At Times Perceptions are Bitter than Realities.

Posted on July 1, 2013 Articles

The justice died in this country on that very day when the lawyer, American funded media and judges made a nexus in the country to make hostage any incumbent government. The resurgence of media and judiciary with lawyers as their arm has very negative ramifications for the state and its poor people. This argument by no means justifies the worst performance by the PPP government in last five years. Every thing, every hope was hinged on general elections. People of Pakistan were made to believe that after the elections Pakistan’s problems would be resolved. But the perception in the masses indicates that these were the most rigged elections in the history of Pakistan. Karachi the largest city of Pakistan witnessed the worst kind of rigging and Punjab is an other example. It would be shameful to call that elections were held in Baluchistan. The common perception is that it was a nexus of Judiciary and PML N government in Punjab which made them won in Punjab and else where. Same is the case with PPP in Sindh. Another perception is about the interim government which was made to sit and provide cover and facilitation to the main political parties in the elections. Another perception is about Musharraf’s treason case. It is perceived that here personal scores are being settled.This case is with that judiciary which is anti army with lawyers as their back who are too anti army. It is also perceived that since Nawaz sharif is party to the case therefore he is brimming with vengeance. If both judiciary and PML N are the custodian of justice they would have initiated the case since Oct 1999 which in this case not. These are few perceptions which to my reckoning are bitter than realities