Election Shocks, Morals and Ethics

Posted on June 30, 2013 Articles

Election Shocks, Morals and Ethics
By Raja Zeeshan

11thMay 2013 will be remembered as the most exceptional, distinctive and controversial day in the history of Pakistan. There are many reasons to honour this day with these different ideologies. Every single party has its own reservation on the outcome of 11th May. For some, it was a real shock, particularly for the ruling party PMLN and revolutionary PTI. PMLN got shocked on their unexpected numbers of seats at NA. However, PTI whose slogan was to build a NAYA PAKISTAN, could not get the expected numbers in this battle. Perhaps there are several grounds to be declared these elections as a real “shock for all”.The Returning officers have done a major role to build an image of these elections as a real election shock. (No matter you consider it as English or Urdu Shock)

However, despite of some major and “approved rigging elections”, all the major parties have accepted the result which is, in fact, an affirmative mark for the expansion of democratic system in Pakistan. Since the time the “special elected PM” took the oath, there have been many developments in the political scenario including a massive public criticism on different issues.
The federal and provincial governments have announced the new budget for 2013/14. At the same time the judiciary is ready to prosecute the present and former presidents of Pakistan,but in different perspectives. However, the debate to implement article 6 is still uncertain.

The authorities are unsure to whether make it as an individual or a combined trail. Secondly, timing is another hurdle to decide it. Few believe that if the government wishes to set a valid norm then it should be instigated from 12th October 1999. One of the single seat party holder believes that the best way to initiate article 6 is to begin it from 1953. However, the highest judicial authorities have already indicated it to start it without any apprehension of joint trial.

There is a famous quote that “He who comes to equity must come with clean hands.”Although the judiciary is ready to accept this challenge without bothering a Pandora box, but the question arises that where to start and whom to start? Most interestingly, one of the top judicial officer stated that the implementation of Article 6 is compulsory to set an example of “Morals and Ethics.”
On the other hand, few believe that even if we prosecute the “constitutional breakers” then would it be the source to resolve the energy crises, poverty, unemployment, war of terror, etc etc. The country is in a state of war. Every single day brings the nationwide casualties. The most painful was the destruction of Quaid residency. But such personalities do not require a specific place to be remembered, Jinnah lives in millions of hearts. The culprits can’t eliminate his presence from our souls. It revealed that the morals and ethics are gone are the days in the society now.

A place where a highly educated grandson of a national poet can be defeated by an alleged fake degree holder, where the corruption has become a part of the culture, where a survey shows that the majority of the educated people can only make a party on the third position through their votes, where the suo moto actions are based on an individual choice rather to apply the rule of law, where the military captain compromises for the sake of his job extensions, where a talk show host obliges through the major posts, where a party head can issue his judgements to break the country while sitting in a foreign country, Where the students are tried to be convinced on a base of a laptop, where the constitution of a country becomes a note book of the rulers, where a top judicial officer sacked hundreds of his colleagues for taking same oath which he himself took it for two times, then ethics and morals are not suitable terminologies to commence the trial against a former president and to put country in more hostilities . However, the law has to be treated equally and everyone is responsible of his deeds but every path requires an appropriate period to place a high standard.

The public has chosen their representatives to provide them their basic needs first rather than to indulge it in non beneficiary matters. A common citizen is more concerned and needful to provide him fundamental rights under Article 9 to 29 of the constitution of Pakistan 1973. We need to be united for the sake and welfare of our beloved Pakistan. Pakistan Zindabad.

The writer is a Master degree holder in Law and is working in a law firm at London. He has also experienced to write a book at the age of 16 and was awarded as the youngest book author of Pakistan. He can be reached at [email protected]