Use of Slang or Abusive Language on Social Media

Posted on June 29, 2013 Articles

It is for those anchors who cry over Insulting comments on Social Media.

Couple of days ago, I watched Program, regarding the extending Impacts of Social Media in Pakistan. This Program was hosted by Mst Asma Sherazi, and guests were well-known anchorpersons and journalists, analysts and columnists as well, Mr. Kashif Abbasi, Mr. Absar Alam, Mr. Saleem Safi and Fahad. On the whole their remarks were positive but Mr. Absar Alam and Mr. Saleem Safi showed their great concerns regarding the use of Slang or Abusive Language on social media. Mr. Absar Alm’s logic was out of my reach that slang language is being used only on Pakistani Social Media but as far as my little knowledge is concerned that this abusive and slang language is adopted from more developed countries. I felt as, that Mr. Absar Alam was not aware (or he was knowingly pertaining) of Social Media which is being used in modern countries in the name of freedom of expression. Mr. Saleem Safi also mentioned the example of our beloved Holy Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. Was this example not enough for him? However, every thing has positive and negative impacts, the commencement of bad is negative and the commencement of good is positive. We get countless advantages of fire but the same fire has many disadvantages. The wind has many advantages but some times when it changes into storm we receive extreme harms from it. The rain we call it blessing from Allah but it may be changed into wrath. Like wise Allah Almighty has created countless things for the benefits of human being on the earth but it depends upon us, how we use it. Man made weapons for his protection, if some one use the same for looting or killing, then why did not any journalist or anchorperson cry to ban on weapon licenses? Our media should realize that one who is on social media, he does not sitting out side of the studio from where Program goes on air but he may be in any corner of the world. Well go ahead, it is also an interesting thing that all users or not interested in the affairs of Pakistan but they may be wonderers. I have experienced many comments on the Social Media irrelative from the context or subject or title of the Program if program’s subject is fire, the comments is about water. The short answer is a lot, for a longer answer.
Now I would like to talk a little about the roll of E-Media in our society. No doubt that E-media has great impacts on the society of Pakistan. But I can say that all Pakistanis are not satisfied from the roll of e-media. Where e-media is giving information to the common people there the same information has negative and positive impacts on our society. I have watched many programs that contain objectionable material. In talk shows that go on air in a row with single agenda every night at 8:00 pm and at 10:00 pm onward, they are less informative more amusing. Some times anchorperson opens such debate during the live program that our honourable guests fight just like cocks in the ring. Many programs are telecasted on the same issue, as now days, issue of high treason. This problem has to solve by the court or parliament but daily I watch program on the same High Treason. I feel as if Mr. Hamid Mir has taken contract to see Pervez Musharraf on the cross. Still, I can not understand this man that what is his problem with Pervez Musharraf? Mr. Hamid Mir! Now he is behind the bars let the court decide. However, Pervez Musharraf is a public figure and he is loved by hundreds across the world. If our E-Media talks against him then it should be ready for same treatment. Some emotional fans may use slang language because you are talking against their hero. He may be villain for you. Had ever e-media bothered to invite the family member of Pervez Musharraf to know their grievances? At least he has son, daughter, mother, brothers, grandsons, grand daughters and other family members also. Our e-media is daily telecasting such programs that they may motive or influence to government to make wrong decisions in this regard. But our media without thinking is beating drums against Pervez Musharraf. I watched Bolta Pakistan some days ago, Mr Javed Nusarrat was talking against Mr. Sheikh Rasheed, he should know that Sheikh Rasheed is a public figure and he is MNA, there are many lovers of Sheikh Rasheed if Mr. Javed Nussarrat talks against him, then what will be the response of the followers of Sheikh Rasheed. Will they shower flowers on to him! No my friends, he must be ready for the same treatment. Anchorpersons should recall their attitude against Tahir ul Qadri. They must remember their attitude against Imran Khan but if some emotional type teenager or amateur youth use slang language against such anchors then media starts to cry.
Concluding the discourse the e-media must know that social media is only the source which provides you real feed back. If e-media is mouth, then social media is hears and mouth both. E-media is telecaster the social media is receiver and telecaster both. So E-media must recognize social media that this is more powerful then E-media and P-media both. If you understand the developed countries’ people are abandoning social media. It is your misunderstanding sir! Our social media’s main source is developed countries from where many social websites are being launched and they are making it more comfortable.