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  • GodzSlave

    God created EVERYTHING. Why? We don't know. We just have to go with it since GOD IS PERFECTION and CAN NEVER MAKE a mistake. We can't escape from God so our ONLY CHOICE is to SUBMIT to GOD. Take it or go to hell.

  • Amir

    Specious logic -The Bogus argument-

    The claim that cold "doesn't exist" because according to the laws of physics it's merely "the absence of heat" amounts to semantic game-playing. Heat is a noun, the name of a physical phenomenon, a form of energy. Cold is an adjective, a description. To say that something is cold, or that we feel cold, or even that we're going out in "the cold," is not to assert that cold "exists." It's simply a way of describing the relative temperature of things. (It's helpful to recognize that the proper antonym for cold isn't heat; it's hot.)

    The same applies to light (in this context a noun denoting a form of energy), and dark (an adjective). It's true that when we say, "It's dark outside," the phenomenon we're actually describing is a relative absence of light, but that doesn't mean that by speaking of "the dark" we mistake it for a thing that "exists" in the same sense that light does. We're simply describing the degree of illumination we perceive.

    So it's a philosophical parlor trick to posit heat and cold (or light and dark) as a pair of opposite entities only to "reveal" that the second term doesn't really refer to an entity at all, but merely the absence of the first.

    The young Einstein would have known better, and so would his professor.

    • Luq

      Same way, God is noun and Evil is adjective. you actually proved the same point.

      • Amir

        Luq- Good not God can be juxtaposed with evil. You are making the same mistake as the kid did.The case, such as it is, has been built on the unpacking of purported opposites — heat vs. cold, light vs. dark. What's the opposite of evil? Good. To keep the argument consistent, the conclusion therefore ought to be: Evil doesn't exist because it's only a term we use to describe the absence of good.

        You may wish to claim that good is the presence of God in men's hearts, but in that case you'll have launched a whole new debate, not finished one.

        • Amir

          Luq- ignore my above post.. Not intended for you.