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  • anna

    Luv u ahmed u r the best
    u both r future of pak

  • Ssss

    Ahmad is good person.

  • Ssss

    Umer is stupid

  • http://www.facebook.com/muhammad.ibrar.9889 Muhammad Ibrar

    They have no future with this attitude. I m not sure they have the match winner talent.


    you cant blame totally these 2 players selection committee has to share some blame also they are both good players specially umar akmal but the incompetent selection committee is to be blame also for there down fall specially umar akmal they kept on changing his batting order from 1 to 5 they didn't let him Settled on one spot and who gave this job of anchoring to this chotiya anchor look at the questions he is asking he is only creating trouble between the whole team and the management idiot.

  • Ali

    In cricketers mein abhi bhi discipline missing hai. They can be great batsman per unko danday ki zarorat hai. Agar paise le rahee hoo tu professional banoo that's not how you talk when someone is asking you questions regarding your profession in this case cricket.


      This is the best assessment about these guys.

  • https://www.facebook.com/zaka.emad Zaka Emad

    Yahya khud parchi hai

  • Shehzad But Riyadh

    bhe akmal brothers ke kya baat hay yeh sab se bada mafia hay aisa joaa kheylaat hain manhoos family

    • hassan

      you idiot they are not match fixers they are the best

  • jinka

    yahya ne sub se ziada ghaltian ki hongi lekin in bachon ko ragra laga raha hai

    • LOL

      Yahya pe woh zimmedarian nahi jo in loogon pe hoti hain as prsenter of Pakistan Cricket Team !