Hasb e Haal – 28th June 2013

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Rating: 8.6/10 (125 votes cast)
Hasb e Haal - 28th June 2013, 8.6 out of 10 based on 125 ratings

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  1. Muhammad Usman Ghani says:

    asa:dear azizi you are well man…..i impressd to you…..but you are so rong about shahid afridi…….he is a great man in pakistan like imran khan……you want to first of all check the average of imran khan…..there is not mutch difrence in evrage of imran khan and afridi…..why you are so gaints of afridi…….i think afridi is so great then you and you have nothing any power to disqualify afridi……may ALLAH(s.w) gave more izzat to afridi and also gave you some aqal…..sham on you for your commints about great shahid afridi……sorry maf karna……

    • asfand says:

      100% Agree with you i like Azizi but sometime he is ignorant i wrote some remarks about Azizi down here and look at that nobody like them even one idiot who is not agree with me left his Intellectual remarks.

    • Basit says:

      Dear Usman , We are not against Afridi .. he is a nice guy , transparent past , loyal but his performance is not outstanding since years.Being a most experienced player he should play a mature game but he still plays like playing in street match. If he thinks he is not capable now to play , he should leave to make space for youngster. A player represents a Nation he should be an icon … please don't compare Imran with Afridi. I remember Afridi has put our team down several times in previous years. He was a good player but HE IS NOT FIT FOR NEW CRICKET. Don't be emotional think about Pakistan Cricket not about Afridi's cricket

  2. shah gee says:

    mera <3 meri jaan Pakistan Pakistan

  3. Speak truth says:

    Haha great azizi sb good performance ..

  4. Syed (GR) says:

    Well done. Hasb-e-Hall team. nice show.

  5. khan says:

    hasb hal ki team N league ghulam hai . nawaz & shahbaz en ke lie fareshte hain kiun in ko paise dete hain. nawaz ke pas apna helicopter hai . yeh helicopter nawaz ne qaom ke paise lia hai.
    feel shame hasb-e-hal walo

  6. shan_ak27 says:

    The only Program in whole Pakistani media
    Great work hasb e hal team

    Naujwan nasal ki barbadi Social media.
    aur har nasal ki barbadi Ghtia Pakistani TV media.
    Look Whats media is doing in the world from National Geo to discovey channel and Pakistani media is just poisoning us day and night.
    These channels and anchors are making billions for what? nothing just by creating hype
    Thumbs up if you agree.

  7. m.siddique says:

    Good azizi good, all rounder actor. Well Done.

  8. Abdul says:


  9. Hassan says:

    For pti supporters .Mitha Mitha hap hap , karwa karwa thu thu.;)

  10. Raja Tasadaq says:

    Hasb e Haal .great

  11. sani123 says:

    Hahahahhahah…………..great acting by great Azizi………..love u hasb e haal team…<3

  12. J.K says:

    شہباز شریف اور نواز شریف کی خبروں پر جانبداری میں عزیزی کا چہرہ اس کا ساتھ نہیں دے رہا تھا بعض اوقات سو فیصد حقیقت لگتا ہے کہ واقعی عزیزی شریفوں کی بے جا طرفداری کر رہا ہے جبکہ خٹک صاحب کی خبر بھونڈی مخبری لگ رہی تھی اگر ایسا کفر خٹک صاحب نے کر ہی لیا ہے تو اسے فرشتوں جیسی توقع کیوں کی جا رہی ہے موازنہ کرنا ہے تو باقی کے چیف منسٹروں سے کرو شاہ محمود کا سیگمنٹ بھی بورنگ تھا
    کل کا شو جتنا اچھا تھا اتنا ہی بے کار آج کا شو تھا حسب حال شو اگر غیر جانبداری سے ہی پیش کیا جاۓ تو بہت بہتر لگتا ہے اور غیر جانبداری میں پھر اگر کسی پر بھی چاہے عمران خان ہی کیوں نہ ہو تو کم از کم عزیزی برا نہیں لگتا

  13. Ali Nawaz says:

    Azizi is neutral……….n stop cursing punjabis…sary pakistani aik jesy hein………..bas ye keh skty ho k sary mulk ki taqder punjab k hath mai ha…….

  14. FromPMLtoPTI says:

    Wah Azizi Wah! meem language … lol

  15. PTI says:

    showbaz ka chamcha azizi

  16. sharam karo . tum log punjabiyon ko bura bhala kahty ho. kabhi kisi punjabi ne sindh ko aisa kaha hai . tm log sirf mushraf ko isi liya support ker rehay ho coz wo karachi . yah nahi dekhty us kay gunnah kitnay hain . us ke waja se ajj taak pakistan mai log mar rehay hain . 50 hazar log mar chuky hain . isi mushi ne poray mulk ka media band kia tha wo yadh nahi .kia sara media kharab tha. isi ne judges ko band kia . is ne poray pakistan mai khoni operation keya . kahin koi dialogue se masla hal nahi kia . yah to america ka palto darinda tha

  17. mehr says:

    punjabion ney kia kya hai????????????? plz remove ur comment!!!!

  18. mohammad Ahmad Anjam says:

    iam fan of azizi

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