

    • Zee

      Altaf Hussain is Jewish Passport Holder.

      • Shiraz Durrani

        Indian with Israel passport is not a sin

    • Shiraz Durrani

      Go back india

    • eman

      lakh lanat hai mansur zaidi tujh pe. tere jese bharwo ne hi yeh sab kiya hai

  • Riaz riaz

    I had been following Pakistani Media and many media channels have clealrly admitted that they fear MQM for reporting any thing regarding MQM. Haider Abbas rizvi was online in that program and he did not denied this fact. May incident when more than 25 people were killed in Karachi is an indicator that MQM is a terrorist organization. All trader organizations in Pakistan complaint against Bhatta and millions of pound have been constantly transferred to Mr Altaf Hussain personnel accounts in the past. Moreover, Mr Altaf think himself above the law and he warned the nritish government to keep away from invetigations against him. I think time has now come to say a terrorist a terrorist.

  • Husnain Bukhari

    Hang Altaf Hussain till death….. he is breaking Pakistan and murdering Pakistani people.

  • Mushtaq

    Great test for British Police, it will reach heights of yet more reputation and proficiency, if they give it a logical conclusion. Bravo ! British Police Department; Deal this enemy of humanity. Follower of Devil, the fellow character of Talibaan. He has over estimated his vicious techniques as if he is a kind of Super man. Hang him with due contempt.

    • Malik Hassan

      Also a great test for Pakistani Government and establishment to provide the required evidences……..!!!hope for the best

    • Mera_Haqiqi_Baap

      Sooner or later you will call your self "A BULL SHIT"

  • amir

    bbc ny jo docomentry de wo sach hai plzz ap log es qatal ko beynaqab karo jis ka nam altaf hussain hai ku k qatal karny wala halaq hota hai yah hamary nabbi ka farman hai p b upon him altaf hussain ab tum ko duniya ki koi taqat nahi bacha sakti tum nay bohat zulam kiy hain

  • Saleem Shah

    Hang him till death………

  • abid farooq

    please hang up this bloody person, mqm killed countless innocent people

  • ali

    plzzz ! hang him we cant see more violence in our country ,specially in karachi

  • irfan urfi

    buray kam ka bura nateja !

  • Usman khalid

    كتا حرامى طافو

  • Tiger

    Maray ga yeh sala kalya. ab muza aye ga

  • adnan

    phass gya ray kalia

    • hanif


  • tahir

    yeh hay hi terrorist

    • Riaz Butt

      he is bloody terrorist