Reasons of Failure of PTI in General Elections 2013 and way-forward

Posted on June 29, 2013 Articles

I was thinking to share my experience and opinion in detail with my friends and other PTI followers so here I am writing for you people; my personal opinion and learning from the Failure of PTI. Anyone, can disagree with my opinion and I respect that. I am supporting PTI and IK’s ideology for almost a decade now and will keep doing within my capacity.

PTI did not do enough ground work and according to my observation its message was not delivered to the poor or low middle class, even in Punjab.

Its Candidates which were finalized very late (another mistake) could not reach to the people and deliver PTI’s and Imran Khan’s message.
PTI intra party Elections were held very late which made the finalizing of Candidates delayed was another mistake. They should have held at-least 6 months or an year earlier than the General Elections.
There were mistakes in the scrutiny of the candidates as well may be a reason for this was shortage of time.
PTI relied on Social Media and Electronic media too much which might have delivered its message to the Urban and Educated people but was not effective enough to the majority of masses.
The fall of Imran Khan from the Lifter caused Khan to cancel his Jalsas in different areas of Lahore and later his Jalsas to be held in Cities around GT Road was a political loss for PTI. All the rumors/analysis about the sympathy votes were proved false on May 11.

Moreover, on the Election day PTI and its political agents and voters were not experienced enough to counter the Rigging attempts in most of the areas of Pakistan. PTI should have contested the ny-election in 2008-13 period and its experience could have helped PTI.
Lack of investment in the constituencies on the Election Day was also one of the reason of PTI’s failure to capture the votes in rural areas.

The Negative or not so Positive or too much aggressive campaign where Khan calling MNS like a Punjabi Film’s Hero hurt the PTI campaign in some capacity.
I think that focusing on the PMLN only in the Campaign and then the Counter argument of PMLN that “all the parties are only criticizing us” helped PMLN in getting the votes from the confused voters or the voters who decided at the last moment.
The Youth was of-course not all with the PTI but a majority of Youth in Universities, Colleges and Overseas were with PTI, but that was not the whole youth of Pakistan, may be it was less than half it.
The false propaganda against IK and PTI wa also one of the reason of failure of PTI like IK is Yahudi agent, PTI has lack of experience, PTI has the same kind of people like any other party of Pakistan.
There were many people in Pakistan who still voted on the base of Cast/Baradary system which was another reason of the success of old Politics system.

Right to vote was not giving to the Overseas Pakistanis for General Elections of 2013 was another reason of its decreased votes, though, it might not have helped it in winning more seats.

Election commission’s failure of conduction a free and fair elections was also a reason of failure of PTI, it might have won 15-25 more seats if the elections were free and fair and a better voting system used.
The political maturity in the Campaign shown by MNS and PMLN helped the PMLN to gain votes though the Bullet train was a dream too big.. but the Metro Bus, Solar Energy, Danish School Projects and their publicity on the expense of Public Money helped PMLN in it Election campaign.

As Khan used to say in his campaign that “ye muqabla hai lootay howay pesay ka aur Junoon ka…” so the Junoon lost and the Big Money won..I am not sure it was looted money or Status quo’s earnings from businesses.

Positives for PTI and Pakistan:
Though PTI failed to win simple majority in General Election but yet it is recognized to be 2nd largest Political fore according to its Vote Bank and 3rd largest political force in NA. It is forming Government (not an easy task because of many challenges the biggest being the peace) in KPK with CM from PTI.
PTI is a political force now which nobody can deny now and it will help Pakistan by its real and democratic opposition in NA. Its pressure will force the Government to perform and PTI will surely guide the Government, MNS and SS have already copied many policies of PTI and if keep on doing this will help Pakistan.

PTI has emerged as the 2nd biggest Political force in Karachi which is a threat to MQM now as it was observed last week by re-appointment of Rabita Committee of MQM by its Chairman AH.

PTI now has a chance to perform in KPK along with its performance in Opposition in NA and can win more vote bank for next elections. PTI needs to put its pressure on ECP for a better Voting system, at-least, for the coming by-elections and next General Elections.

Khalid Javaid is a Reservoir/Petroleum Engineer working in Abu Dhabi, UAE. ; Twitter: @khalid_jay

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